Somalia: Revenge Best Served Cold

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I am sure that most action loving movie goers have see “Black Hawk Down”…..the story of a disastrous operation in Somalia in 1993 in the battle of Mogadishu…….many American troops were killed and as a result we soon decided that Somalia was a hopeless cause battling the war lord militants……

But even though the main body of US troops departed there has been a small but active team of American special forces operating in the country.  The objective is the destruction of Al Shabaab, Islamist extremists….now after about 20 years the US has successfully taken out the key figure in Al Shabaab……….the world learned that a US missile strike in southern Somalia on Monday had targeted Ahmed Godane, the leader of Al Shabaab, a terrorist with a $7 million bounty on his head.


The US is immediately began the back slapping…..why?  Analysts predict that if Godane has been killed, the group that he has led since 2008 will splinter. Over the last three years Godane has tightened his grip on the organization, ousting, alienating, or killing internal critics and rivals. Godane’s unassailable position gave Al Shabaab a certain ruthless direction but leaves it no clear successor.

So we have given Al Shabaab a lethal attack?  CIA analysts want you to believe that this will no longer be a threat in East Africa……as usual those guys have NO idea what is going on in the world…….

(Newser) – Somalian Islamic extremist rebels al-Shabab named Abu Ubeid Ahmed Omar to be their new leader following the killing of the previous leader by a US airstrike, said a commander of the group. The Somali militants unanimously selected Omar today at a meeting in an undisclosed location in Somalia, said rebel commander Abu Mohammed. Omar is believed to be an assumed name, and the new leader’s real name is not known. The Somali group had to appoint a new leader following the death of Ahmed Abdi Godane, the group’s spiritual leader who was killed by an airstrike on Monday.

My first reaction to the news was….are you guys high?  You just painted a target on the dude’s ass.

My second reaction is………..Once again the CIA has proven, at least to me, that they have NO clue what is happening in East Africa……….what about all their other “actionable” intel?

Time for new thinking in DC and international relations……..our people now are clueless.  Time after time these people have blown the analysis of a situation…….why do we continue to trust a group that has continuously been proven to be wrong and ill informed?

Hey, lamestream media: Cool it with the drumbeat to war on ISIS – The Week

I have said in the past that the MSM has done its job well.  The government and the M-IC used the media to do their dirty work of convincing the American public the necessity to return to Iraq.

A job well done!


Hey, lamestream media: Cool it with the drumbeat to war on ISIS – The Week.

This is the biggest mistake people make about an ISIS attack in America – The Week

We have heard all the loud mouths blabber on and on about the threat that ISIS is to the homeland……people like McCain and Graham come to mind first and foremost……but is their prediction accurate or are they just talking to hear the sound of their own voices?

You decide.


This is the biggest mistake people make about an ISIS attack in America – The Week.

Ignoring the cost of arming PKK | Arab News — Saudi Arabia News, Middle East News, Opinion, Economy and more.

I have written on numerous occasions that I question the logic the US is not showing by arming the peschmerga/PKK……..this group were terrorists last month but now we are told that they are the only hope for saving Iraq……..I am NOT convinced that we are doing the right thing with this plan……mainly because of stories like this…….from Chinese news……..

ANKARA, Sept. 8 (Xinhua) — The Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK) militants kidnapped 10 children in Turkey’s eastern province of Mus late Sunday, private Hurriyet newspaper reported on Monday.

A group of 30 PKK militants kidnapped the 10 children between the age of 12 to 15, including one girl, at a mosque in Catakli village in Mus’ Bulanik town on Sunday night, the report said.

The PKK, listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the United States and the European Union, took up arms in 1984 in a bid to create an ethnic homeland in southeastern Turkey. Since then, more than 40,000 people have been killed in conflicts involving the group.

I wish I could say that arming the PKK in response to IS would be a good idea…..but I cannot….I am not convinced at all…….as old saying goes….”leopard cannot change its spots”……..


Ignoring the cost of arming PKK | Arab News — Saudi Arabia News, Middle East News, Opinion, Economy and more..

Propaganda Vs Propaganda

Remember Mad Magazine’s Spy vs Spy?  Something was going to go wrong with either the ‘white” spy or the “black”……..

Well the US has a new plan of action to employ in its fight with ISIS/ISIL/IS (you choose…I am tired of trying to keep up with the acronyms)……..the US will fight IS propaganda with US propaganda…….

Newser) – A new YouTube video depicts ISIS in all its brutality, but this time ISIS isn’t responsible—bizarrely, the US State Department is, the Washington Post reports. Mock recruitment video “Welcome to ISIL-Land” is 69 seconds of graphic violence meant to undermine the abundance of ISIS online propaganda. The message: ISIS casually kills innocent Muslims and they’ll kill you, too. Using footage shot by the group—including mosques blown up by suicide bombers, crucified bodies, severed heads, whippings, and executions, as per the New York Daily News—the video is aimed at young and disaffected Western Muslims, who are “potential recruits, potential sympathizers,” says a department spokeswoman. Some 100 Americans have already joined ISIS, adds CNN.

