US Foreign Policymakers Cannot Be Trusted by Sheldon Richman —

If you have become a regular follower of IST then you are well aware that I have zero confidence in our foreign policy ‘experts’…….and respect them even less.

My biggest bitch is these people are dinosaurs……….they are trying to plug-in Cold War solutions to today’s world…….their solutions are falling dead from the start and yet they still think we are still dealing with situations in a vacuum tube world……

Finally, others are starting to see what I have been going on about for years.  With an election approaching I still do not see a candidate that is capable of dealing with 21st century problems with 21st century solutions……neither party will get this world back to a sane footing…..

Some in the media have called 2016, the Foreign Policy Election…….if so then I suggest that you pray for the country…..there is NO one running at this time that has even the slightest knowledge of foreign policy or international relations…..Clinton has some experience but I do not trust her to make the right choices…….

Do not take my word for it… on…….


US Foreign Policymakers Cannot Be Trusted by Sheldon Richman —

The Confusion That Is Yemen

The news for the last month has been the situation in Yemen……(head scratch)……most Americans only know Yemen as the port that the USS Cole was attacked or that there are a multitude of drone strikes going after terrorists.  After that…..NOTHING.

Yemen has a rich history of instability.  There has been one form of conflict or another for decades…….but it became an important ally when AQ attacked NYC on 9/11…..why?  Yemen has been a training ground for AQ for years and the US to flex its geopolitical muscle has been bombarding Yemen with drones targeting AQAP.  The president was an American lackey and the army has been trained by US forces …….that is until recently when a mistreated minority, the Houthis, decided they had had enough and committed themselves to rebellion.

Part of the confusion…..Houthis are a Shi’a sect…..the prez and his army were of the Sunni persuasion……AQAP is a Sunni fundamental group that is at odds with the Yemeni government……as well as the Shi’a Houthis were at odds also…….US attacked AQ…..Yemen attacked AQ…..Houthis attacked government and the tribe is basically armed and trained (supposedly) by Iran, which is of the Shi’a persuasion……then the situation got even more confounding……the Sunni Saudis saw a threat from the Shi’a Houthis and decided to attack the country and do away with the problem…….now after about a month of airstrikes the Saudis have stopped the attack and pronounced a victory…….

While the mini war was raging the Iranians have been accused of sending SAM missiles to the Houthis……and to that accusation the US has sent the Navy to intercept any planned deliveries……

It has been reported that the US talked the Saudis in a stand down because of the large amount of civilians deaths in their campaign against the Houthi……the Saudis declared victory so they must have done significant damage to the rebellion, right?

Not exactly…….even during the airstrike campaign the Houthis made significant advances and while the Saudis were killing civilians……AQAP has solidified its take over of the Eastern part of the country.

Fresh off killing scores of civilians in an airstrike on the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa, Saudi Arabia has declared victory in their ongoing war against the Houthis, insisting the military objectives of “Operation Decisive Storm” have all been achieved

For those keeping track, the initially stated goal was to reinstall former President Hadi, who is still living in exile in Riyadh. In the three weeks of strikes, hundreds of civilians have been killed, humanitarian resources are in short supply everywhere, Houthi forces are still contesting Aden with Hadi forces, and al-Qaeda has taken considerable territory in the east.

The declaration of victory and an end to the war doesn’t appear to mean an actual end to the war, however, as officials are announcing “Operation Renewal of Hope,” which will begin immediately, and will include military components. They’re describing it as an anti-terror operation, though the indications are that it will continue to focus on the Shi’ites, and not al-Qaeda.

So now I ask……just what was the reason for the Saudis intervening in the rebellion in Yemen?  I think there were two reasons……one was a PR ploy and the second was to give their ‘cousins’ AQAP a bit of an advantage.  There was never any intention to help the fight against terrorism for the AQAP held Eastern Yemen was never a target for airstrikes.

The US because of the civilian deaths caused by drone strikes turned the population against us……now the Saudis have succeeded in making another enemy and a better recruitment program…….

We have NOT heard the last of Yemen………….This situation is far from over and will get NO less confusing in the future.

Yemen will be a source of great concern……and a source of many long hours of worrisome thought by our foreign policy mavens…….something they richly deserve.


