Ya Can’t Fix Stupid!

As the weekend continues I want to talk about the stupid sh*t people do…..kinda like those idiots that walk off a cliff trying to get a “selfie” or those “adventurers that climb a mountain in winter and freeze death…..You know idiots…..

I recently read about another stupid in search of a “selfie”….

“Please understand why barriers are put in place. Sending prayers to the family tonight.” So reads a Saturday night tweet from Arizona’s Wildlife World Zoo in the wake of an incident involving a guest and a jaguar. The Litchfield Park zoo says that same evening a female guest crossed a barrier in an attempt to take a photo of a jaguar and was attacked, sustaining non-life threatening injuries on one arm. The animal was in its enclosure the entire time, the zoo pointed out. Local officials clarified it wasn’t just a photo, but a selfie: The woman was “attempting to take a selfie near the fence of the jaguar enclosure when the cat reached out and attacked her arm.”

A witness tells KPHO that after hearing the 30-something woman’s screams, he and his family ran over and distracted the animal with a water bottle. “And the jaguar goes to let go of the girl to take the water bottle, and the claw just catches this girl’s sweater. So at that point I see that it’s no longer attached to the girl’s actual arm, only on her sweater, so I grab the girl on her torso and I pull her back.” Paramedics were called.

If she is looking for sympathy then I suggest to grab a dictionary and look between “shit” and “syphilis” ………Ron White is right…..”you can’t fix stupid”!

The day in the garden…….

4 thoughts on “Ya Can’t Fix Stupid!

  1. It always annoys me when people climb into animal enclosures, then the animal is killed for their ‘safety’, because of their senseless act. Perhaps Zoo entry tickets should be subject to an intelligence test?
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I hate seeing animals in small cages. Some zoos do better and give them more space, well out of reach.
    We need better designed zoos for animals.
    And for the safety of Homo sapiens.

    I have no suggestions to keep people from falling off cliffs. That us just a natural hazard.

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