Oppressed Becomes The Oppressor

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By this point in your life you have been exposed to the horror of World war 2 and the Holocaust……if not…..where the Hell have you been?

Every time Israel goes into action against the Palestinians we are reminded over and over about the horrors that the Jews were exposed to during the Holocaust…all the death and misery.  And because of the horrors they endured you would expect them to have No toleration for any such actions what so ever…….but you would be WRONG!  Not mistaken but flat out WRONG!

One of the Israeli intellectuals of the founding generation, Yeshayahu Leibowitz feared that a Jewish state would become no better than the oppressors that he and so many others fled from in the days of WW2….he stated………”it would invert the whole history of the Jewish people, turning them into the spitting image of the oppressors whose terrorism from which we fled.”

He also noted that the …..”the entire energies of the Jewish state, instead of looking after the needs of its citizens, would be directing at enforcing “a strange system of political domination”……he was more prophetic than he has been given credit.

Israelis were the victims in the days of WW2….they were imprisoned, lands confiscated, harassed and put to death…….where is that any different than the circumstances with the Palestinians?  They were victims and for that they were basically given a country….the world trying to soothe its guilt….and in doing so have turned the victim into the oppressors they fled from in the past.

The world continues to close its eyes to the horrendous effects that Israeli policy is having on Palestinians….all because the world still feels the guilt of World War 2…..until they break that feeling this sort of murderous outreaches will continue.

The victim will continue to be the oppressor……and the Palestinians must wait for the world to rid itself of a guilty past.

The world is letting Israel get away with it again | +972 Magazine

I have been ranting about the US and its lack of concern for others…..to be honest the US has never been a big opponent of genocide…..we have stood by many times and allowed it to happen….Hell it happened right here in this country…..think Wounded Knee……

Shouldn’t the country that uses democracy and fairness like a shield be more concerned about massive killings of civilians?


The world is letting Israel get away with it again | +972 Magazine.

Iraq: Will Yugoslavia Be The Example?

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I am an old guy and have witnessed a lot of history in my time……and I am always looking for cycles in the international arena….now I think that maybe I found one when it comes to the future of Iraq.

Back in the 80’s the former communist regime of Yugoslavia started disintegration with the death of Tito……each of the federated states within the country started stretching out for freedom and independence and unfortunately it involved years of fighting one faction against another……..it erupted into the Yugoslav Wars beginning in 1987 first it was in Croatia and then it moved to a more serious conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina….resulting in  thousands of deaths mostly along ethnic lines….in essence a race war.  Eventually, the US and NATO had to intervene to prevent the ethnic cleansing and by 2000 the region was in relative peace but not before NATO had to bomb it into submission in 1999…….the UN stepped in and administered Kosovo until 2009.

Sorry but that is as simply put as I could without boring you guys into a coma.

My point is that Yugoslavia took a while to sort out it’s differences and yes it was bloody for a time but since those dark days the region is relatively calm.  Could this be a template for Iraq?

If it is it would require the US and its NATO friends to intervene…..but then the question is….on whose side?

But before they make that decision maybe they should spend a little time analyzing the situation…..and I do not mean from some Ivy League educated academic that is a lifer in the US diplomatic corps……these people may be knowledgeable but they lack a comprehension of the region.  Years behind a desk in DC does not mean they have a grasp on the situation other than cables from other Ivy League academics.  Without first hand knowledge any attempt to solve this conflict will be WRONG!

The options are very limited……the Arab states around Iraq will do very little for most of them are having problems of their own and cannot risk making their situation worse.  Without them who does that leave?  UN, NATO and of course the US.  As much as I would like to see the Iraqis work this out for themselves…..I am afraid it is looking more like some sort of intervention will be needed.  And as usual the US will have to lead the way.

The US biggest problem as I see it is that they have this unyielding desire to see countries stay intact even if it means more trouble down the road….in other words what is good for the US……maybe now is a good time to see what is best for the people of Iraq and make a determination from that line of thinking.

The hard truth is Iraq is three separate entities…..now the problem is to see just how a three can be made peaceful and prosperous.

