Weekly News RoundUp

Once again it is Sunday and time from the news roundup. all the news that makes you reach for booze.

1–City of SF has banned bottled water in city admin, stating environmental concerns.

2–There are wildfires burning in Alaska. When was the last time you heard that report? Climate change? No, it just all those cows farting!

3–This past week, Bush et al filmed the White House Xmas special–(thinking…thinking…) I got nothing!

4–The maker of Trojan Condums is in trouble for their add featuring men as pigs….was it misleading? Was it inaccurate? Where’s the prob?

5–A new poll shows F. thompson with 25% approval—he still is not a candidate! Americans are just crazy!

6–D.C. judges looses his pants–AGAIN! The court found in favor of the cleaners and the judge was ordered to pay their legal bills. $54 million for a pair of pants–I am still working on that–how did something so moronic make it to court–a waste of time and funds.

7–It is released! No you dipstick not the blonde bimbo, the IPhone! The rush is on and I hear there are already units on ebay.

8–OK, For the mentally challenged! Paris is out of jail! Larry king bumped Michael Moore so he could interview the bitch. you know she has more to say the Moore. BTW, Wolf on CNN’s Situation room was talking with Bill Cosby about racism and inner city violence when he was cut off to show Paris arriving at the studio for the King show. Even Anerson Cooper did an hour on the blonde–CNN–all the news you can use. HA!

9–My fav story of the week was–the japanese little dude that wins all the eating contests has had to withdraw from some, for now………it seems he has jaw arthiritis……….I cannot make this shit up!

Now that did not hurt, did it? Have A Day!


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