Propaganda and Social Media

I have accused the MSM of being nothing more than an extension of the M-IC…ever since the Clinton admin made it possible for corporations to own the news.

The MSM tells us which wars to support, which party is the best…..and then social media became prominent and it is now a good source for propaganda..

But first one disses one needs to understand what propaganda is…….and I can help with that chore…….

Facebook will do its part…..

Media giant Facebook recently announced (Reuters9/19/18) it would combat “fake news” by partnering with two propaganda organizations founded and funded by the US government: the National Democratic Institute (NDI) and the International Republican Institute (IRI). The social media platform was already working closely with the NATO-sponsored Atlantic Council think tank (FAIR.org5/21/18).

In a previous FAIR article (8/22/18), I noted that the “fake news” issue was being used as a pretext to attack the left and progressive news sites. Changes to Facebook’s algorithm have reduced traffic significantly for progressive outlets like Common Dreams (5/3/18), while the pages of Venezuelan government–backed TeleSur English and the independent Venezuelanalysis were shut down without warning, and only reinstated after a public outcry.

The Washington, DC–based NDI and IRI are staffed with senior Democratic and Republican politicians; the NDI is chaired by former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, while the late Sen. John McCain was the longtime IRI chair. Both groups were created in 1983 as arms of the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a Cold War enterprise backed by then–CIA director William Casey (Jacobin3/7/18). That these two US government creations, along with a NATO offshoot like the Atlantic Council, are used by Facebook to distinguish real from fake news is effectively state censorship.

Personally, I would not trust Facebook to do anything like right.  To use an old saying….trusting Facebook to stop “fake news” is like putting a fox in charge of a hen house.

4 thoughts on “Propaganda and Social Media

  1. I agree. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all guilty of allowing the proliferation of fake news, propaganda, outright lies, and online bullying.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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