How It Might Happen


The word is getting lots of play these days…..and usually with a reference or two to Watergate…..lots of analysis and speculation is flying around the media outlets… if this happens how will it happen?

Around midday on Monday, Congressman Al Green, a Democrat from Texas, held a press conference to call for the impeachment of Donald Trump. The firing of FBI director James Comey, Green said, was an obstruction of justice falling clearly into that basket of “high crimes and misdemeanors” prescribed in the Constitution as grounds for impeachment.

Green should have waited a day. Because by the time the sun went down on Tuesday, advocates for Trump’s impeachment had a lot more to work with.

Source: What Would Happen If Donald Trump Were Impeached? | Alternet

If this impeachment thing were to be successful then we would have a Pres. Pence……another bad idea….we would be trading an autocrat for a theocrat….but that aside….what would a Pence presidency look like?

When President Trump was elected, a lot of liberals confidently predicted that he wouldn’t last six months. Being sensible and sober, I thought that was nothing more than wishful thinking. But now? It doesn’t seem so implausible.

Even with the Department of Justice’s appointment Wednesday of a special prosecutor, Trump’s early departure — by impeachment, resignation, or the invocation of the 25th Amendment — is a not sure thing, or even a likelihood. I suspect we’re still a few major revelations away from that happening, even if cracks in his Republican support are beginning to appear. The most probable outcome is that this mad circus continues at least until 2020. But as long as we’re contemplating that most remarkable of eventualities, it’s worth considering: What would a Mike Pence presidency be like?

Source: What will the Pence presidency be like?

Pence is an ambitious politician and if were Trump I would keep my eyes on this person constantly……he is a weasel and is just waiting for a good time to strike…

For the first time that I can recall a vice president has started a PAC while in office…..a good place to gather resources if a fight is coming……

Borrowing from his boss’s now-famous slogan, Vice President Mike Pence has launched the “Great America Committee” PAC in advance of the 2018 and 2020 elections, NBC News reports. Pence will use money raised through the PAC to travel the country on Air Force Two and help stump for GOP contenders. The Federal Election Commission received paperwork on Wednesday for the PAC, which a source close to Pence indicates will offer resources “to actually support candidates who are supportive of the president’s agenda.” Under such a leadership PAC, individual donors and other federal PACs can contribute up to $5,000 per year, Bloomberg notes.

Pence aides Nick Ayers and Marty Obst will manage the PAC, with Ayers saying planning for it began back in December. NBC notes it’s the first time a sitting VP has created his own separate arm like this; past officials have typically used campaign or party funds. In fact, a couple of past VPs—Bloomberg points to Joe Biden and Dick Cheney—didn’t have an active leadership PAC at all while in office. “Launching a leadership PAC sometimes signals an intent to run for higher office,” the director for the Center for Responsive Politics tells Bloomberg. But the NBC source insists that’s not the case here: “Don’t read into 2020 as anything other than [Pence] running for re-election as vice president in 2020 and supporting other candidates.”

They can claim whatever they want….that this is to help him in 2020…that is if Trump decides not to continue for whatever reason……

Keep your eyes on Pence….for he is up to something and it is not to help Trump in any way.

7 thoughts on “How It Might Happen

  1. NO! If there was collusion–hence external interference in a democratic process–then the November Election should be declared null and void. Form a six-Senator, totally bipartisan, Really Special Committee to run the government until a proper President can be elected.

    The new Election should be held within 90 days. Surely, each party can decide on their candidate within one month, thus giving two months for the actual Election. The overdone rhetoric and hyperbole of 18 month Election cycles are a prime contributor to the problem at hand.

  2. I still have a feeling that Trump will manage to ride out the storm. I have no solid reasons why, just a feeling…
    Regards, Pete.

    1. There are many “pros” here that think he is toast and that he will quit so he will not lose…..the evidence is mounting it is fun to watch this unravel…..chuq

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