Watch The Caucuses

I am always looking for that region that could push the world to another all out war….like the events in 1914…..a few years ago I wrote a post where I thought the next big “problem” would appear…..

I chose the region between the two seas…Caspian and Black…..

Source: Looking For The Linchpin – In Saner Thought

Now that I have patted myself on the back……

I read a lot of Middle East newspapers and opinions…..and recently in an Iranian source I read about a prediction that they are making about the future….

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani cautioned that extremist elements could expand their presence in the Caucasus and Central Asia after being flushed out of Iraq and Syria, calling for concerted action to stem terrorism in the region.

“After suffering a complete defeat in Iraq and Syria, terrorists are likely to try to permeate across the region. Thus, all of us should be wary of such a threat (in the region), as in the Caucasus and Central Asia,” President Rouhani said in a meeting with his Armenian counterpart Serzh Sargsyan in Tehran on Sunday.

Source: Iran Warns of Spread of Terrorism in Caucasus

Needless to say that I agree with their prediction…..the region is becoming a hotbed of conflict and bad feelings.

Even the hyper-conserv think tank Heritage agrees with the findings…..

Source: A Threat to the West: The Rise of Islamist Insurgency in the Northern Caucasus and Russia’s Inadequate Response | The Heritage Foundation

A group that I am associated with, Center for Strategic and International Studies…..testified before the House sub-committee on the situation in the Caucuses…..

Source: HHRG-113-HM05-Wstate-KuchinsA-20140403.pdf

Many disassociated sources see a problem brewing….maybe more attention should be paid on these events and we could avoid another war that the world does not need.



10 thoughts on “Watch The Caucuses

  1. (Slight misspelling on the post title, chuq, unless it’s a play on words…)

    Chechens have been fighting for ISIS in Syria, and the unstable region of Ossetia has been the site of internal conflict too. The region is ripe for an increase in anti-Russian rebellion, and this is fired up by the presence of many Islamic radicals.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Yes, Russia will get it’s share now too. All the Muslim majorities at Russia’s southern borders will be rising up and Russia will have to give them greater and greater autonomy and may lose them completely. Putin will have to look south and no longer eastern Europe. The struggle will exhaust the Russian economy far beyond present dysfunction. I love it !

      1. I think he will concentrate on the south….he will watch the Baltics but his main concern will be the safety of the Black Sea ports….chuq

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