Make Those Villains Pay

The US and its allies have made the villains of our wars pay for their treachery.  First it was the Nazis at Nuremberg and later it was Saddam  of Iraq.  The Allies thought that someone would have to pay for the atrocities that was committed by the Nazis and since Hitler had avoided trial by eating a bullet….someone had to be the example.

After the Allies got the Nazis to surrender they set about rounding up and arresting Nazis so they could be put on trial (except for the Nazis that got a free rode with Operation Paper Clip).

For the Germans it was the Nuremberg trials (1945-1949)…….

No trial provides a better basis for understanding the nature and causes of evil than do the Nuremberg trials from 1945 to 1949.  Those who come to the trials expecting to find sadistic monsters are generally disappointed.  What is shocking about Nuremberg is  the ordinariness of the defendants: men who may be good fathers, kind to animals, even unassuming–yet who committed unspeakable crimes.  Years later, reporting on the trial of Adolf Eichmann, Hannah Arendt wrote of “the banality of evil.”  Like Eichmann, most Nuremberg defendants never aspired to be villains.  Rather, they over-identified with an ideological cause and suffered from a lack of imagination or empathy: they couldn’t fully appreciate the human consequences of their career-motivated decisions.

If that is too much to read…then watch this……

These were show trials and to  pretend they were anything other than that is disingenuous….why do I say such a thing?

Easy the judges were from the Allied countries so to say that it was a “fair” trial is laughable.  (do not get me wrong….these d/bags deserve to be punished for their crimes against humanity)

All I am saying is if the Allies truly wanted this to have an air of legitimacy then the judges should have come from the neutral countries during WW2…Switzerland, Sweden, Ireland.

4 thoughts on “Make Those Villains Pay

    1. I read the accounts…I still think that it was just retaliation and nor justice that the Allies were searching for…. The Germans deserved the penalties n just not in the way it was doled out….chuq

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