Sushi On The Plate

Let me continue this Sunday with a post about a fad…..a fad that has moved from a delicacy to an everyday fad you can find in supermarkets and stop and rob gas stations……..Sushi.

And while I am bitching about this I shall throw in a bit of history as well….

Years ago there was a Mexican Eatery on every corner…then Starbucks appeared and recently the fad is Japanese and the every popular Sushi

To me it is a plate of bait….I mean I do not eat cooked fish so raw squid is out of the damn question all together.

This trend has become extremely popular and every Japanese eatery has a Sushi Bar as a national pride thing……

The truth is that Sushi is NOT Japanese in origin…..nope it is Vietnamese……….

On the morning of 5 January 2019, gasps of amazement rippled through Tokyo’s cavernous fish market. In the first auction of the new year, Kiyoshi Kimura – the portly owner of a well-known chain of sushi restaurants – had paid a record ¥333.6 million (£2.5 million) for a 278kg bluefin tuna. Even he thought the price was exorbitant. A bluefin tuna that size would have normally cost him around ¥2.7 million (£18,700). At New Year, that could rise to around ¥40 million (£279,000). Back in 2013, he’d paid no less than ¥155.4 million (£1.09 million) for a 222kg specimen: a lot, to be sure. But still a lot less than what he’d just paid. 

It was worth paying over the odds, though. It was, by any standards, a beautiful fish – ‘so tasty and fresh’, as a beaming Mr Kimura told the world’s press. It was also a rarity. Though not as critically endangered as its southern relatives, the Pacific bluefin tuna is classified as a vulnerable species and, over the past six years, efforts have been made to limit the size of catches. Most of all, it was great advertising. By paying such a colossally high price for a tuna, Kimura was telling the world that, at his restaurants, the sushi is made from only the very best fish.

Funny how that worked out……

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Enjoy your day.

7 thoughts on “Sushi On The Plate

  1. I don’t eat anything raw, though I do enjoy some fish and seafood cooked, especially mussels. I gave Sushi a try at the insistence of a good friend, but it left me cold. It’s almost anti-social here, to say you don’t like it. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Eating any meat raw just won’t do! It’s a great way to get infected with parasites.

    Worse than sushi, in my mind, though, is one I came across in Germany: Mett! Minced pork, served raw. It’s very popular, but it is one thing I couldn’t bring myself to eat because of trrichinosis roundworm paranoia on my part.

    I was assured there were great precautions taken to assure the healthiest pigs were used in preparation of Mett, but I approached it the way I might gas station fugu, if there were such an offering – strictly off limits, and I’m not that fussy an eater!

  3. This is excellent…’The classic Peruvian ceviche is composed of chunks of raw fish, marinated in freshly squeezed key lime or bitter orange (naranja agria) juice, with sliced onions, chili peppers, salt and pepper. Corvina or cebo (sea bass) was the fish traditionally used.’
    But, I now do not eat any fish, too contaminated & as for sushi..horrid,stodgy white rice & bits. 🙂

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