The Quadruple Helix

More sciencey stuff….and I wish I was more versed in this type of science but but fortunately I will stick to politics and economics….stuff I am comfortable with….for now……

(Newser) – Scientists have spotted four-stranded DNA in humans for the first time and say it could provide a key to fighting cancer, the BBC reports. A Cambridge University team revealed the find to Nature Chemistry last year, saying the “quadruple helix” may arise when a cell is unstable or in a dysfunctional state—like one that leads to cancer. “We need to prove that; but if that is the case, targeting them with synthetic molecules could be an interesting way of selectively targeting those cells that have this dysfunction,” said Cambridge chemist Shankar Balasubramanian.

They found that four-stranded DNA occurred most often when a cell is copying its DNA right before dividing. That could link the quadruple helix to cancers, which are often caused by genes that mutate to boost DNA replication. Perhaps synthetic molecules could curb the out-of-control cell proliferation that leads to tumors: “I’m hoping now that the pharmaceutical companies will bring this on to their radar,” said Balasubramanian. Some 60 years ago, two other Cambridge scientists burst into a pub and announced their discovery of the “secret to life”: the DNA double helix.

Hopefully this could be the key to solving the cancer cure problem……but then I ask…..who will control the cure?  My bet is on big Pharma…..and they will be allowed to make up for their R&D…….in other words….lots of cash in profits.


2 thoughts on “The Quadruple Helix

  1. I think we have a better and more natural way to not only cure cancer but to prevent it almost entirely Dr. Chuq. Watch my blog tomorrow for more on this. 😉

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