Closing Thought–15Aug18

Times change and people must do so as well or become a dinosaur waiting for the end.

People have almost done away with the art of reading a book or a paper and we have become a world dominated by social media giants like Twitter, Facebook, etc…..and since I try to help people understand the world and why some things are done and other are not…..I will from today forward try to include a short video that helps explain the idea I am trying to convey….especially when I am trying to make a point with history…..and taking into account the normal attention span these days……

If it helps the conversation then I will attempt to make it a regular fixture of my posts…..

Please if you are a visitor and thinks the videos add to the post or not let me know…I thank you in advance…..chuq

21 thoughts on “Closing Thought–15Aug18

  1. I tend to be on board with most of the history you post about, so the videos are not necessary for me. That said, I think including them is a good idea.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I always enjoy your history posts – that’s my thing.. videos usually depend, for me, on the content, length and how much time I have.

  3. Don’t tell me you plan on dumbing down too??? It’s a perpetual mental limbo out there these days. How the hell else did we wind up with Trump? We’re all so stupid now, even Bush looks intelligent to most people.

    If you want to remain “relevant”, you better get a lobotomy like everyone else. You’ve got to say everything with digital hieroglyphics of dancing poops, unicorns in rainbow capes and dildos instead of horns…and whatever the fuck else the illiterate hoards are using in place of the English language. (QAnon code perhaps?) This shit doesn’t happen by accident.

    Yeah, I occasionally use videos in my comments. But I hate them…and myself for using them. In part, it’s because I hate using anything owned by Big Brother Google. But mostly because it’s really fucking lazy and kinda rude. (As if anybody even knows what the word “rude” means anymore.) But there are still bandwidth issues for folks with slower machines and shit Interweb service. (which probably describes your primary audience…octogenarians) I know my machine occasionally turns into a tortoise with video files. So whatever it is your planning, keep it to the absolute minimum.

    But most important of all….What the fuck is wrong with being “a dinosaur waiting for the end”??? That pretty much describes my entire existence..and most of your readers. As far as I’m concerned, the end just can’t come fast enough for me.

    1. Nope not trying to dumb down anything…..just trying to make the posts more interesting to everyone…I will never replace my comment or the printed word….chuq

      1. “just trying to make the posts more interesting to everyone”

        Right on! Fuck that boring history & politics shit. Give us what the market demands. Show us some boobies and you’ll be “trending” in no time! 😉 Hooray for boobies!

        Hey, Hooray for boobies! was the best album I bought in 99-00. I got the cassette here somewhere. (Cue another ironic, sarcastic and funny-only-to-me video link)

        See what you’ve started? I feel dumber already…although…maybe it’s just the “party liquor” kicking in. (Started the weekend early.)

      2. Unfortunately the audience is getting younger and gets more info from social media than us old farts…..go with the flow…LOL chuq

      3. My Webpipes are just like a teenager. It does whatever the fuck it wants, whenever the fuck it wants to and I can’t do anything to stop it.

        Note: While a fairly serious point lurks in the background, I’m mostly just being an asshole. (Since when am I not? This is the Interwebs after all) However…

        First, the population is actually aging. If anything, it’s up to those worthless little fuckers to adapt to fit us!

        More importantly….In 2018, “Going with the flow” is VERY dangerous! It requires “flowing” down the intellectual toilet with the rest of society. We got to where we are now because standards were compromised society-wide for ratings, popularity, profit, or out of just plain laziness. As I always say…Trump couldn’t get elected dogcatcher in his own hometown in the 80’s. That’s back when he was at his “intellectual peak”. Now he’s President because we’ve sunk to the level where a pathetic version of Trump can now get elected President! That’s on US because we no longer deserve better. And unless we ALL pick up our game, what’s coming will be even worse.

        As if it isn’t obvious to anyone with a brain by now, but people generally rise/sink to the expectations of their parents (or authority figures)..So, don’t you be skipping straight to desert. Tell the little brats to eat their damn vegetables, or there will be hell to pay. I can post videos because I’m just some Interwebs asshole whose drunk half the time. You? You’re a teacher. You got a duty, man! This dude knows how to do his duty 🙂

      4. Yes….It was a very, very, very carefully selected video…funny, intentionally ironic and even relevant to other recent topics here. Actually, it took me longer to find it than to type the rest of that shit nobody will ever read, nor appreciate….assuming they can even read anymore.

  4. I never watch videos with posts, except for when I do. Which is sometimes when they look imteresting. I watch with the sound down so I don’t disturb my wife who is watching television. But go ahead. Your viewers like me will watch or not.

    Just don’t let getting your point depend on having watched the video. That is really annoying.

    Looking forward to the pictures/movies.

    1. Never fear it will never replace my printed words….these days too many depend on instant gratification and if I can expand their knowledge I will go where that takes me….chuq

  5. Idiots who appreciate nothing will probably love videos because videos really don’t require much thinking as the thinking is usually done for them by the videos. Yes, by all means, include the videos. I enjoy videos a lot even though they tend to soak up my data and I am on a data plan with caps.

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