On To 2020

So much is happening in DC these days…..well it gives the bloggers something to do without hurting themselves trying to decide on a topic….all the political drama is just great fodder.

Plus the 2018 elections loom large and all the speculation around that vote is really tiring also……

I will break from the “norm” and go straight to the next general election, 2020.

This post will make some extremely happy and others it will drive them closer to a binge with alcohol…..

Let’s say Trump manages to survive all the jockeying for position in Foggy Bottom and he stands for re-election…..(like I said…some will smile while others reach for opiates)….

This article was originally published on The Conversation.

Most Americans don’t like Trump. The Conversation

Trump will most likely be reelected in 2020.

How can both of these statements be true? Here’s how:

Even when people are unhappy with a state of affairs, they are usually disinclined to change it. In my area of research, the cognitive and behavioral sciences, this is known as the “default effect.”

Source: Trump will likely win reelection in 2020 – Salon.com

There is a chance that this could be a moot point…..something for thought.

Me?  Doesn’t matter…..to me everything around American politics is just a skit for Monty Python…..


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