The Big Freak Out!

If you are old enough then in your head a tune called “the Freak Out” song by Chic is playing……but unfortunately that is not the freak out I am speaking of……this one is the freak out the MSM and pro-war d/bags are having over Trump’s decision to draw down of US troops in Syria and a slash of troops in Afghanistan by half…..

These people are pulling all punches taking shots at Trump for his decision…..I am amazed how big the freak out has been…..Right and Left has been freaking out of control…..MSM and small blogs freaking at the freaker’s ball……almost everyone with half a brain is freaking out over Trump’s decision to leave Syria and half the troops in Afghanistan…..

Open-ended war continuation has so much momentum in the US that President Trump’s announced pullout from Syria shocked the nation. Followed up the same week with a drawdown from Afghanistan, the mainstream is now completely apoplectic.

On the left and right, comfort with the status quo was virtually uniform. The arguments behind condemning the drawdowns vary depending on the side of the aisle the commenter is on, but the message is uniform opposition to ending a war Congress never authorized in the first place.

Conservative hawks are playing the usual fear-mongering about threats that have been ongoing since 2001, with suggestions that either not being in Syria, or being in Afghanistan but at a lower troop number, will lead to “the next 9/11.”

Among Democrats, the argument is a bit more confused but no less shrill, as they’ve attacked Trump’s hawkish impulses, but are now accusing him of acting hastily and arbitrarily in ending the war. That Russia has not favored the US presence in Syria is only riling up the argument that Putin is driving US policy as well.

Yet the arguments for staying in Syria, or Afghanistan, aren’t particularly strong, and it is only that both parties’ leadership have so consistently balked at exploring the question that seems to have left many with the impression that the very question was off the table.

The American public, however, seems to broadly support Trump’s decision to withdraw from Syria, and to bring some troops home from Afghanistan. The White House switchboard is laden with calls of support.


The Conservative publication National Review is part of the condemnation of the withdrawal decision…..

Donald Trump’s precipitous decision to withdraw American troops from Syria has shocked advisers inside and even allies outside his administration. Lindsey Graham called Trump’s declaration that we have “defeated” ISIS in Syria “fake news.” Graham followed up with a blistering appearance on CNN, where he indicated that Trump’s decision was contrary to sound military advice. Even his most staunch allies, men such as Mike Huckabee, were alarmed:

One of the many problems with skipping the constitutionally necessary congressional debate and authorization before launching a war is that the commander in chief doesn’t have to effectively explain the nature of the enemy, the nature of the conflict, and the scope of the mission. And when that doesn’t happen, even politically engaged and interested Americans can be left in the dark, with their understanding of the conflict limited to the occasional news story or presidential tweet. Barack Obama didn’t initiate this debate when he launched the counter-offensive against ISIS, and Trump has not remedied Obama’s constitutional defect.

It is amazing that the Left is along for the ride as well….even a hard Left thinker like Noam Chomsky is opposed……

The US should stay in northern Syria to deter attacks against Syrian Kurds, well-known American linguist and political activist Noam Chomsky said in an interview with the Intercept last week.

“The other crucial question is the status of the Kurdish areas — Rojava. In my opinion, it makes sense for the United States to maintain a presence which would deter an attack on the Kurdish areas,” he said.

Chomsky noted that the Kurds have “succeeded in sustaining a functioning society with many decent elements” in Syria’s north.

“The idea that they should be subjected to an attack by their bitter enemies the Turks, or by the murderous Assad regime, I think is anything should be done to try to prevent that.”

This universality of the condemnation is just fascinating….the Left and the Right in perfect harmony…..when was the last time we could say that?

I personally give Trump an “A” for his attempt…..the thought is what counts but in this case the action will count more….at least to me.

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In conclusion I made two musical references in this post and being a right up standing blogger I offer the music of those references…..

One thought on “The Big Freak Out!

  1. Nile Rogers was on TV here recently, performing with his original singers. Naturally, they did ‘Freak Out’
    It seems that many factions in America think it is a good thing to leave troops in harm’s way there. Of course, I don’t agree, and think they should be pulled out.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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