E.T. Phones Home

“Take me to your leader/leaders”………

With the recent discovery of a Brave New World….the Goldilocks Planet……we should think about who will represent the Earth in any future negotiations…..WAIT!  The UN beat me to it…

Dr. Othman will be responsible to act as our ambassador if humans ever make first contact with an alien species. In movies such as Independence Day it’s always the president who gets that job.

“The continued search for extraterrestrial communication, by several entities, sustains the hope that someday humankind will receive signals from extraterrestrials,” Othman said. “When we do, we should have in place a coordinated response that takes into account all the sensitivities related to the subject. The UN is a ready-made mechanism for such coordination.”

Othman’s Office for Outer Space Affairs is also responsible for working on a response of another kind — one that will deal with how to take down an asteroid that’s threatening Earth.

We think of everything….don’t we?

6 thoughts on “E.T. Phones Home

  1. Not that I don’t agree that we should think and plan ahead, but I do kind of feel there are slighly more pressing questions for humanity to consider – like cancer, the common cold, wars all over the place, corrupt politicians, stupid bureaucracy – the list is quite long…


    1. But think about it…..we, earthlings, cannot carry on an intelligent conversation with each other….what makes us think that it would be better with ET….?

      1. Yes, but you at least have a rational mind….we are talking about the Facebook generation….where logic and rational thought has been replace with crude and just plain stupid shit…..

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