Breaking News: Say Good-bye To Stupid!

I have been bitching about how stupid the plan was that has been proposed by the likes of McCain and Graham…..the plan is the one that would train “moderate” rebels to fight in Syria……the first two graduated classes were a joke at best…..the first lost all but 4 of its original members in days after returning to Syria….and the second class did not fight when they returned they simply gave their weapons to others and went home, whatever is left of their home…..

So what will be the future of this most unimpressive solution to the fight against Assad and ISIS?

I am so glad you asked……

The United States is dropping a $500 million Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels fighting the administration of President Bashar al-Assad, the New York Times reported on Oct. 9, citing unidentified Obama administration officials.

The newspaper said Pentagon officials were expected to announce the end of the program on Oct. 9.

Finally, someone has shown that they are capable of rational logical thinking……

Now I wait for the next great plan for Syria…..

Maybe they read all the criticism on In Saner Thought……yeah….let’s go with that answer!

Same Song…….Different Dance

As usual when it comes to foreign policy our politicians are notoriously ignorant….since the 1950’s and the Cold War the US has always fought a proxy war with first the Soviet Union and then Putin….we fought these proxy wars because no one wanted to get their hands dirty… is easier to let someone else do the fighting and the dying…..

Funny how world leaders (?) fall for the same geopolitical crap time and time again.  You would think that somewhere they would see that it has been tried before and it was a failure and back off the old stand by exercise of trying to block one political ideology or the other.

Think back to the early days of the Cold War……USSR would make a move and the US would attempt to counter it……then the US would make a move and the Russian would react……and each of these moves did little but waste time and lots of money.

Then in 1979 the USSR decided that the invasion of Afghanistan would be an excellent idea……..10 years of war and death and destruction they decided to call it a draw and go home…..wasting lives and money to no avail.  We spent millions arming the rebels that fought Russia…..Afghanistan was a proxy war….but most seem to conveniently forget that fact……after Russia departed we left Afghanistan and cut all ties and the Taleban and AQ were our rewards for stupidity…..

Now we go to Syria….you remember that corner of the world, right?

Source: Obama Lost the Middle East While Putin is Building His Own Trap There | Middle East Briefing

And now the GOP has woken up to what a lot of us have been saying for 15 years…but as usual…NO One Was Listening!

Now McCain, a Senator points to ‘abdication of American leadership’ by White House and says Putin is ‘treating US with disdain and contempt’….interesting….how long have we treated Russia with disdain and contempt?

Source: John McCain says US is engaged in proxy war with Russia in Syria | US news | The Guardian

Now it is a proxy war…before it was just keeping the peace of the world…..

God I love these guys!

But with all that said and laughed at….there is still more to the story……

Source: Defining Imperialism Down: Yes, the US Has Waged War on Syria | Rogue Nation

You see Syria has been in the cross hairs of American politicos for decades……only difference is….someone finally pulled the trigger!

 ‘Can We Abolish War?’

For some time now I have questioned……… what has happened to any substantial anti-war movement in the US?

We are involved in so many armed conflicts that someone should be demanding that there be some sort of accountability for these actions.  But instead we get nothing….the media is especially involved in a propaganda war to help keep the people from protesting these wars….

Really?  The American people are okay with a war that has continued for 14 years with NO end in sight.

Personally, I liked it when Americans stood up with balls and ask the hard questions of the government over their necessity to fight wars……the War on Terror has the exemption of accountability….

Recently a question was asked by an Afghan student….read on…..

Source: A Question From Afghanistan, ‘Can We Abolish War?’ « Blog

Amazing!  A young Afghan woman asked the hard questions while the adults scratch their ass and throw bombs…..

In Saner Thought on Flipboard

Sunday and I will remain calm and relax and enjoy a day without the distractions of monitoring the news…..AH…….coffee!

I would like to introduce my regulars to Flipboard……it is a sorta magazine on the internet…….my friends at Ace News Room set it up for me and I think it is a good base for my writings….well anyone’s writings that is…..

Please check it out and see if you like it…..I really want my readers thoughts….also if you get a chance visit Ace News Room….they are working really hard to be the “go to” source for news and stuff…..give them a visit….you will not be disappointed……

Source: In Saner Thought on Flipboard

I am always looking for ways to get more exposure for my writings…..this is just another format…..

I like the idea and the lay-out….I think some of my readers will also like it…..

Please let me know your thoughts on Flipboard and anything else you like…..

I Am Listening!

Apartheid: Then And Now !

An op-ed that I wrote for Ace News Room…….

There is much going on in the Holy Land but for some reason the media will not report on it……that is unless it has something to do with Israel…..any negativity will NOT be reported.

Israel is in the process of building an Apartheid State….something we thought was gone with the fall of South Africa……we were WRONG!

Please read the op-ed and comment if you would like to…..and visit Ace News Room for all the news you may have missed……

Source: Apartheid: Then And Now !

You just thought apartheid ended with the fall of white South Africa……Israel is doing all it can to keep the practice alive…..

