How News Really Works

My daughter sent this to me on Twitter…..she found it on Instagram or Pinterst or one of those other thingys….

A perfect example of just how the media works……


You tell me which one actually reports news and not BS…..

I use to watch BBC News constantly that is until my cable provider drop then in favor of more reality mind screws…..I miss real news….

7 thoughts on “How News Really Works

  1. If you use an RSS news feed aggregator program to collect your news from various sites, you can add BBC to it easily. There is usually a button on every website to push that automatically adds the site to your news feeder…. That way, at least you get the print version of the BBC news… Actually, I prefer to use both BBC, and the Guardian for the Brit views…. slightly different pitch.


    1. Thanx for the heads-up…..I am trying to get live streaming….I already have BBC and most other Brit sites already….I even have some Middle east sources….I like news I can use….not the crap the MSM throws out as news….like who has the #1 album…I could care less….chuq

  2. May I remind you that the BBC reported on the collapse of ‘One Direction’ (pop group) chunder…..Yes, a 10pm News feature….do I care? They are accused here of being ‘safe’ and pro establishment…which they most certainly are…try Channel 4 ITV a little more upmarket…..or even ‘Newsnight’ which has improved since the departure of that awful Jeremy Paxman….they are all essentially ‘petit bourgeois’ …….from the point of view of a confirmed anarchist…grin

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