As much as I may dislike the conclusion….the US may be the key to a stable Region.

What Have We Accoplished?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

The question before us these days is….just what if anything have we accomplished in the Middle East?

For more than a century the US has had the worst foreign policy when concerned with the Middle East….we have NEVER been able to grasp the complexities of the region.  To be truthful, the region was never much interesting until the need for oil became paramount and then we tried to formulate a policy of dealing with the region…..funny how the need to make profit can override everything.

Since those dark days following World War One we have been struggling to find a one size fits all policy……and there is the biggest problem…..we have NEVER realized that one size fits all policy will NOT work in the Middle East.  In short, we have NO idea what to do in the Middle East.

Now ask, what have we accomplished in the Middle East in the last 20 years?  How about in Iraq?  And then in Libya?  Now in Syria?  And as always the Palestine-Israel conflict, what have we actually accomplished?

We have the leaders that we do not like….for whatever reason.  Look at Iraq…..we hated Saddam so we decided that the best way to control the region was to get rid of him.  Our first choice for the new leader was a guy named Chalabi convicted felony in Jordan for bank fraud…a FELON!  Not once did we consider the tensions between the different ethnic regions.  We execute Saddam and the country went into a tailspin that has resulted in its partition into 3 parts and the rise of ISIS…..which show NO signs of weakening.  I would say a job well done by a crackerjack State department (that is sarcasm in case it was missed)…….

Now move on to Libya.  Qaddafi was not a leader that we approved of at any time in his long reign…… then with the first successful insurgency against him we threw our support behind the rebels……Qaddafi was eliminated and all was well…..no it wasn’t!  The rebel factions have been battling for control ever since the dictator’s death…..with NO way out of the cycle of violence.  Another dynamite decision by that same crackerjack State department.

Now there is Syria, it is not as important or newsworthy as other stories but it still remains and it is still a bloody mess…….the Assad family have been in control of Syria for many years and recently there was a challenge to that rule…..and what did the US do?  We waited for the situation to disintegrate to the point that it needed fresh resources……..and then BAM!  in waltzes the Us to support the rebels…..the problem was the rebels…..we did not know enough about them to use our support successfully and now it is a damn bloody mess and it seems that the Assad family is making head way against the rebels we support…..another fine example of the US State department missing the boat.

That brings us to the most bloody and persistent situation in the Middle East…..Palestine/Israel situation…….this one the US will NEVER get right…..why?  We still cannot grasp what the two sides are truly after.  Is it peace?  Maybe it is the genocide of the opposing state.  Now because we cannot grasp the complexities of this situation or for that matter any situation in the Middle East we are doomed to keep making one bad decision after another.

Name one decision that we have made regarding the Middle East that has turned out well for us and for the people of the region…….(I will pause here for some reflection if needed)………

Time’s up!

The only successes in the Middle East have been from the Arab Spring, as it was called in the media, and why?  We pretty much stayed out of it and let the people handle their own lives and situations.

Is there an answer?  You betcha!  We, the US, need to revamp the State department and hire people that know the region and not because they went to school with someone’s mother or brother or father.  It will not be a quick fix but it would be a good start.

Dual Citizenship: WTF?

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

I have written about this occurrence before…..and I still have a problem with it.

Back in the days following the end of the American Civil War, the president of the CSA, Jefferson Davis, was exiled from his own country for leading an uprising against the duly elected government of the United States of America…….and there have been occasions when Americans working as mercenaries or as they like to be called today security consultants, lost their citizenship because that fought in a foreign war that the Us was not involved in at the time……

I know you want to know where I am going with this, right?

It seems that in the most recent war on Gaza two Americans have been killed serving in the IDF………

Two Americans who were soldiers for the Israel Defense Forces were killed in fighting in the Gaza Strip.

Stuart Steinberg confirmed the death of his son Max Steinberg, 24, to The Associated Press on Sunday. Steinberg, whose family lives in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, was a sharpshooter for the Golani Brigade. He was one of 13 Israeli soldiers and 65 Palestinians killed in fighting Sunday during the first major ground battle in two weeks of fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Earlier Sunday, the IDF said in a statement that Sgt. Nissim Sean Carmeli, 21, was killed in combat in the Gaza Strip. Carmeli was from South Padre Island, Texas, said Deputy Consul General of Israel to the Southwest Maya Kadosh. She said Carmeli moved to Israel four years ago and added that the consulate helped his family get a flight there Sunday.

