A Little History Lesson

First of all let me ask…..Is Texas still under civilian control?  Anyone hear the jack boots of “Jade Helm”?

In the last 100 years a lot has happened……2 world wars, trip to moon, rise and fall of the Soviet Union, numerous “minor” wars, smartphones….on and on……

Let me do what I always do….give you, my reader, a little historical perspective……..


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Sahrawis’ choice: subjugation or exile in Western Sahara | Middle East Eye

This is a subject that is dear to my heart…….when I was working in the region I got to visit Western Sahara and fell in love with the area….the people have been crapped on by the world but mostly by Morocco…….the US has done little to nothing to help these people get what they desire…..THEIR FREEDOM.

Now in old age I cannot travel the way I did in my youth……I try to do what I can to bring the plight of the Sahrawis to my readers…..


The shooting war between the Sahrawis and the Moroccan government is all but over, some isolated incidents here and there, and the people are trying to be a peaceful force for change………but none of this is helping their plight for the world looks the other way and seems to care less……..

Dakhla — Moroccan police patrols launched Saturday evening in the occupied city of Dakhla an arrest campaign, according to the Ministry of Occupied Territories and Community Abroad.

During this campaign, Moroccan police arrested young Sahrawis Ahmed Yacoub, Mohamed Limam, Fateh Ahmedzain, Ahmed Graimish, Adnan Bouila and Ahmedfal Brehma. They were arrested on the background of their participation in peaceful demonstration in the city demanding the right of the Sahrawi people to self-determination.

That happened last weekend…….

Please read this and learn of their plight and the abuse they must endure simply because they want their freedom…….


Sahrawis’ choice: subjugation or exile in Western Sahara | Middle East Eye.

Trouble Brewing Across The Border?

Thanx to Trump you would assume that I am referring to our Southern border with Mexico, right?

Well you would be mistaken…..you see there is a problem brewing on our Northern border…..you know the one with Canada…….

It appears the the US and Canada are standing off about ………lobsters.

This might be news to Americans who don’t make their living catching lobsters, but the US and Canada have been arguing for decades now over who owns two islands in the Atlantic between Maine and New Brunswick. They’re called Machias Seal and North Rock, and the islands themselves aren’t of much use to any creatures other than puffins, explains Maclean’s. The problem is that the water around them, called the “gray zone,” is flush with lobsters, and tensions are rising between lobstermen from the two countries. It’s been especially bad lately because lobster prices are rising. “Somebody is going to get killed,” says the chair of the Maine Lobster Zone Council. “We’ve had bad years in the past and got lucky, but this is the worst year I’ve ever seen.”

Both Maclean’s and the CBC explain that locals on both sides of the border have mostly kept things under control for years. (In one high-profile exception, an American lost his thumb in equipment eight years ago while “jostling” with a Canadian over territory, notes Maclean’s.) This year, however, outsiders from Nova Scotia have moved in to fish the waters, too, and they’re reportedly ignoring long-held rules about who gets to work when. “When you’ve got Canadian guys feuding with other Canadian guys, on top of us—that’s a flare-up, too,” a Maine lobsterman tells the CBC. Both governments claim sovereignty, and neither seems willing to budge.

Could this turn into a Blood Diamond sort of thing?  Will our fave luxury become known as “conflict lobsters”?

This could dispel the old saying that Canadians are too polite for their own good?

Can America afford yet another conflict it must fight?

The battlefield will contain a couple of bureaucrats from both having an old fashion slap fight…..but will it make the nightly news?

The Dangerously Vague Romance of War by Shane Smith — Antiwar.com

Let me tell you there is NOTHING glamours about war……but that does not stop the hawks for trying to turn it into some kind of romantic glorious situation…….NOTHING is further from the truth.

Some see it as some sort of righteous endeavor…..I cannot agree……there is nothing righteous about killing for the sake of killing…….sadly the only ones with scars of war are the ones sent to play the game……those that perpetrate war seldom suffer from the scars…..and seldom learn any lesson from the experience.

The American public seems to have the perverse fascination with war that to me borders on the sociopathic…….but why is thsi?


The Dangerously Vague Romance of War by Shane Smith — Antiwar.com.

US/Israeli/Saudi ‘Behavior’ Problems | Consortiumnews

The recent agreement between the P5+1 and Iran have brought up a lot of questions……..questions that most people refuse to ask and most definitely do not want any answers……..

many on the Right talk about how Iran has been misbehaving badly in the Middle East…..but in reality it is a bigger problem than Iran…….

This is an excellent piece written by Robert Parry……


US/Israeli/Saudi ‘Behavior’ Problems | Consortiumnews.

We’re Screwed: Colin Powell’s Chief Of Staff On The Failings Of US Foreign Policy

I have been bitching about the state of our foreign policy for years……it seems that we4 are stuck in Cold War mindset…….trying to apply 20th century thinking to 21st century problems is getting us nowhere.

This is an article that I have saved to use in some of my research…..it was written back in March of this year.

An excellent summation of the state of our foreign policy……read this and it will help explain why we are not doing so well across the planet……


We’re Screwed: Colin Powell’s Chief Of Staff On The Failings Of US Foreign Policy.