A Proper Taxation

121 years ago today economist Henry George died of a stroke in NYC….just thought I would help people understand his theories which make more sense than the stupidity of the tax cuts of the political parties these days…..

Taxes is always a hot item during elections…..Repubs promising to lower taxes and improve the quality of life and the Dems are accused at raising taxes and bankrupting the nation…..just how that works is a source of much laughter.

Anyway there is a way to taxation that is good for the econ0my, the nation and the government.

Years ago I studied with the Henry George Foundation……it covers the idea of a Land Value Tax…..LVT is gaining popularity as the theory becomes more accessible…..I have written about the theory before……https://lobotero.com/2009/01/02/ever-hear-of-land-value-taxation/

Or if reading is not your thing…….

As I have said this theory is gaining in popularity…..especially in Europe……the video is a very good one and if my reader would just give it a listen then they might also find the theory to their liking……

As I have mentioned….this theory is gaining more and more support especially in Europe…..

The signature campaign is in place to launch the first [Georgist] political party from The New Physiocratic League, which will create a model for more political parties to come.

The New Physiocratic League (https://newphysiocrats.org), a political-economic project with a mission to create a world where we regain and amplify our earned income and democratize our physical space, launches a campaign for the first Georgist political party in decades and pave the way for more Georgist political parties to be established.

The policies of the New Physiocrats are expected to achieve more money in your pocket, soaring purchasing power, and a return to spaces of great architecture & beauty. To do so, The New Physiocrats are starting to collect signatures in Croatia (Zagreb and Vukovar) for one of the first Georgist political parties in decades, which will be the first of many worldwide (https://www.facebook.com/groups/NoviHrvatskiFiziokrati/). They are currently open to receiving pitches from locals to tailor the platform to their needs, and to receiving volunteers around the world to register local branches of the party.


If my reader is truly interested after watching the short vid and would like more on the subject then this is the full audiobook……

Yes it is lengthy….and if you would like a peek at what the book entails then this synopsis will help……

During the 19th century the U.S. witnessed a huge increase in wealth-producing power. People naturally expected labor-saving inventions to lessen toil and improve working conditions for all; that the enormous increase in wealth producing power would wipe out poverty forever.

Instead, however, squalor, misery, vice and crime increased and are still increasing everywhere as our villages, towns and cities grow and as new technologies bring advantages to improve methods of production and exchange.

The association of poverty with progress is the great enigma of our times. It is the source of our industrial, social and political difficulties. Our statesmen, philanthropists, and educators grapple with it in vain. This riddle, if not answered, will eventually topple our entire civilization. To solve the riddle, we must research the immutable laws governing the science of economics.


Help more people understand the economics of Henry George…the country will be better off.

12 thoughts on “A Proper Taxation

  1. For me, the main issue around taxation is loopholes. How can someone on an average salary in Britain end up paying more tax than Amazon? Close the loopholes, bring back the fairness.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. You would need to educate ordinary voters on ALL of the economic theories and theorists before Georgian economics would make sense in any kind of real context.

    And while a political party in European nations that is based on this economic theory may be interesting, it wouldn’t work in the U.S. Not unless you got one of the two dominant parties to adopt Georgian economics as their party theory.

    People today don’t understand how the U.S. political system works or what needs to be done to get a new party installed. All you would create here is another party that serves to suck contested votes away from one of the two dominant parties, providing a win to the other party that is not deserved. We already have that with the Green Party, the Tea Party, the various and sundry other third parties that don’t have a chance in hell because nobody has seen fit to get those parties into offices at local and state levels, never mind into Congress. May as well be shoving that stupid proverbial square block into that stupid proverbial round hole.

    1. Many Americans are not sure how the system works……I have long said the basic economics should be taught in middle school and high school….chuq

  3. Let’s see: Don’t encourage collective bargaining; pay the workers in company scrip; establish company stores (with unfairly priced goods), the only place the workers can use the company-issued scrip; don’t allow the workers vacations, sick leaves, or any other time off without penalizing or firing them for taking time off; make sure the work day is 12 to 16 hours long, six days a week; make sure the workers’ children can start working for the companhy at age five for simple jobs, with the “opportunity” to work at more complex (and dangerous) jobs as they grow older; screw safety- it just adds cost to production, decreases profit to management and owners, and workers are easily replaced; work children at least 12 hours a day; pay the least amount of money possible to all workers, all ages.

    Let’s see, all we have to do is to go back to the Golden Age of the late 1890s when the robber barons made tons of money off the backs of labor, then couldn’t understand why the workers stuck or joined the Communist party, labor unions, and seemed ungrateful for the wonderful work opportunities they were denied.

    We need a Teddy Roosevelt to sort things out, perhaps reverse the recent “tax reform” act and tax the oligarchs and people making obscene amounts of money off the backs of labor, spread some of that recovered weath among the people who earned it, put the infrastructure back in good order, and enact controls on Congress that prevent stealing from trust funds and Medicare, etc.

    Either that or consider the advantages and disadvantages of the French Revolution for restoring order to a process that’s lead to a royal screwing of all the little guys and enriched a few with more moiney than any person can possibly earn by any legitimate means. “Off with their heads.” Probably not. The instigators eventually became the victims of the corrupt system they established to replace another corrtupt system.

    1. TR was a progressive…and yes we need more true progressives and that does not necessarily mean a Democrat….just look at the program in 1912…true progressive ideas….chuq

      1. Yes, and he was a Republican. Of course, those party labels mean a lot less than what they stand for at the time of any given president. He took on the trusts and corruption in party politics. He established national parks and preserved wilderness for future generations. We’re not talking trumpian values here! He was an effective user of the Presidency. (The bully pulpit, of course!) Consumer safety originated in his presidency, and the press worked to expose and correct social and political evils of the time, with historically important characters working on McClure’s Magazine making a huge difference. Ida Tarbell is particularly interesting as a wome=an journalist in a time women stayed at home and couldn’t legally vote. They were times that were eerily similar to our own.

      2. I have always been a Teddy fan…..we need more people like Teddy….whether we agree or not he stood for something other than slogans….chuq

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