Scott Walker: Comedian In Training?

The list of GOP candidates grows then shrinks……but one candidate that is probably running but has not made it official yet with an announcement is Wisconsin’s governor Scott Walker….he appears to be the darling of the Right…..the Right that has half a brain that is……

I judge a candidate by his answers to foreign policy questions…..why?  Internationally is where we have the most problems and the most entanglements…….foreign policy experience does mean a more aware candidate…….

But what about Walker’s chops internationally?

Okay he was a governor and that could be good to govern the country…….but he said that one of his strong suits is that he has visited other countries……

“And I do think if foreign policy plays an important role, the contrast will be clear because just about everywhere Hillary Clinton has played a role with this president — under President Obama — that part of the world is largely a failure, a mess,” he continued. “Because of the policies we’ve seen from Obama and Clinton.”

After noting that Walker had recently visited Israel, a trip partially paid for by billionaire Sheldon Adelson, Schieffer wondered what made the Wisconsin governor qualified to lead the county’s foreign policy.

“As a governor, I’ve been, just recently in Germany, in Spain and France,” Walker explained. “Earlier in the year, it was the United Kingdom on trade related missions. A few years back in China and Japan. So, that’s probably the most of any governor of either party has is that experience in terms of trade relations.”

If visiting other countries would make one the best choice for president then I should be in the running for I have visited 22 countries…….does that make me 4 times more qualified than he?  It is pathetic to think that anyone who has simply visited other countries is the best person for the job of president…….

Walker is just another clown for the car that is the GOP……..this one statement shows a serious lack of judgement…..and judgement is a prerequisite for the presidency……at least in my mind.

He’s out as a viable candidate.

There could be a alternate explanation for his irresponsible statement…………..Maybe he was trying out material for his new day job…… a COMEDIAN!

Jeb: “The World Is A Safer Place”

Anyone that is a news junky knows that Jeb has had a week that he would like to forget…….when asked one simple question he has given 4, maybe 5 by now, answers and had to walk each one back to explain what he meant….(and he is the smarter of the two brothers)…….

In case you were otherwise occupied…….the simple question asked Monday of this week by FOX News was…..”Knowing what we know now would you have authorized the invasion of Iraq?”  His answer then was…..”YES anybody even Hillary would have authorized it”………

His team for damage control immediately leaped into action to “clarify” his answer……on Tuesday he said that he had misunderstood the question…..and that did not satisfy the MSM and he was asked again on Wednesday…this time he said it was a hypothetical question without answer…..and the MSM went batcrap crazy… on Thursday he was asked the question one more time and this time he got it almost right…..”Of course not”!

After answering the question to most liking he had to add……”the world is a safer place without Saddam”……..

That one statement got my mental juices flowing……I asked myself is the world a safer place?  Of course that lead me to want to know for sure.

In 2003 the US invaded then occupied the country of Iraq so that is where I decided to begin my search……

In 2003 there were minor conflicts in the Philippines, India, Africa (always in Africa) and of course the perpetual conflict between the Palestinians and the Israelis and lastly our war in Afghanistan which was the only major conflict that year……most conflicts were internal struggles…..internal meaning within the borders of countries……..

Now since 2003 the world has gone to Hell in a hand basket …………Middle East, Africa, Southern Europe and Pakistan and terror attacks have increased…….. just to mention a few of the conflicts.

My assertion is that Jeb is dead wrong….the world is NOT a safer place!

Then Jeb was confronted after making what could be humorously called a foreign policy speech in which he said…….Bush had said that the Obama administration’s weak foreign policy was responsible for the rise of the terrorist group, also known as ISIS, in the Middle East.

Of course he took immediately to the GOP talking points that says that since there was NO Status Of Forces agreement and we left Iraq anyway it lead to the rise of ISIS… essence…”it is Obama’s fault?”  That tired old supposition.

So basically no one in the GOP wants to admit that the invasion created chaos and that chaotic climate gave birth to ISIS…..ergo GW’s fault.

