Time For A Revisit 1973

My regulars know that I cannot let the fact that we are still fighting wars started before my granddaughter was born and she is 15 now…..and I do harp on the conflicts a bit much but since few people see the necessity to keep these wars in the minds of our people I feel that I must do so.  And yes I am anti-war and hope that if people see what is happening to our country and our military they too will see the need to end all this intervention for the sake of intervention.

Let’s start with 1973.

The year before the resignation of Nixon……so what could be so important that we should revisit that year?

The War Powers Act……..Congress passed the War Powers Resolution in 1973, it did so to reestablish procedures for Congress and the president to share responsibility for the introduction of armed forces into foreign conflicts. By explicitly limiting the executive’s prerogative to initiate or escalate military actions, the act affirmed that such power rests with Congress. The founders assigned Congress this most important authority to ensure solemn debate and prevent the kinds of foreign policy disasters that plagued European monarchies.

I have bitched in the past about the fact that the Congress needs to step up ans exercise their power by re-defining the AUMF…….the Congress has been wimping out for decades and that we are fighting a conflict on most continents maybe now would be a good time to revisit the War Powers Resolution of 1973……..

The ongoing hostilities in Yemen are just the sort of conflict the founders meant to avoid. The Saudi monarchy’s war has become a foreign policy debacle for the United States, and hell-on-earth for the Yemenis. Indeed, the cholera crisis now facing the country is the worst in recorded history.

Yemen’s deteriorating circumstances offer Congress an opportunity to reclaim its constitutional mandate and help resolve a humanitarian catastrophe by demanding deliberation viz. material and logistical support for Saudi’s war of attrition.


The US Congress is staffed with cowards….they are afraid to do anything at all for it may piss off someone and it might cost them votes or worse…….. donations.

War after war is the future as long as the Congress refuses to act…….costing this country massive amounts of cash and the lives of our citizens……

When will enough be enough for the American people?


11 thoughts on “Time For A Revisit 1973

  1. Enough war? I doubt there will ever be enough war. Not for the government at least. War means profit, and allies, however dubious, buy weapons.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. The current American public has insatiable appetites for every “empty calorie” under the sun (literal & figurative). Nothing is “enough” for them. They want “more, more, more!” as Billy Idol said in 1983 (was it?) So more war it is!!!

    But the thought of going back to 1973??? I’d eagerly give my left nut, sans painkillers even, to go back to 1973!

      1. I neither got laid, nor could I even count back in 73….But being sent back to 1973 in a time machine??? That’s why I’d keep my right nut. It would be getting one HELL of a workout!

        Sure, there was a lot of shit in the world (Vietnam collapsing, coup in Chile, Watergate) But the Pros vastly outweighed the Cons. The pace of life (& especially the bullshit) was waaaaay slower. Tricky Dick Nixon didn’t have the capability to intercept every single communication of every citizen. Nor did he have drone-strike capability. Nor did he share every brain fart he had on the can with the entire world. The people covering him were also capable news professionals, not ratings whores obsessed with producing clickbait!

        And the culture was far less nasty, less overtly materialistic and just plain fun. There would be Match Game 73, The Partridge Family, MASH, That Girl, The Waltons, Bobby Orr, the insane World Hockey Association, Roller Derby, groovy clothes…Bitchin’ Camaros…drive-ins with steamy windshields…ahhhh….And all the oooey-gooey-good cheese that was the 70’s. Sex & cheese….A Sexual Revolution Fondue!

        My nomination for the Best Summation of 73 culture…San Fran hippies, drugs, Vietnam vets, car chases, groovy clothes, music and uninhibited sex (that would leave you with throat cancer) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VCO0UfLQcw4

        Not only were most things better, the important thing was that -even if you weren’t a fan of the times- you could still honestly believe that things were actually going to improve. Today is the total opposite. Almost everything is shit and it only promises to get much worse.

        All this nostalgia…makes my eyes water…I needs to turn off the light, close the door and gets me some alcy-hol.

      2. Memory Lane is pitted with the bottles of alkey hol……I did enjoy 1973 and 74-80 and then Reagan happened
        and it all went to shit….chuq

      3. Hey, that’s the first time in a very longtime a video link didn’t embed on me…How the hell did I do that???

        By the way, I hope you watched that great opening theme song. I LOVED watching that fucking show in syndication as a kid. (Starsky & Hutch were the special guests on that particular episode!) And it really did sum up the times (1st season 72-73)…the hand-off period between the 60’s and the 70’s.

        Yeah, in retrospect, 1980 was the year where “the muscle car ran out of gas” (quite literally) and just spluttered on for a couple more blocks before dying. By the time I hit puberty, the downhill pace was starting to pick-up. And thanks to AIDS, I was scared to even get an erection, never mind use it. AND the US raised its drinking age to the ludicrous 21. What a cruel combination!

      4. I did a little digging and discovered…contrary to the linked video… that the actors who would soon play Starsky & Hutch did NOT appear on the same episode of The Streets of San Francisco. (FAKE NEWS!!!) The result of a sneaky little edit by a Starsky & Hutch fan, no doubt. However, they did appear as Special Guests just 6 episodes apart during the 72-73 Season. So, it’s still a curious coincidence that they’d be working together in ’75, but not nearly as curious as had they been in the very same episode.

        And who didn’t love Huggy Bear? But to the best of my knowledge…while he’d certainly fit into the show….Huggy Bear (aka Antonio Fargas) NEVER appeared on The Streets of San Francisco However, this skinny dude’s son actually wound as a 220lb Running Back for the Oakland Raiders for 7 seasons! Sounds like the makings of “illegal substance” case for Malden & Douglas to investigate. Episode Title: Bay Area Labs

        (I’m saving Starsky & Hutch for another daytime-drunk 70’s nostalgia trip.) For now, I think I’m gonna get drunker and play The Streets of San Francisco theme on a loop.

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