When Are American Deaths Important?

Before I begin…..the situation is dire in Gaza…..there is a basic blockade by Israel….no traffic in or out, no building supplies in, no food or few med supplies, no approach from the sea…there has been a couple of flotillas that have tried to break the blockade for humanitarian reasons and have been stopped by Israel….including the most recent “women’s flotilla”……

News has come out the Israel will pay $20 million in compensation for one of these incidents…..

As part of the reconciliation package with Turkey, Israel today sent some $20 million in compensatory payments into the Turkish Justice Ministry, from which it will be distributed to the families of 10 slain Turkish citizens killed by Israeli troops on the Mavi Marmara.

The Mavi Marmara attack saw  attacking and boarding the aid ship MV Mavi Marmara, which was bound for the Gaza Strip and carrying humanitarian aid. The Israeli military claimed the crew resisted, and ended up killing 10 of them, and while Israeli officials spent years spinning this as a great success, it did major harm to Israel-Turkey relations.

I have one question about this compensation package……Is the $20 million coming out of the deal from the US that sent $38 Billion to Israel?  Is it US taxpayer money?

Okay onward………

A few years ago a terrorist attack killed the American ambassador to Libya and three other Americans….the outrage was immediate (most trying to gain political clout)….so my question is…..when are American deaths important?

On 26 February, Mahmoud Shaalan, a 16-year-old Palestinian-American born and raised in Florida, was shot multiple times by Israeli soldiers at a checkpoint near Beit El settlement in the occupied West Bank.

Seven months on, 15 human rights groups have written to the White House urging the Obama administration “to demand that Israel publicly release all evidence” related to the military’s internal investigation into the killing.

The Israeli army claimed Shaalan stabbed a soldier, but “eyewitness testimony contradicts this account.” After Shaalan was shot, “soldiers reportedly stripped his body, left him bleeding on the road for more than two hours and prevented a Palestinian ambulance from approaching.”

Source: Rights groups urge Obama to investigate Israeli killing of US citizen – Middle East Monitor

To answer my question…..American deaths are only important when they provide some political agenda…..

There is a history of allowing Israel to kill Americans with no consequences….the USS Liberty comes to mind….

Okay, if he was some sort of undercover terrorist with a knife then let the FBI investigate and either prove or disprove the allegations.

All American deaths that are suspect should be investigated….and this death is suspect.

We need to STOP protecting Israel for their deeds……they are NO better than any other nation and should be made to prove all allegations.


13 thoughts on “When Are American Deaths Important?

  1. American deaths in combat and in political situations are considered “Expenditure of commodity” and every pound of flesh and ounce of blood spent in such encounters has already been weighed, tabulated, the value per unit assigned and entered on a balance sheet somewhere in the depths of the Military/Industrial Complex. The elite considers such deaths as “Investment In Advancement Of Agenda.”

      1. Hahaha ..I am a racist & anti semetic…. wot eva that means!
        Last one chuq ..I think…Greece 2 moro… gotta check up with local politics…
        In the meantime i have sent u something… watch/listen….
        g-d I am tired…..keep well.

  2. Death is an integral part of everyone’s life. It is only the divisive nature of religion, and the manipulative tactics of money-mongers and politicians that places death into the realm of potential conflict, with a price attached to it…

    We all die, folks. How it happens only matters to those it happens to, or those who are connected to them. Our response to it, no mater what it is, is determined by our beliefs, which have been shaped and solidified in us since we were born, unless we are of the few who have resisted such programming.

    To my way of thinking, the only way death makes any sense is if we have lived our lives with meaning. And, only we can supply that meaning. The universe, quite frankly, doesn’t care at all what happens to us, for it’s all just as part of the whole….

    It is only human imagination, and human belief, which makes it more important that that….

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. This boy had not had a chance to live his life….death is fine but when it is taken by a government then it becomes a tool…I will use it and then I will dance….oops…opioid kicking in….LOL chuq

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