What Price Privacy?

Sunday in the park…….not unless it is air conditioned…..(yes I knows we all spoiled)…..enough with the dilly dally….on ward.

I recall about 5 or 6 years ago when the nation learned that the NSA was listening to your phone calls and the people went batcrap crazy at the invasion of their cherished privacy.

Can you remember back that far?

Something I read made me think about those days in our past….with a bit of nostalgia…..

Amazon has admitted that it doesn’t always delete the stored data that it obtains through voice interactions with the company’s Alexa and Echo devices — even after a user chooses to wipe the audio files from their account. The revelations, outlined explicitly by Amazon in a letter to Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE), which was published today and dated June 28th, sheds even more light on the company’s privacy practices with regard to its digital voice assistant.

The answers are a follow-up to a request from Coons dating to last month when Coons questioned how long the company holds on to voice recordings and transcripts from Echo interactions. In this week’s letter, Amazon confirmed some of the allegations. “We retain customers’ voice recordings and transcripts until the customer chooses to delete them,” the letter reads.

Following a CNET investigation published in May, there was also a question about whether Amazon held on to text transcripts of voice interactions with Alexa, even after a user has chosen to delete the audio equivalent. Amazon says some of those transcripts or information gleaned from the transcripts are indeed not removed, both because the company has to scrub the data from various parts of its global data storage systems and because, in some cases, Amazon chooses to hold on to the data without telling the user.



Americans will give up their privacy so that they do not have to start their car or change TV station or the music or dim the lights…..Really?

I have NO problem believing that the American people elected Trump for they are morons.

4 thoughts on “What Price Privacy?

  1. I don’t have any of those ‘voice assistants’. As well as storing the customer’s interaction with them, I suspect they can probably record everything said within range of the device.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I don’t have any of those things either. Sounds spooky to me. Talking to machines. My basic speech pattern is from Southern Appalachia/North Georgia mountains. Machines are not programmed to understand that and it annoys me to have to speak dialect they can understand.

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