Decision: New Hampshire–2012

Most of the votes are in for New Hampshire….the first test of the voters likes or dislikes….Will Mitt be the man?  Will Santorum sneak into 2nd place?  Is Paul for real?  What about Huntsman?  And where the Hell is Newt?  I will attempt to answer all your questions on this vote and maybe some you did not know you wanted to ask…..

The final poll was…..Romney with 33%, Paul with 20 and Huntsman with 13……how telling were the polls in New Hampshire?

At 8 pm ET the polls closed on New Hampshire and by 8:30 pm ET Romney was declared the winner…Paul second and Huntsman 3rd……and by 8:45 pm ET sane people turned to TCM and Dr. Strangelove…..people like me spent the evening listening to the media tell us just how important New Hampshire was and how it will effect the rest of the race…..the truth is, in the grand scheme of things they are not that important except for all the cash that is spent and all the media spin….now a days the MSM does not speculate anymore because they do not want to get caught flat footed and lose viewers…..

And so far, none of the candidates have said they would drop out, even Perry who got in the neighborhood of 1% is gonna stay and duke it out in South Carolina….which may be his Alamo and last stand……

Mitt’s victory speech was uninspiring…….it sounded insincere, shallow and memorized….is there a book for candidates with one liners they can use in their speeches?  I have not, that I can remember, heard a candidate that is less inspiring than Mitt…..

On to South Carolina and the next media circus and Mitt may be one step closer to being crowned….I think that South Carolina will be a loss for Mitt and Florida will be the real test….but who the Hell knows?

8 thoughts on “Decision: New Hampshire–2012

  1. Ya know, its the second state out fifty to hold their primary/ I don’t see how the MSM or even Current TV for that matter, can spend 4 hours or more on this.

    Instead of vetting the Politicians, it’s cheaper to have their usual line-up of talking heads wax poetic about ‘what it all means’ and to show each of the GOP Clowns, lying their collective asses off, all making their speeches after the winner is announced about five minutes after the polls close. Yes, AP called it for Romney five minutes after results started coming in. The TV networks strung it out for about half an hour.

    Media circus doesn’t even begin to cover it..we are being ripped off…because if it’s really news, it should take them about an hour, at the most, to give us the 411 on the results from a state that has a whole 12 friggin delegates.

    1. Dusty, nice to see ya….hope all is okay.

      MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan has called this election an auction…..pretty much sums it up….it is not about who has the best ideas and solutions but rather who will have the most cash….and I agree NH represents 1% of the population so it is not that important except with the MSM….

      1. I love Ratigan and since his background is in finance and economics he is a great voice that speaks to those issues insightfully and intelligently.

        All of our elections have been auctions for years, if not decades. He coined a great phrase there didn’t he? 😉

        The MSM is driving me nuts w/all this horseshit about the early states. Yes, they are important, to a certain degree, as to how and why the voters voted as they did…but friggin four hour shows? Ridiculous pandering for viewership is all they are.

      2. Morning Dusty……..I love the coverage for NH… took 30 minutes to declare a winner and about 2 days to explain it….it ius all so silly! And the auction thing has been spot on…..

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