Retraction of Criticism

Thanx to a reader, Constitutional Insurgent, I have found that one of my post, Closing Thought–16Jul19, was based on lousy information.

I apologize for the rant that that little validity other than my biased against FOX News.  In my rush to criticize I was duped into passing on bad information….I will try to do better in the future.

This is the post that I am referring to…..

This does little to change my mind about FOX News….it does however force me to be more vigilant in my research.

Again I appreciate the reader that brought this to my attention….and I promise to be more thorough in my research from this day forward.

Does this mean that I am over criticizing FOX? NOT a chance….I still think they are doing a disservice to the American people….it only means that I will be more thorough in my research of their misinformation.

7 thoughts on “Retraction of Criticism

  1. I’ve made that error a few times too. Felt embarrassed but these days there’s so much fake news, modified news and editorialized news from seemingly reputable sources it’s forgivable I think. Many people post untruthful stuff even though they know it’s fake because it supports their hate agenda and legitimizes want they want to believe. I am really amused how many people repost stories from the Borowitz Report which is pure fake news and satire. They never get it. I still see posts about Obama taking the oath of office on the Koran which has been debunked by several sources.

    1. I regret that this is the second time I was duped and I will try to correct my mistakes when they are made….thanx for understanding….chuq

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