Patriot Act: The Renewal?

Since the Act was signed into being the American people have lost civil rights and liberties….and the sad thing is we know it.  We are so afraid that we allowed the government to look into all aspects of our lives for the sake of national security.

The Act is about to run its course and the Congress has tried to amend the Act with a new version called the USA Freedom Act, a cute little name that has NOTHING to do with freedom.

While most of America was laser focused on a train wreck….with more twists than a Guy Richie movie, the House took up this new act…….

In a 338-88 vote the House of Representatives today voted to pass the USA Freedom Act, a bill which extends the soon-to-expire provisions of the Patriot Act and offers some nominal reforms in the name of privacy.

Starting as a relatively weak reform bill from Sen. Patrick Leahy (D – VT) last year, the USA Freedom Act was further watered down, to the point that many are complaining it doesn’t really do anything meaningful in reform at this point.

Let me translate that for you…..very little has changed….you will still not have the privacy that we have come to expect living in a free country……the only saving grace is that it now must go to the Senate and there it will face some actual opposition.  Both Sens. Rand Paul (R – KY) and Ron Wyden (D – OR) promising to organize a filibuster against the bill if it does not keep Americans stuff private.

Americans fall the diversion offered them by the media working as the agent of the government and because of the fear we experience we will allow our civil rights to be stomped on yet again.

Since most Americans are not willing to get involved…..then maybe now would be a good time to shut up and learn to live without the privacy you were promised in the Constitution…….you have NOT earned them!

Legality of Drone Warfare or Illegality of Drone Assassination? by Coleen Rowley —

I have written in opposition to the targeted assassination by the US government……I have questioned whether it is acceptable to kill innocent civilians in the effort eliminate a “terrorist”?

Another question is whether or nor it is internationally legal to do so….please read the article and let me know what you think of the tactic……


Legality of Drone Warfare or Illegality of Drone Assassination? by Coleen Rowley —

Has ISIS Lost Its Head? Power Struggle Erupts with Al-Baghdadi Seriously Wounded – The Daily Beast

I wrote about the possibility that the leader of ISIS had been injured in an airstrike….originally I wrote that there had been no confirmation of such an injury…..later I read that he had suffered a serious injury to his spine in that attack…….and that was number two for confirmation…..and that his injuries were so severe that a new leader had been assigned to lead the group.

Now we have confirmation number 3……..

So will anything change in the tactics of ISIS or is this an opening for a serious run at the group in an attempt to eliminate the threat all together?

What say you?


Has ISIS Lost Its Head? Power Struggle Erupts with Al-Baghdadi Seriously Wounded – The Daily Beast.

The Real “Zero Dark Thirty”?

Do remember where you were when you heard the news that bin Laden had been killed?

Since that day there have been numerous documentaries about the event……the Seal Team Six has become a national hero….Hollywood has made a fortune from telling and re-telling the story…..and TV has glorified the work by the CIA and others to locate and kill the world’s number one terrorist…….the long arduous hours of data collection and analysis.

But as with most everything that has been done of late was it mostly propaganda?

A lengthy new report by the investigative journalist Seymour Hersh turns the official account of Osama bin Laden’s assassination on its head. In the London Review of Books, Hersh writes that the US didn’t, as it has said, discover bin Laden’s location through couriers. Instead, top Pakistani generals knew where bin Laden was—in fact, as Hersh puts it, “bin Laden had been a prisoner of the ISI at the Abbottabad compound since 2006,” and a Pakistani official revealed the information for a large portion of a $25 million reward the US had put forward in 2001. Hersh bases his report largely on an anonymous source he describes as “a retired senior intelligence official who was knowledgeable about the initial intelligence about bin Laden’s presence in Abbottabad.” Obama did order the Navy SEALs raid on the compound, but it didn’t happen the way the White House has said, Hersh writes.

“There was no firefight as they moved into the compound,” the source says. Bin Laden, who was an “invalid,” was simply shot. Ensuing accounts, including President Obama’s speech, provided inaccurate details. Though Obama acknowledged working with Pakistani intelligence, the account by John Brennan, now the CIA head, rejected the idea that Pakistan had any knowledge of bin Laden’s location. Hersh’s report is an “explosive” one, writes Seth Maxon at Slate, but he notes that its trustworthiness is uncertain, “since it mostly relies on the information of a single anonymous source—and because it doesn’t appear in Hersh’s usual venue for blockbuster investigative pieces, the New Yorker.” Business Insider agrees that it “should be viewed with skepticism.” Read it all here.

In case you are curious about this……here is the review from the UK…….

Is this true or is it just another made up story by a nationally known journalist?  Will we ever know the truth about this event?  Are we just celebrating a lie?

What do you think?  Fact or fiction?

Unending War on Terror – The Unz Review

The latest attack in Garland Texas has just kicked up the rhetoric another notch……Americans are starting to see “boogies” behind every tree…..the government helps fuel that fire as much as possible without appearing to be the source of the report…..

All this just makes the never ending war on terrorism last a little longer… has become a generational war……how many generations depends on many factors….fear being the most powerful.

How long do Americans want to be at war?  How much is too much?

Read on McDuff!


Unending War on Terror – The Unz Review.

Obama’s Unaccountable Drone War | The American Conservative

Yes, I am on my roll about the drone program……I see the necessity for the drones but I do not approve of the targeted assassination that they are being used for in the Middle East……..

I have a problem with the attempts to justify killing innocent civilians to kill one or two “terrorists”……….

There is No one being held accountable for these deaths……….short of paying hush money.  The drone programs need to be reassessed……is the deaths of countless civilians worth the assassination of a single “bad guy”?


Obama’s Unaccountable Drone War | The American Conservative.

Afghanistan: The Next Frontier

Looks like today I will be spending my time trying to debunking some of the fear and misinformation that the media and others are trying to make into some new talking points and spread around like peanut butter…….we have been bombarded with lots of ISIS activity in the last couple of days… not get me wrong….ISIS is a barbaric organization that deserves nothing short of total destruction…..they are miserable enough that we can do away with them on their own actions….no need to make sh*t up.

A  couple of weeks ago a suicide bomb went off in North Afghanistan and before the debris had finished falling from the sky ISIS has been blamed for the attack……

FAIZABAD, Afghanistan (AP) — A motorcycle-riding suicide bomber attacked a line of people waiting outside a bank Saturday in eastern Afghanistan, killing at least 35 and wounding 125 in an assault the country’s president blamed on the Islamic State group.

The accusation by President Ashraf Ghani, following local media reporting the Islamic State group’s Afghan affiliate claiming the attack, would mark a major escalation in the extremists’ nascent campaign of violence in the country.

I said then that it was too easy.  I seriously doubted that it was an ISIS affiliation because most of their affiliates are in North Africa and Middle East, mostly Iraq and Syria and Libya……there are some media sources that want this to be ISIS……..the UK’s Guardian reported……..

Afghanistan is bracing for an upsurge in violence as spring begins with a new maverick force emerging: militants associating themselves with Islamic State.

A statement that is not founded in reality…..there was and is nothing to suggest the ISIS has branched out and into Afghanistan.  Soon, headlines in both Afghan and international media announced that ISIL had just pulled off one of their largest attacks yet outside the Middle East. This came on the back of months of speculation about ISIL’s reach in Afghanistan, with militant groups flying the feared black flag being spotted from Kandahar in the south to Kunduz in the north.

As usual blame everything on ISIS and your wishes will be granted.  Instill fear and your hopes will be fulfilled.  All this speculation was for American audiences….fear buys a lot of help.

Keep in mind….when you need militarism then you invent a threat to justify policies and budgets.  Fear is a money maker.