So far, the video hasn’t proven popular, with only 42,000 views since July—far less than the execution of journalist James Foley. But ISIS is a formidable online adversary, proving itself “successful and effective … at using propaganda, particularly social media,” one terrorism expert tells the Post. And then there’s this problem—potential ISIS recruits are “enthused by videos of executions and suicide bombings, not deterred by them,” says one expert. The YouTube video is part of a wider campaign to battle ISIS on those platforms, the US posting opposing messages on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr in various languages. The department acknowledges the latest video’s flaws: “We poke holes in their narrative, try to turn the tables. You’re not going to get a knockout blow,” says an official.

By modern definition… propaganda is lies used to sway the person to a certain way of thinking…….does that mean that the US will be lying to change minds?

Will this work?  Or is it just a limp wrist (no pun intended) approach?

Your thoughts please.

Middle East: Shall We Dance?

Most anyone that follows the international news will know that Libya since the ousting of Qaddafi has been a hot bed to violence……this faction fighting that faction and no one is really in control……but recently there was an airstrike on an Islamic faction…….in case you missed it……

(Newser) – Egypt and the United Arab Emirates launched airstrikes at militias in Libya twice over the last week without Washington’s approval, four US officials tell the New York Times. Egypt, in fact, denied any involvement in the attacks. The first strikes came last week in Tripoli, destroying a weapons depot “controlled by Islamist-friendly militias” and blowing up six people, the Times says. The second, on Saturday, struck a warehouse, vehicles, and rocket launchers run by “Islamist-allied militia.” Militants rebounded by seizing Tripoli’s airport, which was then destroyed by fire yesterday amid strikes by “unidentified war planes,” Reuters reports.

The UAE and Egypt had attacked Libya before, US officials say: A military team from Egypt (possibly comprised of Emirates fighters) recently leveled an Islamist camp in Libya. That may have encouraged the UAE and Egypt to think they could attack undetected again, the officials said. The strikes represent a new salvo in the Middle East conflict between Islamists and old-school autocratic leaders, the Times notes. Much Twitter reaction is focusing on how the UAE and Egypt, both close US allies, apparently launched the attacks without calling Washington first, the Atlantic Wire reports. Tweets Yair Rosenberg: “The problem w/ leading from behind is sometimes you get left behind.”

Now that attack has brought an interesting thought….at least to me…..if Saudi and UAE are willing to go it alone against Islamists could they be the partners we need in our fight against the IS?

The US is scrambling to find allies for the war on IS…..but they say assad is NOT one of those considered………

Newser) – After OKing airstrikes in Iraq and spy flights over Syria in an attempt to rein in ISIS, President Obama has started rallying international allies to expand efforts against the militant Sunni group—efforts that may include even more airstrikes in Iraq and possible military action in Syria, reports the New York Times. One thing he won’t be doing: partnering with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who also has a vested interest in purging his country of the insurgents. “We’re not going to ask for permission from the Syrian regime,” a State Department spokeswoman tells the Washington Post.

Although Syria warned Monday that it would consider any US strikes against ISIS in its country “an act of aggression” if not coordinated with its government, it indicated that it’s “ready to cooperate and coordinate on the regional and international level in the war on terror,” notes the Post. This may be part of the reason why the Obama administration is working behind the scenes to bolster its international support: In addition to getting longtime allies Britain and Australia on board for potential air campaigns, unnamed administration officials say they’re asking Turkey for the use of its military bases, trying to gather intelligence from Jordan, and requesting financial assistance from Saudi Arabia, which supports Syrian opposition forces, notes the Times. “Rooting out a cancer like [ISIS] won’t be easy, and it won’t be quick,” Obama said in a speech yesterday, adding “that the militants would be ‘no match’ for a united international community.”

Writer Bobby Ghosh has brought up an interesting premise and ask a valuable question…….since the attack on Libya there is the possibility that we could have found the needed allies for the coming storm……….

Newser) – Neither nation is admitting it exactly, but it seems that Egypt and the United Arab Emirates joined forces earlier this month to bomb sites held by Islamist militants inside Libya. This is actually a huge milestone in the Arab world, writes Bobby Ghosh at Quartz, and one that should cause concern among militants fighting for the Islamic State, or ISIS. “Why is it a game-changer?” writes Ghosh. “Because it marks the first time two Arab nations have teamed up to launch military operations against Islamists in a third.”

What’s more, “it was the first time two Sunni Muslim nations struck radical Sunni groups in a third Sunni country.” With the precedent now set, these two nations and others could be emboldened to form a coalition to go after the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Considering that other Sunni Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Jordan have plenty of US aircraft in their arsenals, such a coalition could be powerful indeed. The idea of doing anything to help Syria’s Bashar al-Assad may give pause, but “the taboo on intervention has been lifted.” Click for Ghosh’s full column.

If we are to be successful against the rapid advancement of the IS then we will need partners willing to do what needs to be done……will Egypt or Saudis and the UAE be part of the needed coalition?

Here’s How it is Legal for the Government to Kill an American Citizen | Ghosts of Tom Joad – Peter Van Buren

I do believe that the Constitution has a provision in it about the killing and holding American citizens…..but yet we launch drones that have assassinated Americans….how can this be?

It is not like America is a stranger to assassinations….ask Vietnam’s Dien or Guatemala or…..but what about the assassination of an American citizen?


Here’s How it is Legal for the Government to Kill an American Citizen | Ghosts of Tom Joad – Peter Van Buren.