More Stupidity On The Shooting

Just when you thought it was safe to watch the news….the latest school shooting brings out all the morons….the latest moron is the idiot Floridians elected twice as governor, Rick Scott……

The Republican governor of Florida is calling for the resignation of FBI Director Christopher Wray in the wake of the FBI’s admission it ignored a warning about the man suspected of killing 17 people in Wednesdays’ school shooting in Parkland, CBS News reports. “Seventeen innocent people are dead and acknowledging a mistake isn’t going to cut it,” Gov. Rick Scott says in a statement. “An apology will never bring these 17 Floridians back to life or comfort the families who are in pain.” Earlier Friday the FBI admitted “protocols were not followed” after a tip was called in to the FBI’s public access line last month but not passed along to the Miami field office. Scott says that’s “unacceptable” and the FBI has damaged the public’s belief in the effectiveness of “see something, say something.”

Scott isn’t the only one with harsh words for Wray. “The FBI apologized? Tell that to families,” a family friend of one of the victims tells Reuters. “People were seeing something and saying something and it still happened.” Meanwhile Republican Sen. Marco Rubio called for a congressional investigation into the FBI’s lack of action, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to “conduct an immediate review” of how the FBI and Justice Department handle violent threats. But Eric Levitz at New York states Wray isn’t the one to blame, as he doesn’t manage the FBI tip line or Miami field office. He says Scott is trying “to deflect attention away from the governor’s A+ NRA rating, or to abet the president’s efforts to ‘purge’ the FBI of ‘disloyal’ elements.”

This call is silly!

Okay the FBI was warned and apparently there was nothing that triggered their suspicion…they moved on and this twat with a gun went on his spree.

What  should the FBI done?  Lock this idiot up without probable cause?

Good one but according to the Constitution we are still a democracy with laws….at least for now.  But it is not looking good for the future.

So this call from the governor is just another coward playing politics with the shooting.

Just another asshole attacking the FBI to help the narrative set forth by the guy in silk PJs in DC.


13 thoughts on “More Stupidity On The Shooting

  1. Chuq… as I move about the home I have CNN on a TV.. in the office, in the living room, and in the damn garage, all at the same time. I hurl expletives at the appropriate TV.. but not so much in the garage because I keep the garage door open doing my projects. I direct the expletives in there toward stubborn nuts and bolts, when the wrench slips, and having to walk across the room 3 times to get the right socket size. I go to work to relax. :)… and I take pills.

    Yes… saying the FBI director should be removed is nuts and only a deflection.

  2. A look at the laws of a state where a 19-year-old can’t buy a beer or a handgun, but can walk into a gun store and buy a military-grade murder weapon and the ammunition needed to make it work seems to be more problematic than the FBI “dropping the ball” when there was inadequate justification to hold the future killer at the time he was first brought to their attention. Scott apparently doesn’t see anything odd about that little quirk in Florida’s already outrageous gun laws that reflect the NRA agenda.

      1. The NRA and the compliant Republican party at work. Yes, the Zimmerman business. (“Well, he was wearing a hoodie and looked like he was a big meany so I shot him dead…and he had darker skin than me so he probably was up to no good though there was no evidence of it and he was minding his own business…!” law.)

  3. Every single accusation, comment, or statement that doesn’t address the fundamental issue is completely pointless. If guns were not freely available, he couldn’t have carried out the killings. That’s the top and bottom of it. But rather than really address the worrying psychological point of gun ownership in America, they just throw the blame around instead.
    How soon before the next school shooting? Days?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. 18 so far in 2018 so I guess a matter of days. The NRA will make sure that any attempt will be in their words way to take our guns….it is silly and a lie…chuq

  4. “but according to the Constitution we are still a democracy with laws….at least for now. But it is not looking good for the future.”

    That’s the really funny thing about living in a surveillance state that puts 1984 to shame. They spy on all of us 24-7, our every fucking move, e-mail, phone-call, dick-pic…Everything is monitored “for our own protection”. Yet time after time, it turns out the nutjobs who’ve committed these crimes were already on the authourities’ radar screens. Friends & relatives warned authorities, or the Internet Thought Police had been monitoring them for months/years. Sometimes, these nuts were even being physically followed with surveillance vans outside their houses. But with all this watching, rarely are they ever stopped from doing the crazy shit they’re about to do. Which raises the question, “What good is this spying doing?”

    Why aren’t they doing anything? “It’s because we live in a democracy where people have rights.” Of course, these “rights” no longer include the right to privacy. Clearly. Who knows what that even means anymore? Certainly nobody with a Social Media Inc account. Privacy is just one of those things you have to give up to do the things you used to be able to do without giving it up. (See: Interwebs, shopping, eating at restaurants, walking down the street, etc.) Mind you, the right to being dangerously batshit-crazy and the right to own a mass killing machine…Well, those rights are the most sacred & protected of all.

    “What should the FBI done? Lock this idiot up without probable cause?”

    And THAT’S the winning “answer” to the 1984 Pyramid question! The more they let (I’m not saying they do it intentionally..but they do have a good motive) the nutjobs do their violent nuttery, the more people will be comfortable letting Big Brother amp-up the spying (if that’s even possible) and the more comfortable they’ll be with having ALL rights eroded and/or eliminated. We might elected socialists, or something.

    Remember, the FBI itself has actually shoved itself into numerous people’s lives, entrapping them in “terrorist plots” they themselves created. Plots that would never have occurred without the FBI inventing them. Then they swoop in, and “save America” from their own plot. Money well spent. Public protected from nothing.

    Inevitably, the Powers That Be -and probably even the people themselves- will come to see our rights, our democracy, as the problem…if they haven’t already. (Answer: Yes)

    1. What is a gun without a person to pull the trigger…a paper weight……nothing can be done about the idiot with a gun until he/she chooses to use it…..

      1. I remember when they used to institutionalize crazy people for their own damn good and/or the good of society. (Good of society? Wat dat?) At the very least, they’d institutionalize the most dangerous, batshit-crazy, lunatics. Today, they’ve closed down all the psych-hospitals, handed every patient an AR-15 and waved goodbye to them…. Although, come to think of it…I guess they still do institutionalize some of the most dangerous, batshit-crazy, lunatics. It’s called Congress.

        As for guns being paper-weights without the idiots who use them….First, I always wanted to make a coffee table/illustrated book called “101 Uses For Guns That don’t Involve Killing People”. Paperweight was number 1. (Other included: Elvis-style remote control, Extreme Jenga, and of course, butt plug)

        Second, like the quaint relic “democracy”…that’s more “outdated thinking” you got there old man! Obviously you haven’t seen this story.

        In the future, you not only have to worry about a nation full of lunatics with “faulty wiring” exercising their supposed 2nd Amendment Rights on your soon-to-be-corpse. You’ve also got to worry about robots with actual “faulty wiring” exercising their 2nd Amendment rights on your soon-to-be-(unemployed)-corpse. To ask the least asked question of the New Millennium, “What could possibly go wrong?”

        Two of my favourite things coming together for the benefit of all mankind.

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