Where Are Those Aliens?

It is a Sunday and warmer temps have returned….my friend MoMo will be happier that the rain has stopped long enough for her romp through the yard…..

I could go on some rant about all those aliens streaming across our Southern border and stealing our jobs along the way……but that would be worthless since the aliens I am referring to are those from Planet X…the ones that that ridiculous TV show, Ancient Aliens, keeps telling us that we were visited and shown the way to civilization but have since decided to not show up and lead us to a better future……why?

As usual the Old Professor has an answer to the “why”……..

We must be the only fledgling fliers in the cosmic neighborhood, as various astrophysicists have suggested for decades. But a new analysis from a team led by University of Rochester astrophysicist Adam Frank suggests a more nuanced resolution to the old paradox. Sweeping across the Milky Way and establishing a unified galactic empire might be inevitable for a monolithic super-civilization, but most cultures are neither monolithic nor super—at least if our experience is any guide. Spaceships break down. Overactive stars roast otherwise desirable targets. Economic crises and government shutdowns kill nascent starships before they get off the ground.

Using a blend of theory and simulation posted last week to the paper database arXiv, currently under peer review, Frank and his colleagues explore the substantial middle ground between a barren and brimming galaxy—one where some civilizations may succeed in going multi-stellar, but without any establishing a spatial and temporal stranglehold on the entire Milky Way. https://www.popsci.com/where-are-aliens-new-model

For 50 years we have been sending stuff into space telling anyone that finds the stuff who we are and how to get here from there……is that a good idea…think about it.

I do enjoy these stories……”The truth is out there”……where have I heard that before?

Time for me say bye-bye…..be well, be safe….chuq

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The United Nations has protocols in place….in case they are needed…..The United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs…..http://www.unoosa.org/

And we continue to invite anyone listening out there to stop by for a chat or a cup of Joe….what are we thinking?  Right?



2 thoughts on “Where Are Those Aliens?

  1. As much as I would dearly love aliens to exist, I am coming around to the idea that they don’t. At least they won’t appear before I’m dead, sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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