We Told You So

The circus in DC these days is not something of a surprise.  For decades us hard core leftist have been telling the population that their vote matters not….that the voter was factor that must be tolerated to give the appearance of a country of the people, for the people and by the people…..it was a lie then and remains a lie today.

It has taken the powers 50 years of work but now they are very close to eliminating the vote altogether.

Watch Congress are they doing the work of the peoples desire or are they doing what suits their idea of what a government is all about?

The Reps refuse to meet with the voters of their districts unless they are the ones that will whitewash their unpopular stands.  They refuse to talk with the voters back home.

Today there is nothing democratic about the pulse of DC.  Candidates tell the people what they want to hear and not what they need to hear.  The lie and pass around disinformation to make it appear as if they are working for some greater cause other than their own personal agendas.

The will allow a minority of the population to dictate the agenda of government.

People like myself have been saying that the MSM has lulled the population into a false sense of security…..that the media has made this country an country of sheep without a voice…..

8 Reasons Young Americans Don’t Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance” was originally published in 2011, then republished on several Internet sites, and has become one of my most viewed articles. The eight reasons include: student-loan debt; various pacifying effects of standard schooling; the psychopathologizing and medicating of noncompliance; surveillance; television; and fundamentalist religion and fundamentalist consumerism. Over the last seven years, many young people have told me that they appreciate that article, but they have urged me to detail a hugely important pacifying source which I had not included.

First, to be clear, not all young people are completely broken. The general state of acquiescence by young people was recently interrupted by their short-lived burst of dissent in the form of large rallies for gun control, in reaction to fears of being murdered in their classrooms. But that was an exception to the general rule of resignation to eating shit.


Time for the young to wake up and take their place alongside those young of our past….time to start acting like this country matters again.

5 thoughts on “We Told You So

  1. If only they could channel some of that gun control anger into political activism in other areas, we might see a happy return to the concerned youth of the 1960s.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Thanks for the link, chuq. I have heard whispers about the use of You Tube links, something I use frequently, being banned, or subject to charges in future. I might have also been (unknowingly) guilty of infringing copyright on some images I have used, but if they come after me, I will remove them.
        Sounds like yet another reason to be getting out of the EU!
        Best wishes, Pete.

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