Screw The Elderly!

Closing Thought–05Sep19

When I was forced to retire I was fortunate that I had a good pension and Medicare but too many seniors must depend on others for some of the necessities like FOOD.

When I was working for the State I saw just how good such programs as Meals On Wheels were….but that successful program has run into monetary problems thanx to the GOP and their cuts to programs like Meals On Wheels……to the point that many seniors are going hungry.

And government relief falls short. One of the main federal programs helping seniors is starved for money. The Older Americans Act — passed more than half a century ago as part of President Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society reforms — was amended in 1972 to provide for home-delivered and group meals, along with other services, for anyone 60 and older. But its funding has lagged far behind senior population growth, as well as economic inflation.

The biggest chunk of the act’s budget, nutrition services, dropped by 8% over the past 18 years when adjusted for inflation, an AARP report found in February. Home-delivered and group meals have decreased by nearly 21 million since 2005. Only a fraction of those facing food insecurity get any meal services under the act; a U.S. Government Accountability Office report examining 2013 data found 83% got none.

This should be unacceptable to ALL Americans.

I feel certain that somewhere some mental midget will try and blame this on immigrants… they always do to hide their racism……but this would not be a problem if diverted funds were used where they were needed……a wall is not that spot.

By the way….China built a wall to stop “immigrants” and it stopped nothing… pissed away just as the US is doing today.

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8 thoughts on “Screw The Elderly!

  1. We need the resurrection of Florida’s Claude Pepper for senior issues. One sentence did irk me though: “somewhere some mental midget will try and blame this on immigrants… they always do to hide their racism…” Tired of hearing that racism mantra. The “deplorables” have no problem with legal immigration. The impact of providing social services for illegals has absolutely bankrupted many cities. Emergency rooms packed. Crises even demand the police, fire/rescue and schools be underfunded.

    1. Then stop blaming everything on immigrants it is not all their fault…cities use bad policies to bankrupt their region….social services are not always the problem….electing idiots is the main problem chuq

      1. In my case I do not blame anything on legal immigrants. But if we are flooded with illegal immigrants that are dependent on social services the $ pie does not get bigger to serve needs. What happens is the slices of $ pie for individual needy citizens gets smaller and smaller. This creates the problem about which you opine: there is less and less available for the elderly which results in the reduction of assistance available to them. I agree electing idiots is a problem. I agree cities use bad policies that bankrupt their region. Among them are creating sanctuary cities which invites thousands and thousands of illegals who have no way to support themselves with food, medical care, housing, etc. If the cities are impoverished and in decline due to inadequate income due to the added needs they also lose the tax base as wealthier citizens leave the cities compounding the problem of inadequate funding. Some cities give free health care and free college tuition and section 8 housing to illegals. You don’t think this takes away resources for which the elderly qualify ? The cuts are being made because of expanding populations. Everyone I know including family members have had their food stamps reduced repeatedly, health card medicaid assistance reduced and in some places there is a four year waiting list for section 8 housing. The reason is that more people draw on the limited resource pool. Hmmm. Now why is that ? With an open border policy millions more are pouring in. Doesn’t that affect the resources available for the needy elderly ? I can’t name a country in the world that does not have a merit based immigration system wherein people must demonstrate the ability to support themselves.

        Yes the elderly are getting screwed. I suppose you like me received your 2020 Part D medical packet this week. The premiums are up, the co-pays are up and tier 4 and 5 drugs need a 30-50 % copay and some drugs esp for cancer not covered at all. The meager cost of living increases are meaningless as the increase for part B and D increase more than the COLA. My secondary urologist suggested beginning Zytiga for prostate cancer. It is $7,000.00 a month. Well that’s certainly not going to happen. So I started reading Mary Baker Eddy again and am considering attending a Christian Science church. Looks like most of us will need the help of Jesus as medicines too expensive.

      2. I do not see the flood that many do…..I have seen NO one in my area with their hand out…..Personally, I will put my faith in my doctors and their opinions…..chuq

  2. I think this whole refugee debate serves only to distract from completely different problems. Politicians have failed to prepare society for a new version for self-interest. When robots work, people have more free time. More time to think. If they had been taught to use digitization, they might not have come up with the idea soon and think they have chosen the wrong representatives.
    The Christian conception requires “work in the sweat of the face”. Who says that this must be hard physical work that prevents thinking? 😉 Michael

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