Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

One of Trump’s many campaign promises was that he would put together a infrastructure plan that would sure up our aging infrastructure…..on this I will agree with him whole-heatedly…..but my problem is just where will the money come from when he also promises the rich more tax breaks…..

There is always two sides to every proposal and I tried to give my reader both…..these two are from this blog, IST……

Source: Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Program–Part 2 – In Saner Thought

Source: Donald Trump’s Infrastructure Plan – In Saner Thought

My problem is that the GOP hates welfare for people but will do everything in the power to help corporations get their corporate welfare…..but Trump’s plan is something new……”Developer Welfare”…….

More on this below……

Source: Developer Welfare: Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

If he is successful getting his infrastructure plan installed….where will the cash come from?  Without new revenue then social programs will take the hit and wealthy developers will make the profits…..further dividing America along economic lines….

While infrastructure desperately needs upgrading…but this plan as it is now is not the answer this country needs.

On A Side Note:  Remember all the ink that Righties blew through on Obama’s vacations and golf games?  Well, it seems that Trump will go on vacation this weekend…

‘President Donald Trump hasn’t been in office even 10 days and is already scheduling his first vacation to start this coming Friday. He will be taking a trip to his Palm Beach club at the Mar-a-Lago resort and stay there for the entire weekend’.

Will he play golf too?

My money is on there will be NO mention of this on the Right wing blogs….any bets?

There is so much more…..remember when our new dude promised that to make health care cheaper that would negotiate for lower drug prices?  If so and you believed the lie then you are about to be disappointed…..

Source: Trump won’t try to renegotiate prescription drug prices.

5 thoughts on “Trump’s Infrastructure Plan

    1. Me either….on a side note appears that I pissed John off for he has taken me off his blogroll….at least for now…..back to Trump…this is starting to look like a coup-like end run on the Congress….chuq

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