Violence Will Ensue

During a recent speech/rally/interview (who knows which…they all sound and appear the same) Our Dear Leader was talking about the upcoming midterms….what appears to be a “blue wave” has Our Dear Leader worried…so worried that he had to make up another one of his now famous lies…..

Does President Donald Trump really think there will be “violence” from the left if Republicans lose control of Congress in the November midterms? Isn’t the whole point of winning an election to get what you want without turning to violence?

Yet, “violence” was in Trump’s forecast in a closed-door meeting with evangelical leaders Monday at the White House, according to audio reportedly obtained by NBC and The New York Times.

Seriously?  Does he truly believe the Dems or as he calls them “The Left” have enough guts to overthrow the Trump agenda?  (I shall pause here for laughter)

Does this micro brain idiot really think there is a true “Left” in this country? (that is rhetorical)

If he had made this prediction back in the 60-70’s when there was an actual Left in this country then maybe he would appear to have more than half a brain.

But today when the country is ruled by the wealthy where does he see this non-existent “Left”….as an old radical I cannot find them so I doubt if Our Dear Leader can either.

I find it hard to fathom that the GOP still tries to blame every loss to a Dem as creeping socialism….but it makes sense since their programs are worthless and favor only the wealthy that they would need to make an imaginary foe to make themselves look viable.

There are only so many ways to debunk the lies  Take  fruit salad, a potato salad and a chef salad….they are all called “salad” but they are NOT the same….I wish I could get simpler than that but I am at a loss for simplicity.

The only violence is that Our Dear Leader tells his slobbering supporters to do……not in so many words but rather in the innuendo that he has become famous for using.


6 thoughts on “Violence Will Ensue

  1. Since the fifties Republicans have been running against communism, socialism, the welfare state, big government and high taxes. That runs well in much of the country.
    Bill Clinton ran against big government.
    That is the difference in the left and the right. Size of government and taxes. After that it is a popularity contest between the candidates.

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