STOP! Treating War As Entertainment

From time to time I will post a petition that I think is worth my readers attention and this is one of those petitions…..

Tell traditional corporate media outlets: Stop glorifying war

“I am guided by the beauty of our weapons.”

That is the Leonard Cohen quote that MSNBC’s Brian Williams used last week to wax poetic about Donald Trump’s decision to illegally drop dozens of Tomahawk missiles on Syria.1 He described the “beautiful pictures of fearsome armaments” that were emerging of the strike with reverence and awe, demonstrating the horrifying and dangerous attitude that traditional corporate media outlets too-often take when reporting on war.2

War is not beautiful. Military action should be taken as a last resort and recognized for the sacrifice and loss that comes with it. It is a problem when the people and institutions tasked with keeping the general public informed of our actions in the world hide behind flowery language and lies to keep from having to report on the reality of war.

Source: Tell traditional corporate media outlets: Stop glorifying war | CREDO Action

Please consider the possibility of adding your name to those that oppose war…..especially when it seen as entertainment..

Thank you for your time and consideration.


18 thoughts on “STOP! Treating War As Entertainment

      1. It would be my pleasure….it will be in a couple days for I have my posts waiting for publishing….so as soon as that is over I will do it….thanx for chance….chuq

  1. We have enough Monuments to War on 6he Washington Mall, and around the Nation. For a great, short read (free on the Internet), consider “War is a Racket (17 pounds). It was written by L. Gen. Smelly T. Butler (Ret), who fought in there wars around the beginning of the 20th Century.

    General Butler traced how corporate profits skyrocketed in war time. and in 196, President and General Dwight D. Eisenhower warned of the Military-Industrial Complex. which Ike wanted to expand to include “Congressional”.

    General Butler wrote that Young Men shed blood and die during Wars, Old Men (corporate profiteers) make handsome profits, General win stars, and Congressmen bring home the pork. It all goes back to the Corporate Lobbyists,, which benefit everyone by the Young Men who fight and die in Wars.

    1. The fave slogan from my protest days….”war is good business, invest your children”……Trump has an EO to re-evaluate our national monument so no telling what damage he will do….chuq

  2. I was not able to sign, as it would not recognise my ‘zip code’. (I have an English one of course)
    But it’s a worthy cause for a change, and one to be encouraged.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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