Will There Be A New Plan?

I have been writing for months if not years about the ineptitude of the US plan for Syria…..others have joined in that criticism…..this whole plan of airstrikes and the training and arming ‘moderate’ rebels was just a short-sighted band-aid that would, never be successful…..

Recent events have shown that my prediction was accurate….the massive airstrikes in Syria has produced nothing that could be pointed to and called a success….then there is the ‘moderate’ rebel thing…..rebels trained and returned to Syria are either captured immediately or the cut and run at the first sign of opposition….not the success that the war party and Obama had predicted…..

The big wheels have retired to their lairs and licked their wounds and tried to think of the next big plan to fight ISIS and save Syria…..

The news these days is an old reliable tactic of a “no fly zone” over Syria…..it seems that Assad has his air force drop barrel bombs on the population and now Russia has entered the fray and attacked the rebels fighting Assad (not a good idea to the US)…..it appears that Turkey has decided to join the air campaign against their enemies….the Kurds…..

So basically the major players are all fighting a different foe….and in all that confusion the best idea they have is a no fly zone…..seriously?

What is a “no fly zone”?

The general term no-fly zone means different things in different countries. Broadly speaking, a no-fly zone is an airspace in which aircraft are forbidden. Acknowledged as a step towards war, the declaration of a no-fly zone is quite similar to a demilitarized zone in that encroaching on the territory could justify military retaliation.

That sounds like a good idea, right?

Check out a detailed report on the “no-fly zone” scenario…….

Source: A Syrian No Fly Zone: Options and Constraints | United States Institute of Peace

There is one draw back……..No-fly zones don’t have to apply to military engagements.  Take a moment and think about that statement……(pause here for reflection)……

How would that work in Syria?  Since all planes flying are conducting a military engagement in one form or another.  What happens if no one lives by the no-fly ruling?  Could this be the start of something big?  Nerves will be on the ragged edge…….in a short amount of time things are already tense……

A Russian military aircraft was too close for comfort in the skies above Syria, forcing two US F-16s to move out of the way and scuttling their mission, CNN reports. The Pentagon made the announcement Wednesday but would only say the incident occurred in the past few days. All US pilots have been warned to keep 20 nautical miles away from any Russian plane over Syria. With Russia beginning airstrikes in country Wednesday, NBC News states there is “the greatest threat of an accidental clash between Russian and Western forces since the Cold War.” According to the network, it’s the first time Russian and US military aircraft are flying combat missions over the same country since WWII.

CNN reports the F-16s were on their way from Turkey to a location near an ISIS stronghold, but the mission had to be called off after the Russian plane forced them to divert. The US and Russia are still working on coming up with mutual rules for flight safety over Syria. According to USA Today, the Pentagon met with Russia about flight rules last Thursday but are still waiting on a second meeting. “We will keep the channel open because it’s a matter of safety and security for our pilots,” Pentagon spokesperson Jeff Davis says. CNN reports Russia has a history of intercepting US aircraft, and the Pentagon wants to be extra cautious until mutual rules are in place.

The War Party is a big proponent of this tactic….from McCain to Rubio to Trump (God who knows what this douche thinks)  and now Hillary Clinton (that should be very telling of her foreign policy in the future).

The big plus of this is to protect the population from death and destruction……if true how will it protect them from the ground forces of ISIS?

Personally, this sounds like another band-aid for a sucking chest wound……..or the worst case scenario is a beginning of another “Cuban” stand-off……..and finally the unthinkable……

Any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “Will There Be A New Plan?

  1. Like it or not it is the “Russian Plan For Syria” that will be the next “Plan For Syria” and if we or anyone else don’t like it then I guess we had better get ready for pretty hefty confrontations with both Russia and China, both of which have built up military presence in the area and both of which are thumbing their noses at us.

    1. If things go wrong then we will be ass deep in American deaths….but few seem to see it and want more action….the media is helping the rush to war and Americans are buying it….

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