Professor’s Poll Watch

This this was just a trial section and if I deem it to be worthless I will make it disappear, GITMO comes to mind. This week I will post polls on the Repub side of the campaign. In national polls Mitt has finally broke into double digit approval; he now is at 14%. He is third behind Rudy at 32% and Fred boy at 19%.

I still am amazed that Fred has been in second place for awhile now and he was not a candidate until this week. Repubs are not too damn thrilled with their choices, it appears.

Seems that scandal just really, really likes these guys. Why? Craig thing, Newt misleads donors, Fred in a medicare thing, and the beat goes on. They are handing the campaign to the Dems. The way this whole campaign season is going I would say that there is a possibility that the voter turn out will be one of the lowest in a very long time. Something will have to be offered to the voters to get them excited again, and I see nothing so far.


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