In Defense Of A Mental Midget

We all recall Tom Cruise, the mental midget, and his rants about shrinks and their drugs, being the cause of all society’s probs. You recall him attacking Lauer or how about his hopping around on a couch on Oprah, and you people still pay to see him on screen? He has to wear shoe lifts so that he appears to be of narmal heigth.

Well a fellow Scientologist, Travolta, has come to his rescue. Saying that Tommy bo was correct that shrinks and drugs were to probs at places like Colombine and VT and that gun control should not really be the issue but the elimination of the real prob, shrinks.

Well SH*T! He was such a great guy during and after Katrina that I had a new found respect for him and then he has to go f*ck up everything!

Is there a possible way to muzzle so-called “celebs”? Never mind, I guess it is a “freedom of speech” thing.

Oh well, sorry to burden you guys, go back to sleep!


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