Closing Thought–09Jun19

I recently wrote a weekend post on the new ‘fad’ of human composting…..instead of burial or cremation the body is put into a process that turns the body into composting material….to help you get caught up on this trend……

For those interested in more information then I offer up this article to help…….

The process of re-composition essentially turns dead bodies into soil, a practice colloquially known as “human composting.” According to the bill’s language, this is the practice of “contained, accelerated conversion of human remains to soil.”

The bill now only needs to be signed to law by Washington’s governor, Democrat Jay Inslee, who is currently seeking the party’s 2020 presidential nomination on a platform that seeks to safeguard the environment.

It is something to consider for it is a bit cheaper than cremation and a lot less expensive than a burial…..
Sorry for the posts today but I am watching the Women’s World Cup and the Canadian Gran Prix……
I hope everyone has a good Sunday and can enjoy a late Spring day….

2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–09Jun19

  1. I suppose I wouldn’t mind being ‘soil’. I wouldn’t know about, and someone could plant a tree in me. 🙂
    Enjoy your sport, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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