Sorry for the families loss….but these men were Americans first that happen to have Israeli dual citizenship………Gaza is not an authorized war for the US and I do not give a crap how many citizenship these guys had……either they are Americans or Israeli….but in the time of war it should be American or they give up their citizenship and go Israeli full time…..both interests cannot be served by dual alliances…….if they feel the necessity to wear a uniform the US military would be glad to oblige them.

What would happen if I was an Iraqi-American and I was fighting in Iraq…..would I be allowed the honors and such that these people will be allowed?  Of course not!  I would be a terrorist and have NO rights in the US…..so should these people or anyone that chooses another country over their own.

This country needs to sack up!  We are allowing too many breeches in our country in the name of “defending democracy”……..Israel is NO democracy…..elections do not a democracy make!

Dual citizenship is a bullshit policy that desperately needs revision.

All Around The Horn

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When I mention the Horn of Africa I get some unusual looks….most Americans only know of the region from a movie night when they watched “Black Hawk Down”………It refers to the countries of Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia and the area around the mouth of the Red Sea…..Americans sent a bunch of troops into Somalia to try and head off the rise in militancy…….it was a disaster and we pack up and headed for home…only after many Americans had lost their lives…..

Recently the Somalia militants have attacked the presidential palace and a mini battle took place……..

Militants have stormed the presidential palace in Mogadishu, though the BBC reports that Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is not there today. A police official said the attack started when a car bomb exploded outside the presidential complex. Gunmen then entered the palace, their entry apparently made easier because many members of the military police were traveling with Mohamud. A firefight is still ongoing. The Islamic extremist group al-Shabab, which lost control of the Somalian capital in 2011, has vowed to step up attacks during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

They were beaten off……since the military is a weak entity and the militants seem to always have the upper hand…..who could have put together a successful operation to thwart the militants attack?

U.S. military advisors have secretly operated in Somalia since around 2007 and Washington plans to deepen its security assistance to help the country fend off threats by Islamist militant group al Shabaab, U.S. officials said.

The comments are the first detailed public acknowledgement of a U.S. military presence in Somalia dating back since the U.S. administration of George W. Bush and add to other signs of a deepening U.S. commitment to Somalia’s government, which the Obama administration recognized last year.

The deployments, consisting of up to 120 troops on the ground, go beyond the Pentagon’s January announcement that it had sent a handful of advisors in October. That was seen at the time as the first assignment of U.S. troops to Somalia since 1993 when two U.S. helicopters were shot down and 18 American troops killed in the “Black Hawk Down” disaster.

Now I ask again…..who do you think would have the expertise to successfully thwart a militant operation?

Flight MH17…..Another Doomed Malaysian Flight

We all have heard the horrendous news of yet another Malaysian flight has met with a disastrous end……and as usual there are battling and conflicting accusations as to whom is to blame for destroying this plane and its passengers…..Separatists say it was the Ukrainians….Ukrainians say it was the Separatists….Russia is blaming the Ukraine military and the US is speculating but have not offered up an accusation as of yet….and then there is McCain, who is basically blaming Obama for the destruction of flight MH 17….because we have not sent all the weapons that he, McCain, thinks the Ukrainians need and deserve….

Personally, I think McCain is being a partisan twat….using this tragedy as a political prop is despicable….and usual McCain spends a lot of his time thumping his chest like a crazed ape….and this situation is No different……..

Newser) – With the evidence increasingly suggesting that today’s jet crash over Ukraine was caused by a missile and not a mechanical failure, John McCain is burnishing his reputation as the Senate’s top foreign policy hawk. While stressing that it’s too early to know anything for sure, McCain said on MSNBC that the crash has the “earmarks of a tragic mistake made by someone who had the capability to just shoot down an aircraft, and we know at least from the last couple of weeks that that could be Russian or separatist Russian capability,” reports Politico. If that proves to be the case, “I think there’s going to be hell to pay and there should be.”

