I have written several posts about the deaths of 4 special ops troops in the West African country of Niger……read more posts……

Recently I found another report on these deaths….I have held onto this post because of the violent nature and that it was posted by the bastards that killed these men…..

*****WARNING:  The video may be disturbing to some*****

The release of shocking video showing the death of three American soldiers in the deserts of west Africa is raising more questions about just what US forces are doing in the region.

ISIS released the nine-minute, 17-second video online on Sunday taken mainly from the helmetcams of the slain soldiers.

I have been waiting for the final report of the action and the deaths (I promised to keep my readers informed)…..
I have been critical of the operation that cost the lives of the  troopers involved and now there is a bit more information…..
The ongoing military probes into October 4’s disastrous US military operation in Niger, in which four US special forces were killed, has concluded something particularly important: that the operation was never properly authorized by top commanders.

The special forces team in question were nominally sent out to meet local Nigerien leaders, for which they were properly equipped and prepared. The team in question never attempted to meet with them, however, and instead went off on a totally separate mission.

The team instead joined a mission hunting for a militant wanted in the kidnapping of an aid worker, doing so without having informed the commanders that’s what they were going to do, meaning it was never authorized.

The operation went poorly, as the chase around the Niger-Mali border led the team right into an ambush of militants, who attacked and killed four US troops, wounding two other US troops and eight Nigeriens.

Officials say there is no single point of failure in the operation, though clearly the fact that commanders weren’t told what the team’s actual mission was didn’t help, and raises further questions about whether the US troops were adequately prepared for such an operation.


This is a breakdown in the command structure and it cost lives and this is not an isolated incident.  Someone needs to pay for the lives they took because of their lack of leadership.

There is way too many “oh shit” moments in our war on terror.

But the Pentagon will make it right…….

The Pentagon said on Wednesday that American troops in Niger had been authorized to receive imminent-danger pay the day before the commander who oversees military missions in Africa told House lawmakers that the White House had still not approved that request.

A Pentagon spokeswoman said that the decision to include Niger in the list of combat zones where troops receive extra pay was made on Monday — and had not been communicated to Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser before his testimony the day after.

The request was made Monday and the general was to testify on Thursday…..something smells about this situation.  Timing is everything at the Pentagon (sarcasm)…..

9 thoughts on “Niger–WTF?–(Cond)

  1. I could only get just over 2 minutes of video, but it was apparent that the troops had set off a red smoke grenade. Surely this implies they were expecting some help, perhaps air support?
    It seems to me that they were abandoned to their fate. More shameful actions from someone in authority, that’s for sure.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. My day the red smoke was danger and would be waving the planes off….while Turkey fights Kurds and the US balks…ISIS is making a comeback……this is so far from over…..chuq

  2. America is in Niger? And US soldiers are actually on the ground & dying? How did I not hear of this battlefront before?

    I went to the website, but didn’t watch the video, so I’ll take your word. I got distracted by the Top Trending Story list where Lauren Goodberg (or whoever the fuck) is showing off her “tanned & toned” new bod.

      1. But probably not to any player of 1st Person Shooter video games. They probably think it’s just a promo for the latest Call of Dookie game. Seriously. Forget the accompanying story. They probably won’t even read (let alone grasp) the caption to the video. Kick ass audio track, though. Those ISIS Nigers sure know how to drop a dope beat. (Just what the hell do you call somebody from Niger?)

        To be honest, aside from “What the fuck are they giving US troops to drive? Mini-vans???” I couldn’t make head, nor tails, of it….It really just gave me motion sickness. I just know something bad is going on.

        Yes, I know you covered the Niger deaths previously. I was making a sarcastic point about the total lack of coverage. Shit, right there in the story, Lindsay Graham himself says he didn’t know there were 1,000 US troops in Niger.

        So, sarcastic point reloaded….I’ll try to read the story again. But those “Don’t Miss” topics right alongside it are so important, you just don’t dare miss them. I mean…Kim Kardashian tells the Haters “They can keep talking shit about me, but I’m gonna keep doin’ me.”….Liz Hurley announces her longsince-ex Hugh Grant has a new baby with some other woman….and Sharon Stone shows off the “bondage bra” she got for her 60th birthday…I’m definitely not going to miss that one. But the Niger story…yeah…I’ll try again with that. But first…what did today’s Trump Toilet Tweet say? (Okay, sarcasm over with for now.)

        But really. The fact even senior Senators like Graham aren’t aware what’s going on really makes you question the point of it all. America is just at war with the entire fucking planet for….who the fucks knows anymore?

      2. The generals are keeping everyone in the dark….even the closed door intel committee knows nothing of the NIger deployment…..and yes we are at war with the world….the US is in at least 180 countries and that leaves the door open for conflict…speaking of Trump….he is walking back the NK meeting…..just like he did immoigration, guns, tariffs, etc….it is how he tries to change the dialog…..chuq

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