Israel Deported Them. Then ISIS Cut Off Their Heads. – The Daily Beast

The rabid religious Right has been having a stroke of the execution of Ethiopian Christians by ISIS….but what they have overlooked was that Israel deported these same Christians that left them vulnerable to capture by ISIS……I will be fair…….at least one of the Christians had been deported from Israel…….

Where is the outrage directed at Israel?  But as usual Israel will get a free pass because of some moronic loyalty to a book……if Obama had deported them and they met the same fate…..what do you think the pea brains on the Right would be saying?


Israel Deported Them. Then ISIS Cut Off Their Heads. – The Daily Beast.

Are You A R2Per?

About now after reading the title there is a massive amount of my readers scratching their heads and uttering “HUH”?

R2P is short for “Responsibility To Protect”…..basically it means that US should intervene in a war torn situation to stop the harming of innocent civilians… other words a “humanitarian intervention”……..

But to this day it is used only in limited incidents….is there a good reason why it is used here and not there?


Neocons, R2Pers and Hypocrisy | Consortiumnews.

Birth Of A Nation

Nope not talking about the movie from the 20’s, which was a bit racist, but the birth of a real live nation……awhile back I wrote a post about this Israeli dude that was pissed at the nation of Israel and started his own country on his little slice of land……..An Israeli man has been ruler of his 3.5-acre “country” for more than 40 years……

I liked the idea……had enough of BS from your government then declare your own country….(did not someone make a movie about something along these lines?)

It seems there is another brave soul that has had enough……

There is a staggering amount of bloodshed associated with nationhood movements in the Balkans, but a Czech politician says the new country he has declared is a peaceful—and real—project. On Monday, Vit Jedlicka appointed himself president of Liberland, which sits on 2.7 square miles of what he says is unclaimed territory between Serbia and Croatia on the south bank of the Danube, reports the BBC. The population currently stands at seven, but application for citizenship can be made through Liberland’s website, which says more than 20,000 people have already applied. People with respect for others and for private property are welcome, the website says, and people with Communist or Nazi pasts are not.

Jedlicka, a member of the Czech Republic’s libertarian Party of Free Citizens, tells Time that Liberland started out as a protest, but is “turning out to be a real project with real support.” Wisely, he says the new country—which has the national motto “To Live and Let Live”—will have no military and will offer only “passive defense” if it meets opposition from its neighbors. In the incredibly unlikely event that Liberland becomes an actual country, it will be the third-smallest in the world behind Vatican City and Monaco, notes Slate, which wishes its “brave citizens” luck whether the project turn out to be “publicity stunt, impossible dream, or future libertarian utopia.

What amazed me is that in this day that there4 was a piece of land not claimed…..

Will India Emulate Israel?

There is always something happening in  the world of international relations that the media would like to ignore……

Bet that title is confusing to some, huh?

How could India possibly emulate Israel?  A good question and I am glad you asked.

The answer is simple……….Think settlements.

The ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) argues that some 200,000 to 300,000 Hindus fled Kashmir during the armed revolt which began in 1989, and says they are building the settlements to encourage those Hindus to return.

Critics say the plan is effectively Israeli-style religious settlements with an eye toward bringing pro-government Hindus into a region with an active, predominantly Muslim, separatist movement.

Separatist leaders say the BJP’s move is aimed at further weakening the existing autonomy Kashmir has, and even the top Kashmiri Hindu organization accused the government of putting them at risk by singling them out into special, exclusive districts which would become a target for attack.

This is how you steal land and make it yours…..move in your supporters until there is no more room for the original inhabitants…….think West Bank settlements.

Back to those situations that the media chooses to ignore…….settlements.  The situation in the occupied West bank is getting out of hand and yet the MSM ignores the problem….and it will ignore India’s attempt to do what Israel is doing….stealing in the name of living space…….and if I am not mistaken there was a crazy little dude back in the 1930’s that used exact technique to gobble up territory.

Amusing how some things seldom change and justifications do not evolve.

The world of threats to the US is an illusion – Opinion – The Boston Globe

Almost daily we are told about this group or that that is harboring ill feelings toward the US………matter not where one gets one’s information……it is all the same… incites fear and loathing and gives the admin the perfect storm for getting more money for whatever pet defense project they are pushing…..this week.

All these threats are numerous…..too numerous to list here…..but of all these threats just how reliable are they to the safety of the US?

Maybe this piece from the Boston Globe will answer some of your questions…….


The world of threats to the US is an illusion – Opinion – The Boston Globe.