The “War And Peace” In Syria

Like Russian novel…….

The really big news of the day yesterday was that Russia would join in the war in Syria……but in case you missed my post….here it is…..

Source: Could Syria be Putin’s Afghanistan? | In Saner Thought

Putin asked for permission to use Russian military in the fight and he got it…….

Russian lawmakers gave Vladimir Putin the thumbs-up to conduct airstrikes in Syria on Wednesday, and the president didn’t waste any time. Giving the US Embassy in Baghdad just an hour’s notice, Russian military aircraft started the strikes near the city of Homs in western Syria, a senior US official confirmed to ABC News. The advance notice given to the US Embassy came in the form of a senior Russian military official who would only say Russian aircraft would be flying in Syria’s airspace, reportedly keeping mum on exactly where the strikes would take place, ABC notes. Per Russia’s Interfax, Putin said that the strikes were born of a Syrian request and that they were in accordance with international law. What’s not clear: whether he’s targeting ISIS, which doesn’t have a major presence in Homs, or rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad.

“There doesn’t seem to be any operational effect on (ISIS) where they are flying,” says the US official. That conflicts with what a Russian Defense Ministry spokesman told Russian news agencies Wednesday, noting that targeted strikes are being carried out on sites that Russians believe are under the control of ISIS, per the AP. The US official said US operations in Syria would remain unaffected by Putin’s latest move, even though Russia had asked the US to keep its warplanes out of Syrian airspace, CNN reports. It’s not clear what kind of aircraft was used.

The hope of the world was that Russia would join in the fight against ISIS and there was a hint that it would do just that……but as with everything Russian….there is a slight problem…….


All the airstrikes by Russia were against Assad foes not one was that of ISIS and their infrastructure……if he were after ISIS Raqqa should have been high o the list of targets…..not so much as a ripple…..only targets were those of rebels fighting Assad and Assad alone.

The US has issued a statement to Russia…….

State Department officials warn they view Russia’s involvement with “grave concern” and are demanding that Russia not launch any airstrikes against non-ISIS rebel forces.

WTF?  They are already attacking non-ISIS positions…….what purpose is that statement?

I do not think that many people really considered Putin as an ally to anyone but Assad…..but could his intervention be a bad idea?  (that will be a separate post)

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6 thoughts on “The “War And Peace” In Syria

  1. Jabhat al-Nursa in particular is the one to watch out for. If reports are true, they’re not going to build a peace-loving Jeffersonian democracy, as the green “rebel” blob on the map may suggest.

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