Shep On Uranium One

Ever since the Dems have been calling for an investigation into the dealings of the Trump admin and the Russia bunch the Right wing has been desparetely searching for something thast they could use to counter all the bad news the trump camp is getting pertaining to Russia and its influence.

Well about a month agao they found their holy grail and the Uranium One story and the Clintons…..the problem is that it so much bullshit and even a FOX News journalist has shown just how fake this story is….and Shep Smith debunmks the story that all of FOX News has been passing off as fact….

Read the article and then watch his report in video……

Fox News’ Shepard Smith took six minutes out of his show Tuesday to debunk what has become Republicans’ attack du jour against Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration: “Uranium One.”

The narrative — on which the White House, Republican elected officials and conservative media have leaned in recent weeks to deflect from increasing scrutiny on Russian meddling in the 2016 election — is based on the faulty charge that Clinton sold influence, via donations to the Clinton Foundation, to Russian energy interests carrying out a deal that required her approval.

Smith began debunking the attack by showing a clip of Donald Trump on the campaign trail.

How much longer will the Right ignore the truth and keep pressing a lie?  My guess is as long as they can for truth means nothing to these slime wads on the Right.

13 thoughts on “Shep On Uranium One

  1. *smile* Since I knew absolutely nothing about any of this, I went to read the article. All in all, it only makes me more satisfied with the decision to avoid having to think about any of it, by not watching TV or news shows, as I see nothing but foolishness being perpetrated by fools, while other fools watch & shake their heads, or add their own foolish ‘belief’ to the mix. SIGH… A sad commentary on the state of culture, if what we live in can be termed such…. You’re correct, in that it will continue, as long as there is anyone to listen…

    gigoid, the dubious

  2. Gotta Love Shep…i would love to know what compromising stuff he has on the the “higher ups” ….that he can can report as he does. Long Live Shep!

  3. One matter I have not seen entered into the mix is that Russia and US sell nuclear stuff back and forth all the time. As a matter of fact US buys most of its need for rare metals from Russia and these are needed for our space program and military production esp for air force.

    1. From what I understand about this sell was that no uranium would leave the US……much of our uranium comes out of Niger….could explain our presence in the country…..have a good Sunday….chuq

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