Closing Thought–08May19 #2

I hate that I need to write this post…..

It appears that some batcrap morons have decided to shoot up a school in Colorado……the initial report……

Authorities say at least seven people have been injured in a shooting at a suburban Denver school, the AP reports. Douglas County Undersheriff Holly Nicholson-Kluth said Tuesday that two suspects have been taken into custody in the shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch. She says there’s a possible eighth injury and doesn’t believe there are any other shooters, but tactical teams are still searching room by room. Nicholson-Kluth didn’t know if there are fatalities or other details about the victims or the extent of their injuries. She said the shooting started in the middle school area and shots were being fired as officers arrived.

Then as more info is made available……

Two students are in custody after opening fire on their classmates at a Denver-area charter school Tuesday, police say. Sheriff Tony Spurlock says the suspects—one adult and one juvenile—were taken into custody within around two minutes of reports of shots being fired at the STEM School Highlands Ranch, the Denver Post reports. Authorities say an 18-year-old man was killed and eight other students were injured. “We know that two individuals walked into the STEM School, got deep inside the school and engaged students in two separate locations,” Spurlock says. “There were a number of students that were shot and injured.” The adult in custody has been named as Devon Erickson, 18. Spurlock says the injured students are all age 15 or older, the AP reports.

Authorities, who say the suspects had at least one handgun, have not commented on a motive. The Post reports that a Honda sedan with the words “(expletive) society” on the door and a pentagram with the numbers “666” on the hood was towed from the Erickson family home Tuesday night. Spurlock says the school, which has more than 1,850 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, doesn’t have a resource officer assigned to it, but uses private security. Brad Bialy tells the New York Times that his son Brendan and two friends tried to tackle a gunman who entered a classroom and pulled a gun out of a guitar case. He says one of the boys was shot in the chest during the attempt to stop the shooting. (The shooting comes just weeks after local schools marked the 20th anniversary of the Columbine massacre.)

This is just sad……this is a daily happening (almost)…..Americans are becoming numb to this situation… has become a regular occurrence that Americans only seen to shrug when they see the news of another shooting…..

Just sad that it happens and we do nothing but send our hopes and prayers to the victims……which is about as worthless as the attempts to change things….they are limp and toothless.


17 thoughts on “Closing Thought–08May19 #2

    1. We have that vaguely worded second amendment to work around. Shall not be infringed is pretty strong language.
      And getting the constitution amended is extremely difficult. I find it strange that they wanted to make change, which they purported to believe in, so difficult.

      It takes a two thirds vote in the senate to remove the president.

      So we sit here with gridlock and school shootings.

  1. I sent an email to my senior senator, J.I., urging more gun control. He replied that he did not favor more gun control but wanted more criminal control. Does not give me much hope.

      1. Gun laws and gun control are not the same thing. Most of Chicago’s guns are brought up from Georgia. We have hardly any gun control or laws here. That is why my senator is so strongly against gun control. He wants to get re-elected.
        Local laws with stiff penalties for illegal possession of a gun or use in a crime are effective in reduction of illegal guns and use. Chicago has not tried that.

      2. I did not think so. But after my comment I looked into gun crime and guns laws by state. There is a general correlation between strict gun laws and penalties and gun crimes.
        There are some exceptions that stand out.
        Maine rates very low on guns laws and very low on gun crimes.
        Illinois rates high in gun laws but also high in gun crimes.
        Even with those two states counted there is a definite correlation between strict gun laws and low gun crime.

  2. “This is just sad……this is a daily happening (almost)…..Americans are becoming numb to this situation… has become a regular occurrence .”

    In Miami this has long been the case even in the minds of little children. There are so many drive-by shootings some don’t even make the news or paper. Kids grow up knowing it could be them, or a classmate or a neighbor any day. It’s a war zone. Not a nice way to grow up – pessimistic cynic aware to murder by age 10 . My family has survived 5 drive-by shootings in Miami over the years.

  3. The problem isnt even guns. It’s that we’ve raised an entire generation that is self entitled…and fed them instant, drive by disposable consumerism; a generation devoting more time to leisure than any other in human history. Restricting Rights and Liberties isn’t going to solve that.

      1. Unfortunately, this is a very sensible and realistic conclusion. What makes me crazy is that everytime an incident happens the pundits and some politicians start the “What’s wrong with America?” crap and indict the entire society. With as many guns and armed people that exist in this country you would think dozens of incidents like this would happen nation wide every day. But it is not the case. We should take heart that we have many more sane responsible people than the few insane responsible for these tragedies. Such is a tribute to our national character. Then there is the matter of gun confiscation as a solution. I don’t understand why people think they are safer if disarmed. I have seen frequent postings about Muslim training camps around the nation. I need to check out the veracity of the reports. Their activity as gun clubs and the like is legal just like all the other gun “clubs” but seems to me their purpose is not about a hobby. Every citizen had better be ready. I fear what’s coming.

      2. I would like to see these Muslim training camps in this country….I believe that is false….no one I know wants to disarm anybody but they do want logical gun laws…..chuq

  4. I hope you are right about the postings being fake news. Yes, logical. sensible gun laws are in order. Much seems to be on the books already though. I don’t own one. Never have. Shot a .22 rifle one time in my life with friends at target practice when I was 20. Managed to have 2 years of Army ROTC in college without ever firing any gun. I walked around with a clipboard pretending I was doing something of importance the whole time. It worked. Perhaps I would have been a good officer with this skill. I was also in charge of “beverage procurement” which is a most important assignment and no one questions a man with such important duty.

    1. I own several guns from .22 to shotguns to pistols and I want to see better laws and enforcement… one is coming for anybody’s guns…that is just a fear tactic used to search for donors. chuq

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