The Democrats–Yet Again!

The Democrats

With the recent election the Dems were swept into office by their anti-war stances. Now where has that gone? No where! The Dems wanted to show that they were not wimps and could take control. What a snooze!

Newsflash–the dems are still wimps. They entered office with gran plan whic slowly gave way to their wimp-itude. They caved on Iraq, the one subject they should have help tough on. They compromised with the pres and in doing such wimped out–AGAIN! They were headed for a holiday break and did not want to let the pres have ammo in his attacks, well by caving, you morons, you have empowered the lunacy of the war.

Here on my blog on 12/06, I said that the victory of the dems would be NO victory for the people. I said nothing would change. So far I am batting a thousand. Ok let us look at the vote of Hillary and Obama–political at best. They waited until the late hour for the vote and saw that their vote would not make a difference and they voted NO! this will make the anti-war people happy, but what did it do for the troops dying in Iraq?

Another sign of democratic wimp-itude. Ji,mmy Carter, a man that I respect and for the most part pretty intellectual. But his recent statement about the Bush policies were the worst ever. (a paraphrase). A lot of lipservice was given about the statement and then Jimmy gets on air and does everything to apologize except saying “I am sorry”. Wimping out!

Personally, I think he should have looked into the camera and said, “I said it! I meant it! Now, BITE ME!”

Whoever wins the ’08 election will be a sad representative of the will of the people, that is in the belief that you actually feel that they care about your will. Until the dems grow a spine, they will continuously be preceived as being WIMPS! As they should!



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