Is America Truly Prepared?

Inkwell Institute

It has been awhile since I posted something by the Inkwell Institute……world events have been changing so rapidly that it did not leave enough time for my research and analysis…..hopefully that can change and I can once again go back to finding the problems that we as a country need to be focused on in these days of conflict.

For almost 15 years the US has been engaged in all out war…..we can quibble what to term the actions taken…..but war is war….matters not how we cut it.

After the attacks of 9/11 we have decided that we should meet the ‘enemy’ on their ground not ours…….in essence we will go after them wherever they hide……..after two major wars and countless lesser ones……….the military is being called on to do more and more

ISIS has become a threat and we have jumped on them with both feet while eyeing the problems in Libya and Yemen and the rise of ISIS there.  Then we get word that Boko Haram in Nigeria has allied itself with ISIS and the US feels it must respond……

From the Marine Times…….

Marines could play an important role in containing — if not defeating — Boko Haram, according to a new study published just days after the radical organization announced its allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The study was commissioned by U.S. Naval Forces Africa, and was conducted by the CNA Corporation. It proposes ways to defeat Boko Haram within the confines of what its authors describe as a complicated relationship between Washington and Nigeria.

The strategy proposed by CNA to combat the group includes the short-term goal of working with Nigeria’s neighbors to contain Boko Haram, all the while advocating for a “whole of governance” or counter insurgency approach to eventually dismantle it.

Yet another country for US troops to operate within…..there is Somalia, Ukraine, most of Eastern Europe and now ass deep in Nigeria….US forces are being spread a bit then for an all volunteer force.

What shall we term this expansion of military force?  National security?  American exceptionalism?  Hubris?  Surely there is a term that describes this intrusion into other countries matters.

How long can we be expected to keep this push up?

Now ask yourself……who does this intrusion actually benefit?

Is it the American homeland?  Or is it possibly the special interests within the Pentagon and White House?

If this exercise continues, and I believe it will, how long before the all volunteer military starts losing more people than it can recruit?  The more conflicts we are involved in the more demand on troops to carry out the policies.  When that occurs how long will it be before the propaganda machine (read media)  starts making the positive case for a re-reinstatement of the draft?

You think it is a silly idea?  Keep in mind that we now have combat ready troops in every continent of the globe…..if there were the 1950’s the world would see this as a form of imperialism in a bid to control the world……so what changed that makes all this acceptable?

The American people are asleep and shall awaken only when something monumental occurs………like a return of the DRAFT!

The Resurrection Of The “Domino Theory”

In case you are weary of fretting over Jolie’s ovaries…….I offer some REAL news and thoughts……..

At present we are fighting a shadowy group called ISIS……the news is all about that conflict but a short plane ride away there is a major conflict that could become much larger….I am speaking about Ukraine.

If you happen to an old fart like me then you can remember the Cold War and the theory of Domino…… was pushed hard by the West as a counter to communism.  I case you have not made it to that page in your world history text….I can help……..The domino theory, which governed much of U.S. foreign policy beginning in the early 1950s, held that a communist victory in one nation would quickly lead to a chain reaction of communist takeovers in neighboring states. In Southeast Asia, the United States government used the domino theory to justify its support of a non-communist regime in South Vietnam against the communist government of North Vietnam, and ultimately its increasing involvement in the long-running Vietnam War (1954-75).

The problem was that the theory was used to support the M-IC and turned out to be flawed in so many way……the dominoes did not fall as predicted.

Ukraine is being used as the “example” of the reach of Russia and the fear is that if they are successful then other former satellite states will be vulnerable……Newsweek dedicated a feature on this……

Personally, it is wishful thinking that Russia can pull this off… seems, at least to me, that it is a tactic being used by the M-IC to sell more ordinance to the surrounding states….keep in mind that WAR is big business.

The Resurrection Of Yalta?|

Yalta?  What the Hell is that, Professor?

I know I kinda get carried away when it comes to finding historical events that can relate to today’s world situation…..but there is always an upside for comparisons.

Yalta was the meeting at the end of World War 2 when Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill met to divide up the spoils of war…….and today;s Ukraine situation has a familiar smell about it.


Russia’s goals in Ukraine: toward a second Yalta? -Euromaidan Press |.

TAKE ACTION: Protect rights and resources in Western Sahara | Western Sahara Action Forum

As my regular readers know I am a supporter of independence of Western Sahara from Morocco……I visited there in the 80’s when I worked in the region and fell in love with the people and land……

I promised my friends there in Western Sahara that I would do what I could to help the movement…..

