2019 Dem Candidates–Biden And Harris

The last debate was a bust…nothing has changed in the polls and in reality absolutely NO one gives a shit.

So why do I bother with this crap?

Well for one I want the voter (at least those that read IST) to have all the info about the candidates…..the media will not do it so I feel I must.

My field of interest is foreign policy and conflict management…..so let us take a look at this issue with Harris and Biden……

I will start with Harris……and I have no idea what her positions are on the fields of my interests……

Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) has not made war and militarism a centerpiece of her presidential campaign. She’s given no major “foreign policy” speech, and she did not respond to a series of simple yes-or-no questions about global politics from FiveThirtyEight (Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg were the only other major Democratic candidates to decline). On her campaign website, Harris’ only statement on “foreign policy” is just over 500 words—and it’s more a screed against Trump (he’s mentioned seven times) than a cogent vision. In the realm of international politics, she’s probably best known for saying in January that “we cannot conduct our foreign policy through tweets,” a statement that conveys nothing, other than opposition to Trump.


Nothing about her makes her appealing to me as a candidate….but that is just me….

Now Biden has more public policies for me to pick at especially on the policies of foreign policy……one of the things that makes Biden unappealing to me as a candidate is the Iraq War of 2003…..

ABC/DNC debate Biden lied about his Iraq record, just like he did at the first two debates.

In the July debate, Biden claimed: “From the moment ‘shock and awe’ started, from that moment, I was opposed to the effort, and I was outspoken as much as anyone at all in the Congress.”

When he first said that, it received virtually no scrutiny except for Mideast scholar Stephen Zunes, who wrote the piece “Biden Is Doubling Down on Iraq War Lies.” Zunes outlined much of Biden’s record, including his insistence in May 2003 – months after the Iraq invasion – that “There was sufficient evidence to go into Iraq.”

Biden Taking Iraq Lies to the Max

Joe has another plan for our troops in Afghanistan….move them to Pakistan…..

Former Vice President Joe Biden has suggested essentially moving U.S. troops from Afghanistan to Pakistan, whence they could launch counter-terrorism raids over the border, as needed.

Biden, who is attempting to secure the Democratic nomination for president in the 2020 election, mentioned his plan during Thursday night’s Democratic debate in Houston.

When asked if President Barack Obama’s decision to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq in 2011 was a mistake, Biden said no and quickly changed the topic to Afghanistan.

“We can prevent the United States from being the victim of terror coming out of Afghanistan by providing for bases — insist the Pakistanis provide bases for us to airlift from and to move against what we know,” Biden said. “We don’t need those troops there. I would bring them home.”


As an antiwar voter nothing Biden says endears him to me for my vote…..

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


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2 thoughts on “2019 Dem Candidates–Biden And Harris

  1. Doesn’t he realise that militants in Pakistan would just love to have a lot of US troops to attack? He needs to get his head around the world situation before coming up with such crap ideas.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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