UN, A Paralyzed Institution

Not many Americans have anything nice to say about the UN……and most of the opinions are based on crap thinking…..I have written about what I see as wrong with the UN and its place in the world.

As an introduction here is my op-ed from a year ago……

Since I can remember conservs have hated the United Nations…….and they will go on and on about this failure or that……got me to thinking why do so many absolutely hate the UN?

I guess most of it is a monetary thing…….Best Answer:  Most Americans hate it, because we pay the majority of its bills, provide the bulk of its military power and yet are almost universally hated by the very people we try to help…….

Source: Why Hate The United Nations (UN)? – In Saner Thought

I have a friend in Russia that is a Middle East analyst like myself and she has written a great piece about the UN’s problems……

Maria Dubovikova, president of the International Middle Eastern Studies Club

A leading Russian political analyst specializing in Middle Eastern affairs has described the United Nations Security Council as a talk shop that has become a battleground where global powers indulge in mutual recriminations.

Speaking to Arab News from Moscow on Sunday, Maria Dubovikova, president of the International Middle Eastern Studies Club (IMESClub), said: “Saturday’s vote at the Security Council has shown that the Council is in total paralysis. It is totally outdated. It has become a playing field for global powers who are interested only in flexing their muscles. It is a place where mutual recriminations are exchanged. It has been reduced to being a place where countries fight only for their national interests.”

Source: Russian-Arab affairs analyst slams UN’s ‘total paralysis’ over Syria – The Muslim Times

She promotes the interests of Saudi Arabia…..a position that is not to my liking….but even though we disagree on this we agree on the UN and the fact that one country can paralyze the institution to the point of being ineffectual.

I have said many times….after 70 years it is time for NO one country with veto power in the Security Council…..you want the UN to work then eliminate that one power…

22 thoughts on “UN, A Paralyzed Institution

      1. I will be settled in by Friday. Had to replace my hard drive and the dumbasses at Dell sent me a new hard drive with Windows 8.1 operating system instead of the Windows 10.1 I paid for….so besides being pissed, I have to wait for my new operating system before I’m back at my full strength.

  1. Evict the tenants — convert the buildings into an upscale international hotel and casino or do the more conscionable thing and professionally demolish it and use the ground for something appealing and useful such as a giant public park on the order of Central Park. Just my opinion, folks … just my opinion. It has gone the way of The League of Nations and is getting worse by the day. We can’t afford it anymore.

      1. Don’t need all nations just a majority as long as everyone agrees with the result….just like the USA…..never mind that example was a poor one these days…LOL

      2. That would be disastrous…but then it could not be any worse than the world we have today with all the crony capitalism….

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