Why the US pushes an illusory Syrian peace process

There has been a wealth of “good” news….there seems to be a consensus that there is a plan for a settlement in Syria….a peace process if you will……when the news came out I said then that this was basically a “feel good” process and that it had little chance of success,

I read a lot of information from the Middle East and I read a piece that confirms my fears about the deal……not as promising as we are lead to believe……but then little is…..

The notion that a political settlement will take place lacks credibility – the realities on the ground in Syria won’t allow it

Source: Why the US pushes an illusory Syrian peace process | Middle East Eye

The UN has gone a bit further……since the main source of income for ISIS is their funding apparatus…..the UN has addressed this in a plan to fight the barbarity of ISIS……..

Source: UN Security Council Adopts Resolution to Cut Off Islamic State Funding | World Affairs Journal


3 thoughts on “Why the US pushes an illusory Syrian peace process

  1. Hey,chuq…it was Yanis Varoufakis who said…..’Cut the funds’
    The only decent economist to come out of the Greek tragedy…..
    The ‘solution’ will take years…..as most things do when working with tribal issues…these A.R.A.B..S along with the Indian men are simply adolescent…..they got ‘stuck’ at the emotional age of five……STILL THROWING THEIR RATTLES OUT OF THE PRAM……
    Still, great for the arms industry…..The American Industrial Military Complex…
    Thanx, good blog.

  2. Lady P. covered most of my comment, so, with some trepidation, lest it be taken incorrectly, I have to say,
    “ditto”. The AIMC, first identified by one of its most prominent members, i.e., Dwight Eisenhower, in the 1950’s, will keep the world stirred up as long as they are able; they have no intention of allowing their bottom line to suffer from a lack of markets for their evil toys….

    gigoid, the dubious

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