For what is called a foreign policy election it is off to a shaky start…… far none of the candidates has any idea what they are talking about on foreign policy….somebody better sit these guys and gal down and give a remedial course in international studies…..or it is going to be a long campaign with lots of clarifications.

America’s Hydra Problem in the Middle East by Inge Fryklund —

Just like the mythical creature that Hercules had to confront…..the US is having to do the same in the Middle East…….almost daily the situation in the region changes and requires more attention than most politicians are willing to give it.

I have been trying to educate my readers a bit on the situation in the Middle East….few listen and even fewer care…….sadly that will not change and hopefully it will not be too late……


America’s Hydra Problem in the Middle East by Inge Fryklund —

Unending War on Terror – The Unz Review

The latest attack in Garland Texas has just kicked up the rhetoric another notch……Americans are starting to see “boogies” behind every tree…..the government helps fuel that fire as much as possible without appearing to be the source of the report…..

All this just makes the never ending war on terrorism last a little longer… has become a generational war……how many generations depends on many factors….fear being the most powerful.

How long do Americans want to be at war?  How much is too much?

Read on McDuff!


Unending War on Terror – The Unz Review.

Can Rand Paul Turn America into Less of a Global Busybody? | National Review Online

Continuing my Monday morning draft  dump….kinda like a news dump but far more interesting……

Political pundits are calling the election of 2016 as the “Foreign Policy Election”…..if true then Sen. Paul may have a upper edge on the rest of the babbling Right.

His Libertarian leanings will attractive those that look for the US to put aside its propensity for interventionism…….can Paul convince Americans that he will stop our endless wars through intervention…….

Once elected (if that is a possibility) would he hold to his promises on the campaign trail?


Can Rand Paul Turn America into Less of a Global Busybody? | National Review Online.

The New Axis of Evil: Saudi Arabia and Israel | American Free Press

I write everyday and some days I write too much and save my overreach in the draft folder…..and I noticed that the folder is in overload… Today I will be posted some of those saved drafts…..just an attempt to clear out the spider webs…….enjoy…….

Axis Of Evil?  Remember when GW coined the term and it has been a conservative slogan ever since……..but the events unfolding in the Middle East is giving the world a new axis of evil…..some will not like the new definition but it is true nonetheless……..

Looks like the Saudis and the Israelis have a mutual protection pact of some sort…….they seem to be working together on a couple different levels… the same time working against US interests…….


The New Axis of Evil: Saudi Arabia and Israel | American Free Press.

Is Morality A One Way Street?

If you have ever taken a college level philosophy course then you will recall the terms “ethics” and “morality”…..and if you had a good professor there was a discussion on the terms……sorry I digress….the whole question of morality forces me to revisit my college days and the debates I had………

There is a situation that the world needs to confront, especially the US…..that is the subject of targeted assassinations……most times by drone.

The debate started by then it was halted by the events in Baltimore…….now the question should be….will we ever have this debate or is it a dead issue?

Is the targeted murder of an individual moral?


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The American people seem to think that targeted assassination is okay… least by drone……

Nearly 75 percent of Americans approve of using drone strikes to target American citizens who have joined foreign terrorist organizations, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll released on Friday.

The poll was conducted in the days following President Barack Obama‘s public apology for a drone strike as part of a counterterrorism operation that unintentionally resulted in the deaths of American hostage Warren Weinstein and Italian hostage Giovanni Lo Porto.

The survey also found that six in 10 Americans support using drones to target terrorists in general, while only 13 percent oppose it and 24 percent “did not feel strongly either way.” Support is higher among Republicans than Democrats (72 percent to 60 percent), while independents are less decisive with 45 percent in favor and 12 percent opposed. In addition, 47 percent of Americans said, according to the poll, that it is acceptable to use drones to kill terrorists abroad if innocent Americans are at risk of being killed as well.

What do you think?  Is the targeted assassination moral?  What about the killing of a person on some religious mumbo jumbo….is this moral?

Moral is moral.  There is NO leeway in the definition.  Killing 20 to eliminate one is no where near a moral act.