Federalist Paper #29

Just my little op-ed on the gun debate that was raging but has since been pushed aside for other sensationalism….chuq

Gulf South Free Press

I have waited for a long time to see if all these so-called scholars would hit upon something from the days of our founding as a country.

Now we have had another round of violence and the result is the usual reaction. The rash of shootings and the debate and opinion spewed on guns is running full tilt boogie….as usual lots of talk and no action…..the same talk that has been raging for decades….the same inaction…the same lip service.

I recently wrote a piece that I said would be my last word on guns….well no surprise….I LIED!

But before those gun nuts hiding in the ink of blogs let me assure you that this is just a reminder of what a Founding Father had to say about guns. Remember this is what a Founder wrote……a historic document…..Federalist Paper No. 29……not me!

THE power of regulating the militia, and of commanding…

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6 thoughts on “Federalist Paper #29

  1. Apologies for the potential double-tap [no pun intended]; I’m not sure if this posted at your linked site.

    Of course, I’ll disagree….primarily since the entirety of the debate on the Citizens Right to bear arms cannot….and is not…summed up in an excerpt from Federalist 29. One must clearly take into account the writings [and philosophical genealogy] of the body of Founders, no? Such as Trenche Coxe, George Mason, Thomas Jefferson in his Commonplace Book, or the 1780 Massachusetts declaration of rights

    Further, it stands to reason that if the excerpt was the definitive sole source on this topic, that what you refer to as “assault weapons” would absolutely be Constitutionally protected, as that is what the Militia is expected to be armed with.

    I’d be interested in your thoughts on the Unorganized Militia, 10 U.S. Code § 246.

    1. If I remembering right…..There is NO need….we have cops/NG there is not need for everyone to carry a gun….maybe if we were still at odds with the Brits or NDNs…but those days are gone. chuq

      1. True….but that was not the question…..we have militia so we do not a bunch of ppl running around pretending to be helping. chuq

      2. Indeed, to include the Unorganized Militia; I mentioned what I had, because you interjected law enforcement. I respectfully stand by my earlier response on Founders statements.

      3. I apologize for the comment but I was on my phone at the doctor’s and had to work quick….as I stand by mine….hope all is well where you are chuq

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