Please check this out and if you feel that you can support their goals…..please lend a hand……


TAKE ACTION: Protect rights and resources in Western Sahara | Western Sahara Action Forum.

Genius Must Be Applauded!

My readers know that I have a personal relationship with Palestine….it is not that I hate Jews….,just that the government of Israel is a racist bunch of pigs (I chose pigs for an ethnic reason)……I have also been a critic of the US government for its blank check to the Israeli government and their treatment of humans, in this case Palestinians……

I recently read a piece about an Israeli that has flipped the bird at the Israeli government….and I think he is a genius…….

In 1971, Eli Avivi and his wife, Rina, ripped up their Israeli passports and were hauled off to jail, where they were charged with destroying passports and “creating a country without permission,” per the BBC. That charge was eventually dropped, but their “country,” Akhzivland, is still kicking. Located just north of the Israeli city of Nahariya, near the Lebanon border, the 3.5-acre Akhzivland has just two citizens (the Avivis), a national flag complete with mermaid, a national anthem (the sound of the sea), and a House of Parliament, the BBC notes. It features its own passport, and 85-year-old Avivi is president for life—”democratically elected by his own vote.” Even though Israel doesn’t recognize his state status, Avivi’s reign would almost make him the longest-serving ruler in the region, second only to the sultan of Oman.

Born in Iran, Avivi moved to Israel at a young age. He became a soldier, fighting in Israel’s War of Independence, but he soon became disillusioned and started his own state in an abandoned Arab fishing village called Akhziv, per a 2014 article in the Daily Beast. “I loved Israel. I fought for Israel. But I didn’t like the government,” he told Lonely Planet in 2009. He’s had some skirmishes with the Israeli government over the years: He says he suffered broken bones when he refused to get out of the way of bulldozers trying to raze Akhziv into a national park in 1963, and in 1971 officials put a fence around his property to cut off his beach access. Oddly enough, Israel more or less leaves Avivi alone these days, even erecting an official sign on the road nearby that points to “Eli Avivi.” “I’m stronger now than before,” he tells the BBC. “There’s nothing they can do or say to me.”

This man and his wife will get my nomination for Persons of the Year award…….A stroke of genius…….keep up the good fight!

Please help get this story out into the ether……this man deserves our recognition for his principles and bravery!

Iran: My Baby Wrote Me A Letter

That was the first thing that popped into my head after the news of this moron and his moronic cronies send a letter to Iran…..the old Boxtops song…..(damn I feel old)

Between a letter written by a pack of mental midgets to the emails of Clinton….the Twitter machine is been on fire…….and of course the “usual suspects” have been having a field day with the letter especially the MSM….it seems we all have an opinion…….

Originally I asked what would the purpose of this letter be…..and now I think we will get the “rest of the story” (a Paul Harvey quote)……..


Immediately After Launching Effort to Scuttle Iran Deal, Senator Tom Cotton to Meet with Defense Contractors – The Intercept.


Okay that is enough about these morons and their letter…..moving on!

Venezuela: Did I Miss Something?

I realize that I spend too much time reading about politics and international relations…..,but with all the research it seems that I missed something….an issue that is more important than I once considered.

As the story goes the President of the United States has declared Venezuela a threat to the national security.  Huh?  I thought all that posturing died with Chavez.  Apparently I was mistaken.

The White House took a new step toward the theater of the absurd by “declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States posed by the situation in Venezuela,” as President Barack Obama put it in a letter to House Speaker John Boehner.

It remains to be seen whether anyone in the White House press corps will have the courage to ask what in the world the nation’s chief executive could mean by that. Is Venezuela financing a coming terrorist attack on U.S. territory? Planning an invasion? Building a nuclear weapon?

To me those are valid questions.  Just what has the country of Venezuela done to become a threat?  I mean the US has been involved in many operations against Venezuela going back to 2002……so what is the excuse this time?

Washington was involved in the short-lived 2002 military coup in Venezuela; it “provided training, institution building and other support to individuals and organizations understood to be actively involved in the brief ouster” of President Hugo Chávez and his government, according to the U.S. State Department. The U.S. has not changed its policy toward Venezuela since then and has continued funding opposition groups in the country. So it is only natural that everyone familiar with this recent history, with the conflict between the U.S. and the region over the 2009 Honduran military coup and with the current sanctions will assume that Washington is involved in the ongoing efforts to topple what has been its No. 1 or 2 target for regime change for more than a decade.

If it truly is a “national threat” then why has there been little to no media coverage?

A better question to ask….who will benefit the most out of this situation?

I believe that the ineptitude of our current foreign policy precludes this from being a “real” threat….it is a game politicians play.