Supreme Court History

All eyes are on the Supreme Court these days…..this happens every time we get a new nominee or the annual session opens up and we get speculation on how it will go……

This time it is all about the Nominee and his possible antics when he was younger (notice I said “possible”)……

I recently did a post on the 25 most controversial decisions of the SCOTUS…..(read it here….

Now with that outta the way a little more SCOTUS history….this time the most divisive appointees……

On Sept. 26, 1789, all six of George Washington’s nominations for Supreme Court justices were confirmed by the United States Senate, which marked the beginning of the judicial branch of the newly implemented federal government.

While the judicial branch is supposed to be the least democratic and least political of the branches of government, an element of democracy still influences the courts and controversy has followed the judiciary since its founding in 1789.

In honor of divisive politics, a feature of the American system, here are the 10 most divisive Supreme Court justices in American history:

Now my reader has enough history to understand the court and its rulings……the problem is that today the nominee is a political appointment and not one about the Constitution and the the rule of law.

Another reason why the states are making the laws to avoid SCOTUS as much as possible.


4 thoughts on “Supreme Court History

  1. With so much near-saturation coverage on the news here, and all over the Internet, I am very weary of this issue. I know it’s important, but I can only take so much of one story, all the time. It’s as if nothing else has ever happened in the world.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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