Palestine: A Little Justice

After years of being ignored by the world community Palestine has finally gained a small amount of respect and yes….a little justice…..

The flag of Palestine now flies proudly at the HQ of the UN in New York City……a small step forward after decades of setbacks by the body….

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas raised the Palestinian flag at the United Nations for the first time on Wednesday with a promise that it will be raised soon in Jerusalem, “the capital of our Palestinian state.” More than 300 ministers, diplomats, and well-wishers who crowded into the rose garden at UN headquarters where a temporary flagpole had been erected for the ceremony applauded his words. Abbas told the crowd it was a historic moment on the Palestinian road to independence. Palestine was designated as a non-member observer state at the United Nations in November 2012 and Palestinian statehood also has been recognized by many countries across Asia, Africa, and Latin America. As the black, white, green and red flag went up the flagpole, cheers and shouts of “Peace! Peace! Palestine!” erupted.

The Palestinians campaigned for a General Assembly resolution that was overwhelmingly approved on Sept. 10 allowing UN observer states to fly their flags alongside those of the 193 UN member states. UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called Wednesday a day of “pride” and “hope” for Palestinians around the world. He urged the Palestinians to pursue their long-held dream for their own state by first uniting Gaza and the West Bank, and he urged Israel and the Palestinians to revive negotiations that collapsed last year and conclude “a successful peace process.” That will lead to the unfurling of the Palestinian flag “in its proper place—among the family of nations as a sovereign member state of the United Nations,” Ban said.

The president of the PNA, Abbas, made a speech before the General Assembly……Abbas had promised that his speech at the UN General Assembly on Wednesday would be a “bombshell”, but his declaration that the Palestinian government will no longer uphold agreements signed under the Oslo Accords

“The continuation of the status quo is unacceptable because it means giving in to the logic of brutal force being inflicted by the Israeli government,” Abbas said, echoing previous speeches he has made to the UN. “We therefore declare that we cannot continue to be bound by these agreements with Israel.”
What were the Oslo Accords?  I am glad you ask……
It is an opinion piece and will be leaning toward the Palestinian point of view….but it will give you a good idea about the Accords……
You can read his full speech here……
They can now take their place as the true representatives of the Palestinian people on the world stage…..

Afghanistan: It’s Still There

Believe it or not……Afghanistan is still there and still fighting rages……fierce fighting.  I know the media does not seem to care but believe me there is more happening in Afghanistan than you can imagine…….

Did you know or were you told that the Northern city of Kunduz has fallen to the Taleban?  No?

During their annual Spring Offensive, the Taliban set its sights on northern parts of Afghanistan, particularly centering on the Kunduz Province. The fighting continued throughout spring and summer, with Taliban forces seizing several districts. Today, they captured the city of Kunduz itself.

The Afghan Interior Ministry confirmed that defenses in the city had “collapsed” in the face of the latest offensive, and while they’re talking up a counteroffensive to try to retake the city, the Taliban have wasted no time in capturing all the significant buildings in the city, and are moving on the airport.

This is why some observers say the takeover of Kunduz is more a failure of the Afghan state than a victory for the Taliban.

“The Taliban did not come out of nowhere to take over Kunduz. Their fighters had been there for quite some time launching small-scale attacks on the city. This was meant to be a war of attrition against Afghan forces that would in turn pave the way for a full-scale offensive. And that’s exactly what happened,” Michael Kugelman, Afghanistan expert at the Washington-based Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars, told DW.

The US has responded by launching the usual airstrikes……and since airstrikes do not retake territory….the US went to plan B….

Special forces from the US-led coalition in Afghanistan, reportedly including US troops, battled Taliban militants on the ground in Kunduz Wednesday in an attempt to retake the city after Afghan forces were overrun Monday. It marks the first time foreign forces have clashed with the Taliban during the conflict in Kunduz, Reuters reports. Coalition rep Col. Brian Tribus says the forces took part in a mission near Kunduz airport where Afghan forces have made a base. “Coalition special forces advisers, while advising and assisting elements of the Afghan Security Forces, encountered an insurgent threat in the vicinity of the Kunduz airport at approximately 1am,” Tribus says. “When they encountered the threat, they defended themselves.”

Tribus wouldn’t provide the nationalities of the coalition fighters, but a senior Afghan security official says 100 members of US special forces were involved. He adds they wore night-vision goggles as they left the airport and returned after eliminating Taliban attackers. Tribus adds US forces also conducted their third airstrike near Kunduz since Tuesday, targeting a spot near the airport Wednesday morning. A rep for the Public Health Ministry says 30 people have been killed and 200 injured in the fighting and “around 90% of them are civilians.” The coalition said Wednesday that a soldier was killed in northern Afghanistan, but from a “non-battle cause,” reports the Washington Post. A US military official says he expects the estimated 500 Taliban fighters to be expelled from Kunduz within weeks.

The fighting continues…..and could this be the beginning of a whole new war?

Should we get involved?  Or should we let the Afghans do the heavy lifting?

This smells like deeper involvement.