New Hampshire: The Triumph of Populism

Iowa…..done!  New Hampshire…..done!  South Carolina awaits!

The media has been all over the 2016 election… see they have a new way to spin the angst of the American voter…..they are constantly talking about the new populism trend in American attitudes…..

This is the best thing that could happen so far in the election process….it gives the media something to focus on that they can spin, hype and exaggerate out of all proportion……

But is this populism really something to be proud of or something to be concerned over…..

The results of the New Hampshire primary are in, and the big winner is the new populism: that mysterious pro-“outsider” phenomenon that has the political class in a panic, and which no one has adequately defined – including its current practitioners. Donald Trump’s vote total of nearly 35 percent is impressive enough, but his two-to-one […]

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Whatcha think?

13 thoughts on “New Hampshire: The Triumph of Populism

  1. As I’ve been writing from my perch in New Hampshire, I don’t think it’s quite as clear-cut as many are arguing.
    On the Republican side, you can see Trump’s wins as “none of the above” for the party’s hopefuls. (Remember, though the Cruz-Bush-Rubio Three Stooges act still got a total bigger than the Donald’s.) That’s hardly populism.
    On the Democratic side, Sanders is a breath of fresh air that’s igniting younger voters. His message comes out of labor-union economic analysis. Still not sure that’s populism, either. Sounds more like neo-New Deal, in fact.
    South Carolina will likely do little to clarify the picture, but in the rounds after that, I’m keeping an eye on John Kasich.
    And that’s even before we get to billionaire Michael Bloomberg.

    1. The media as I said is pushing this idea of populism hard… me Trump is attracting the lowest denominated….Sanders is banking (forgive the pun) on the anger that the working class has for their stagnant lives……like anything else these days….the media is defining what populism is or isn’t…..Kasich will appeal to the moderate GOP…but I do not think that will be enough…..chuq

      1. This certainly isn’t the Bush-Clinton redux we were expecting, is it! But it is looking like a weird daytime soap opera rather than classic tragedy. I’m still hoping it turns to comedy, though. At the moment, there are too many elements of farce. Oh, my …

    2. Since you are watching Kasich….I thought you might like this piece from an international source…..

      Source: france 24 – John Kasich, the rise of the Republican ‘moderate’ – France 24

  2. Aren’t we done yet?…. Can’t we just ignore them all, & boycott the election altogether? I’m sick of this shit…

    A real God wouldn’t let this shit happen….



    1. Upon re-reading that, I may have just explained your ‘populism’…. if my reaction is anywhere near what others are feeling, it explains it…. Everybody is sick of the politicians we have, and want to get rid of them….


  3. It’s the echo of the Bush years, the letdown of Obama after not so much as a gentle slap on the wrist for the players in the financial crisis, while outdoing Bush in dronings and number of countries flipped over, if not actual body count. Somehow, the Republican-Democrat duopoly forgot how to play the game and managed to lose the support of both sides at once.

    “Populist” is an okay word. It has a negative side, sure. Trump’s the perfect self-caricature of it, and his crazy talk is playing with fire, for sure, but the roots are real … Hopefully I won’t regret this, but the discrediting of both the Republican and Democrat establishments is actually giving me hope.

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