In an appearance on CNN, he made similar points and added that it might be time to “give the Ukrainians the ability to defend themselves,” reports Slate. In Moscow, meanwhile, Vladimir Putin pinned the blame squarely on Ukraine, though he was speaking in general terms: “I want to note that this tragedy would not have happened if there were peace on this land, if the military actions had not been renewed in southeast Ukraine,” he said. “And, certainly, the state over whose territory this occurred bears responsibility for this awful tragedy.” The AP has the full text of his remarks.

As typical of McCain he rattles off some vague BS and the NeoCons applaud…….but what is the Hell they will pay?  He conveniently leaves out any details….another typical McCain ploy

McCain is getting tiresome……plus only the most radical and ignorant among us take him seriously anymore…he use to be a statesman….now he is just an angry old man that plays way too many games.

Israel Runs Up the Score | The American Conservative

Don’t have a stroke!  I do read the American Conservative…….it may be the only conservative publication that is worth reading….they do not hold on to the daily talking points of the GOP….they give a true conservative point of view which to me is very refreshing….I may not agree with them on much but their articles are well worth reading….especially if one has a logical and rational mind.

This is a good analysis of the current situation in Gaza….brings up many points that do not normally come up in our pundits and their analyses……read it well worth the time…..


Israel Runs Up the Score | The American Conservative.

Battle Of The NeoCon Stars……..

We once had the Battle of the Network Stars and now we have the Battle of the Neo Cons…….and the later is the most humorous of the two……we have Rand Paul, Rick Perry and the most delusional of the neo cons, Dick Cheney all attacking each other over something that none of them understands beyond…they are right and everyone else is wrong…..a great foreign policy, right?

Iraq is a pile of manure and everyone has a plan for dealing with the situation…..let’s start with the Liar in Chief, Dick Cheney……most semi-intelligent people now realize that Rumsfeld, Bush, Rice and Cheney lied their fool heads off just so we could go to war with Iraq and even though there is few that believe anything this toad has to say he is still allowed to be some sort of expert interviewed by the MSM………….and his talking points are all the same…..

Invading Iraq was prudent.

George W. Bush waged the war successfully.

Barack Obama is responsible for the chaos in Iraq today.

America needs to wage war in at least three countries and spend more on the military.

Either he is the most delusional person I have ever covered or is an arrogant prick that is NEVER wrong……..my money is on the later.

Now we look at the duel being waged between Gov. Perry and Sen. Paul on foreign policy…….

We’ve got a few years yet before 2016, but two potential GOP candidates are already taking shots at each other in dueling foreign policy pieces. Texas Gov. Rick Perry got the party started with a Washington Post op-ed, in which he attacked Sen. Rand Paul for being “curiously blind” to the national security threat posed by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Paul, Perry argues in the piece, advocates doing “next to nothing” to confront the situation, whereas Perry would prefer to take action. That action, he writes, could include “intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance sharing” as well as airstrikes.

Paul took to Politico to offer a batch of what Slate calls “snappy insults” in return. If Paul is “blind” on ISIS, then Perry’s “new glasses haven’t altered his perception of the world, or allowed him to see it any more clearly,” Paul writes. He accuses Perry of getting his views so wrong that “I wonder if he’s even really read any of my policy papers.” The truth, he notes, is that the US is already involved in or considering the strategies Perry supports, and Paul has laid out a number of proposals himself. “If the governor continues to insist that these proposals mean I’m somehow ‘ignoring ISIS,’ I’ll make it my personal policy to ignore Rick Perry’s opinions.” Click for Perry’s piece, or for Paul’s piece.

The MSM sez that these two are practicing their foreign policy muscle ahead of the 2016 election…..to that I scoff!  neither of these men show me that they have any grip on the concept of international relations……it sounds like they are regurgitating talking points from the RNC.

Sorry, but unless you have a complete grasp on what the term “international relations” actually means then maybe they should shut the Hell up and go back to Obamacare lies……