Afghanistan–What Is The Reason?

Even though my fellow Americans have seemingly forgotten that the US military is ass deep in many many wars…..and our first war after the 9/11 attacks was Afghanistan….we entered into that one to get the bastards that attacked the US.

That was the call….GET THE BASTARDS!

Now after 17 years of constant warfare what is the final goal the US is working toward?  AQ is a group that is a shadow of its former self….the Taleban is still the Talebane…..and ISIS is making in-roads into Afghanistan… if to get the Bastards and that would have been AQ pretty much marginalized why do we stay?

Nation Building?  Well not according to the rhetoric coming out of DC.  Then why?  To bring democracy to a country that at the best of times would have been in early Iron Age?  Hahahahaha!  (Good one)

If Afghanistan is a democracy how can the US consider postponing their elections?

Say what?

The Trump administration is considering pressuring the Afghan government to postpone next year’s presidential election as it seeks a peace deal with the Taliban to end the 17-year war, reports the Wall Street Journal, citing people briefed on the talks.

Why it matters: Some officials in Washington fear that voting irregularities and violence that routinely occur in Afghan elections could undermine or destroy the prospect of a peace deal. But this request “would be a contentious move that runs counter to the long-held U.S. objective of promoting democracy in Afghanistan,” and it could potentially create friction between both countries, the WSJ writes. President Ashraf Ghani has already come out against such a proposal.

Wait!  Postpone one of the major rights of a democracy?  Really?

That comedic skit out of the way…..was victory in Afghanistan evder the goal?

When Lt. Gen. David Petraeus returned from an inspection tour of Afghanistan in 2005 to brief then Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, he began with a simple image.

“The very first slide in the briefing that I gave to him was, ‘Afghanistan ≠ Iraq.’ And I then laid out to him the areas and issues in which you could compare and contrast the two countries and situations,” Petraeus recalled in an interview this month. “That comparison clearly established why, frankly, Afghanistan is a tougher nut to crack.”

Events have vindicated his warning. As the seemingly intractable war stretches into its 18th year, military commanders who argue that any end is in sight are finding it a harder and harder sell.

After 17 years and the goal is NOT a victory….then time to call the war and bring our troops home….NOW!

If the length of this year is not enough to demand an end then how about the amount of money being spent on all our “wars on terrorism”?  To the tune of $5.9 trillion…that is trillion with a “T”……

A new report from Brown University is aiming to provide a close estimate of the cost of the overall cost to the US government of its myriad post-9/11 wars and assorted global wars on terror. The estimate is that $5.933 trillion has been spent through fiscal year 2019.


Those wishing to read the report can find it here.


2 thoughts on “Afghanistan–What Is The Reason?

  1. Britain also went into Afghanistan with no clear reason, or exit strategy. All those deaths and injuries later, we just brought the troops home, and left a few behind to assist with ‘training’. What really happened was that our government just stopped telling us what was actually going on, and what our continuing military commitment there consists of.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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