One Of Life’s Embarrassing Moments

We all have had one of those embarrassing moments, right?  Mine was when I lived in Colorado…on St. Patrick’s Day I was celebrating with my buds and decided to go into the bathroom and remove my clothes for I had dyed most of my body green….I was gonna walk thru the bar and into my friends car waiting outside the door……I strolled proudly thru the crowd smiling and winking and out the door….when I got outside my friend was across Highway 40 waiting for me and I had to dash across the 2 lane road…….there seems to have been a crowd gathered by my friends to observe the dash… was 20 degrees and parts of my body went into hibernation for days……everyone got a good chuckle….except me…..

I bring this bit of youthful folly as an intro to my post of the day…….

A game of hide-and-seek turned out to be not so fun for an Australian man this weekend when police, firefighters, paramedics, and a search-and-rescue team were called in to help with his, um, extraction. The man—naked, we might add—had decided to surprise his girlfriend by hiding in a top-loader washing machine on Saturday, the BBC reports. As a full-grown adult is likely to do, he got stuck, and it took rescuers 20 minutes to get him out, using olive oil as a lubricant. “He was trying to surprise his missus and became stuck,” a sergeant tells the Herald Sun. “It would be fair to say the gentleman was very embarrassed.” If you think hide-and-seek is a child’s game, well, you wouldn’t be incorrect. The Salt Lake Tribune reports that an 11-year-old Utah girl got stuck in (yep) a stackable washer and dryer while playing (yep) hide-and-seek on New Year’s Eve. KUTV reports that her cousins and sister tried to get her out of the washer using butter, peanut butter, and ice (followed by warm water, because the ice made her cold). Rescue crews eventually removed the condiment-coated girl………

Any thoughts you would like to share?


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