Getting Old And Replaceable

One more Saturday and waiting for Spring to be sprung and that damn stupid….spring forward…..daylight savings time….the lamest idea ever!

Any way I am old….I can recall the music on the radio, then TV, then onto portable music…the 8-track and soon to be replaced by the cassette player….all the while my albums were still a source for enjoyment and then the CD was born and my vinyl lost popularity (it has since returned)….the CD killed the album and now the CD is a thing of the past…..

Bad news for the future of CDs (and, let’s face it, probably the future of CD wallets, too). Billboard reports two major CD retailers—Best Buy and Target—are reconsidering their relationship with the three-decade-old music format. Sources say Best Buy—which has gone from the “most powerful” music seller in the US to a “reduced and shoddy” selection that brings in only about $40 million a year—will stop selling CDs on July 1. Meanwhile, sources say Target—which is carrying far fewer CDs these days but still managed to move over 500,000 copies of Taylor Swift’s most recent album—wants to change to a consignment model where it wouldn’t have to pay suppliers for any CDs that go unsold. Sources say at least one major label is considering pulling its music from Target rather than agree to the new financial risk that would represent.

The changes at Best Buy and Target could speed up the CD’s demise, but they’re far from the first signs of its impending doom. USA Today reports CD sales hit $13.2 billion in 2000, and 712 million CDs were sold in 2001. In the 14 years since that peak, recorded music lost 40% of its global value, according to NPR. In 2016, streaming took over as Americans’ main means of listening to music and Kmart stopped selling CDs. In 2017, Ford manufactured its first car without a CD player in 25 years. That same year, CD sales in the US dropped 18.5%. However, while things look bleak now, CDs could always make a vinyl-like comeback a few years down the road. In fact, while Best Buy is giving up on CDs, it will reportedly continue selling vinyl records for another two years. (Speaking of: Sony is doing an about-face after helping kill vinyl.

That is all for me today……I shall enjoy my weekend as much as possible for I return to the surgeon Monday to get my check-up…..I have my fingers crossed…..chuq

12 thoughts on “Getting Old And Replaceable

  1. 8-track was such a good sound in a car, but storing enough tapes was a pain. I still buy music on CD. I can play it on the PC drive, Laptop drive, the DVD player under the TV, and in the car too, using the CD player built-in.
    I don’t have an MP3 device, and I have NEVER downloaded digital music, except when Amazon gives a free download as well when I buy certain CD albums.
    As long as I can find something to play them on, I will continue to buy music on CD.
    I don’t doubt that DVD films will be next for the chop. That’s worrying, as I have so many. I will have to buy up some DVD players, and keep them in storage!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I am with you….I have none of the new stuff….I still like to play them on my PC as well… DVDs will be valuable one…..LOL chuq

  2. Good observational metaphor, chuq. You.. me.. Pete.. and others are growing old.. and we are all suffering in our own ways the idea that we are being replaced socially because of it… like Pete’s 8 tracks we will soon be a thing of the past.
    Now.. if we can figure out a way to turn into vinyl so we can stick around a little longer……….. 🙂

  3. I’m a vinyl guy myself, and have an extensive album collection focusing mainly on the late 60’s to early 70’s (think all of Credence, Cream, Hendrix, Doors, Zeppelin, Beatles and stones etc). Plus, about 1200 45’s from the 50’s and early 60’s. All that stuff sounds really good cranked out through my 12 inch speakers.

  4. Don’t feel bad. These days, newborn babies are damn near obsolete.

    I remember a few years back, a poll came out where a significant percent (maybe even a majority) of University students admitted they thought they were on the verge of becoming obsolete, unable to keep pace with the rate of change. Pessimist that I was, I never thought I’d be left behind when I was that age, even by the time I’d be a senior.

    This is probably the ONE & ONLY time Millennials will ever be right about anything. They aren’t even “out in the world” yet, but they ARE obsolete! They’re dead tech-addicts walking (nay, sprinting), but still falling behind. Not only are things changing faster than a baby’s diaper, people are actually expected by the corporate Powers That Be to line for hours to new devices on their 1st day on sale. Because it makes last year’s model “obsolete”…despite it still working perfectly and being virtually indistinguishable from the new model.

    Not only does The Future not need us, The Future doesn’t WANT us. Organic life forms that require things like “jobs”, “healthcare” and “food” just to survive are a thing of the past. They think slowly and can’t easily be upgraded. They’re prone to breakdown. They’re illogical and incredibly destructive to themselves and everything around them. They need to be sent to the dustbin of history.

  5. I’m probably less than half the average age here (How many Civil War Vets in da house???) But I have MINIMAL use for music files from the Web-pipes. I might occasionally listen to something on the computer while I’m ON the computer. But only while doing something that doesn’t require any thought. (I’d say music serves as a bit of a barometer that way.) In other words, meaningless shit just meant to kill time. (Another barometer?)

    My ideal format is vinyl. Well made vinyl recordings (as opposed to the 3rd rate vinyl that dominated it’s final years) is durable & has as good a sound as anything. You also get liner-notes, posters, etc. There’s also that magical “Barry White album” effect about the romance & commitment of playing/owning vinyl.

    CD’s are what I’ve been stuck with and I tolerate them. Cassettes sound came up short, but since they didn’t skip like early CD players did, cassettes were more useful in cars, Walkmans etc. Perfectly portable. (Eight-track versions would have been better.) Public/College radio is still great, if you live near either. And you don’t have to fiddle, or even think about good radio stations, while driving. FAR safer option.

    However, I just ain’t paying for SHIT on the Inter-web!!! I’ve got ZERO desire and no ability to pay…cards, crypto-currency, empty pockets, etc. (Cash is King, baby!) The idea of paying for music files has always been idiotic to me. Like Satellite Radio, why pay when I can get it for free? If I’m paying, I want a fucking album, not just one track I’ll tire of in a week. My digital experience has also been “found wanting”. It’s harder for me wade through all the crap to find decent new artists (I got old formats for the old artists!) The sound quality is…”inconsistent”. And my Web-tube connection is of such godawful quality, I’d rather use an old “wind-up gramophone” exclusively than put my eggs in the Interweb’s basket.

    I also have other concerns. I’ve downloaded a music-file-based virus before and I’ve heard some of these things have “drop dead dates” installed on them. (True/not true Don’t care because it WILL happen) And no doubt, most of these services are entirely about tracking you for profit. Everything else is.

    But the bottom line is that…If I’m paying for ANYTHING, I expect to walk away with a permanent copy in my hand. And in the process, I might keep a few people in record manufacturing/retail/transportation employed (for the time being).

      1. You, me & Early Cuyler agree that cash is King, baby!

        Credit be what dem dare East Coastal Elumination makified up to dis-association us from our own reva-manure streams and put it the sweaty palms of Panaman-sized bankers. Yee-hah!

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