The Discomfort of Thoughtful Politics

I remember the days of JFK….I was too young to vote but I listened to his words they made my think about a better future….they were inspirational.  I was too young to vote but my interests in politics was starting to lead me to my later station in life.

Too many people these days refuse to have a conversation….they have formulated a scenario in their minds and they will not look to see if they are accurate or not… long as it confirms their beliefs and prejudices then it MUST be true.

I read an article that covers the subject of political thought…..a pretty good piece of writing…..

Quote of the Week:  Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought. -John F. Kennedy

The next time you hear an opponent – even one with the obvious logical and factual flaws of Trump – argue their side, check your own motivations to dismiss them, and your own factual basis.  And the next time you hear someone on your side present their stump speech, check your motivations to agree, and the factual basis of your own argument.  Then re-check them.  Then do it again.  Think about why your politics are “better” than those of someone else; and think about why your opponents may also have a legitimate viewpoint worthy of consideration.

Source: The Discomfort of Thoughtful Politics – Spark!

I miss the days when we could have a conversation on different subjects… it is just regurgitation of what we want the world to be…..where everyone is wrong (insults included) if they do not agree…..

That is sad and a bit pathetic.

29 thoughts on “The Discomfort of Thoughtful Politics

    1. If you mean politics than I would say yes….we have enough pandering and lying….none of that takes thought….just a degree of sleazy.

      1. Welcome to the age of convenience for convenience’s sake in a world that has become far too accustomed to free government handouts, a growing sense of entitlement, too much diversification in the demographic, too little challenge on the home ground, laziness and apathy at every level of the social structure up to and including the elitist leadership — It’s a picture of Ancient Rome going fat and content and leaving the gates open for the fall of the empire. It is the times we live in. All this was inevitable. It is the evolutionary rise and fall of civilizations at work. It’s a roller coaster ride to the flames of Hell for something that could have been ever so much better had greed and personal concerns not been allowed to overide the common good. The American Experiment has been a glorious thing to behold … No argument there … but when all the geese are counted and all the eggs collected, it has been nothing more or less than a brilliant meteor shooting across the night sky of Eternity. In ages to come people will think of America and say, “Gee, it must have been a brilliant spectacle! I wish I could have lived back then to witness it!”

      2. I am more concerned on the handouts that corporations get and the M-IC…I rather my money go to help someone from going to bed hungry… see I can remember how that felt….not something I would wish on anyone….friend or foe. The only fat and happy people are in the top 10% no one I know is fat or happy….cannot afford to be either. It will only get worse.

  1. JFK talked, but said nothing, nor did he do anything of consequence. Today’s politicians? I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Maybe it’s something in the water….

      1. Damn right it’s the fluoride!!! It saps & impurifies all of our precious bodily fluids.

    1. If nothing else, his death was pretty damn consequential! Hehe.

      But can you imagine if it wasn’t the Kennedys in the Situation Room during the Cuban Missile Crisis? Shit, most of the boneheads back then (some of them right in said room) would have ensured we’d all have been irradiated. But can you imagine Trump, Cruz or 99% of today’s politicos handling that situation?

      The imbeciles we have in charge today can’t handle a few thousand losers riding around the desert in pickup trucks.

      1. I’m afraid, if you re-check the facts, without the advisers (and one brilliant reporter who came up with the Turkey base compromise), those decisions would never have been made. JFK was a shadow of his brother Joe, who was groomed for the presidency. JFK never had a job that his father didn’t buy for him.
        Today’s politicians I refuse to discuss and give the time of day to!

      2. Don’t misunderstand…I am not I supporter of JFK….if he had lived he would not be the icon he is today other than his words in speeches which as per normal was pandering……he did have some cute lines and slogans…..but so do many of our politicians.

      3. I realize you aren’t a supporter or believer in the mythical “Camelot era.” Even the famous, “Ask not what you can do for your country…” quote was stolen – from George St John, JFK’s former headmaster at Choate School in CT. He was charismatic and blinded people like a used car salesman.

  2. I watched Craig Ferguson’s History Channel show last night. It’s a show where they pick events/people/things from history and debate “What is “the most X?” The topic was “Greatest Inventions since 1950”. The Inter-web and Personal Computers were among the 6 nominees. (Velcro, jet planes, microwave ovens & Viagra rounded out the group. Nuff said.)

    The panel spent half the show talking about how the Web-pipes & computers have debased all forms of human interaction; how they’ve dissolved family interaction, how they’ve amplified bullies (and bullying behaviour, how they’ve spread myths & lies, created political echo chambers and how they’ve turned everything in life into an uncivil, illiterate, shit-storm. (And they briefly touched upon how they un-employ people.)

    The defenders of the Web-pipes & computers strongest arguments revolved upon, not how great the inventions turned out to be for mankind, but merely how they dominate modern life. Subtle, yet vital, difference. It would be like calling Donald Trump the greatest Presidential candidate ever because he’s inescapable & unstoppable. Even though, he’s a vile cancer on the public body. “But hey! He’s a huuuuuge winner!”

    Despite spending half the show detailing their ills, half the panel still wanted to pick them as the “greatest” inventions. Despite objections, both were eliminated. However, because Ferguson’s audience of “pot smoking, jobless, layabouts” (as he regularly calls them) protested so much, he relented and let the Web-pipes make the finals. Unsurprisingly, the audience voted for their precious enabler, their electronic nanny who ensures they’ll never ever have to think again. They’ll never have to spend a single second paying attention to anything they don’t want to….like important shit, “facts”, differing opinions, etc.

    We live in an era where even a humorous historical debate show can be overrun by spoiled, catered to, losers who want their every selfish, irrational, stupid, desire to be validated 24/7. Within that context of spoiled stupidity, there is precious little hope for anything good to occur in the future. And anything good that actually does occur, will occur for the wrong reasons and will arrive with completely unrealistic expectations. And even if it’s good, the population will find a way to defile it and/or turn it into a force for bad.

    1. And if the Web-pipes was any good…why the fuck is it still so easy to make HTML mistakes in 2016?

      1. Minus Hitler…..You’re damn right! Most of these shows are set in modern North America!

        But I do like that Vikings show. Yeah, it’s a TV show. But it’s fiction based in historical fact, at least as much factual evidence as you can derive from a non-literate society. (Viking society, I mean. Not our current non-literate society)

      2. My daughter loves Vikings….at least it is based in history…..cannot say that about too many of the programs…..

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