Making America Great Again–Part 28

I have been posting a historical series by Maj. Danny Sjursen….a look at American History that most people have NO idea about or why……

This installment is a look at JFK and the Cold War……but before that let me give the reader the series link so far…….

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Now a look at Part 28…….

Among the American people—if not historians—John F. Kennedy regularly ranks as one of the best presidents in various opinion polls. There is, undoubtedly, something magnetic about the Kennedy administration, dubbed “Camelot” by the president’s wife, Jacqueline, soon after his assassination. However, one wonders if sentiments like this are little more than postmortem nostalgia for a young, handsome president. JFK memorialization and mythology are such that it seems the memories contain something for everyone. Today, mainstream liberals tout his efforts on civil rights; defense hawks laud the toughness of his Cuban Missile Crisis stand; conversely, antiwar types insist that Kennedy was about to pull the U.S. troops out of Vietnam when his presidency was ended by an assassin’s bullets. To the scholar, however, much of the passionate praise for JFK seems unwarranted for a short administration that boasted so few tangible accomplishments.

Maj. Danny is helping the American people get in touch with their real history not some sanitized version……the version we are all taught in school.
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6 thoughts on “Making America Great Again–Part 28

  1. Another very well-balanced article. I was never a fan of Kennedy. I was also not surprised when he was assassinated. He used his position to give jobs to his relatives and friends, and to continue the ’empire building’ started by his father, Joe. He also exploited his power to seduce many women, passing them around like a bag of sweets. And as it says in the article, “It was a highly insecure Kennedy who escalated the doomed American war in Vietnam and terrorized Cuba’s popular government throughout his 34-month administration.”
    Rose-tinted glasses are usually in evidence, when it comes to people remembering him.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Kennedy the myth is greater than Kennedy the man. His sexual exploits are disgraceful but PT 109, Cuban Missile Crisis, promise for moon landing and Berlin speech are shining glimpses of greatness.

  3. Good analysis of Kennedy. Pretty well corresponds to what I thought.
    I voted for him in 1960. I was impressed by how he looked on tv. And by how bad Nixon looked.
    By the time he was shot I was disappointed in how he had done in office.
    Looking back I think the wrong person was elected. Nixon would have survived two terms if he had won in 1960. He would not have had the pressures that destroyed him later.
    That is all unprovable opinion of course.

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