Here’s How it is Legal for the Government to Kill an American Citizen | Ghosts of Tom Joad – Peter Van Buren

I do believe that the Constitution has a provision in it about the killing and holding American citizens…..but yet we launch drones that have assassinated Americans….how can this be?

It is not like America is a stranger to assassinations….ask Vietnam’s Dien or Guatemala or…..but what about the assassination of an American citizen?


Here’s How it is Legal for the Government to Kill an American Citizen | Ghosts of Tom Joad – Peter Van Buren.

What About The Benghazi Thing?

First Syria explodes……then Ukraine becomes an international mind screw… Iraq is a roaring inferno fanned by the hot winds of sectarianism…..but in all that time there has always been Benghazi…….that scandal that is not so much a scandal but rather a fantastic fundraising tactic…… recent events have made it clear exactly what the Right is really doing……..

There has been a wealth of the Right beating their chest that the President is NOT trying to capture and punish those who attacked our people….here are just a few of them and what they had to say……..

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas): In November, Cruz criticized the Obama administration for failing to use a State Department program that offers rewards to people with information about terrorists in order to track down the Benghazi attacker: “The State Department’s Rewards for Justice Program exists to help the US identify and apprehend its enemies, but the Obama administration has not used it to pursue the terrorists who attacked our personnel in Benghazi,” he said.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.): In August, Issa, the chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, which has held numerous hearings on the Benghazi attack, harped on the administration’s “delay” in apprehending Abu Khattala: “If our government knows who perpetrated the attack that killed four Americans, it is critical that they be questioned and placed in custody of US officials without delay,” he said.  “Delays in apprehending the suspected Benghazi killers will only put American lives at further and needless risk.”

Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.), and John McCain (R-Ariz.): In a February letter to Obama, the three GOP senators wrote, “In almost 17 months, none of the terrorists have been brought to justice. The families of the murdered Americans deserve to see the terrorists brought to justice. Moreover, terrorists around the world need to know that if they kill Americans, we will hunt them down and bring them to justice. Allowing terrorists apparently involved in the attack to sit and give interviews in cafés sends a dangerous message that there are no consequences for killing Americans.”

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah): “[L]et’s not forget the Benghazi terrorist attackers,” Chaffetz told USA Today in October. “There’s been no visibility on whether or not we’re pursuing that.”

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-Va.): In August, when the Justice Department filed charges against Abu Khattala, Wolf suggested the administration wouldn’t have acted without Republican pressure. “I think they’re feeling pressure to do something, to show they’re making progress,” he told the Washington Times, adding that charges against suspects have likely been delayed by “confusion” among US law enforcement authorities.

But what do they have to say now?………there has been a capture…….

US Special Forces captured Ahmed Abu Khattala, the man long suspected of leading the 2012 attack on the US consulate in Benghazi, over the weekend in a secret raid, official sources tell the Washington Post. American troops, working with the FBI, apprehended Khattala near Benghazi, and are currently holding him in “a secure location outside Libya,” the sources say.

Khattala has in the past admitted involvement in the attack, but denied leading it—all while mocking Libyan authorities as too “chicken” to arrest him. Federal prosecutors filed charges against him and a dozen others last year, and the State Department in January designated him as a “senior leader” of the Benghazi branch of the terrorist group Ansar al-Sharia. “When the United States says it’s going to hold someone accountable and he will face justice, this is what we mean,” one official boasts.

You would think that they would be silent for awhile………..NOT these guys and gals………….Now with the suspect in custody the Right is screaming for the man to be sent to Gitmo for trial…..why is that important?

Easy!  At Gitmo he would get a military trial where all info and evidence would not be on public record…….is that a bad idea?

You betcha……if he is tried in a Federal court all evidence and info will be on public record…….and while on public record may shoot all the holes in the spurious scandal BS.  And if it turns out not in the GOP’s favor then all that cash raised off of this fake scandal will dry up and will NO longer be anything but a memory.

Then the country will see that Benghazi was always about money….NEVER about the truth or the 4 dead Americans……Americans will see the GOP for what it has always been…..and opportunistic sham!

John Boy Does It Again

A new week begins……I normally try to have a topic for each day’s posts……giving my readers as much info as possible on the subject……we all need to know what is what and what our policies and actions could create……….this week the President will be spotlighting foreign policy… I guess I will take the lead and post on some of the more embarrassing points of our foreign policy………just sit back, grab some popcorn and be prepared to be dazzled……..after all….that is why I am here!

Today I will step out of my typical posting style and give my readers a hodge-podge day……..

First will be a post on John McCain…..American’s hawkish darling……..this was going into my Babbling buffoons series but it is just too typical and deserves its own post…….

Our fave hawk in Congress back in 2008 when Russia invaded Georgia (the country not the state)……McCain made a very profound statement…..”In the 21st century nations do not invade other nations.”………a moronic statement considering our recent invasion of Iraq for no other reason than a string of lies……after that and all the criticism he took for such a bonehead statement you would think that he would be more careful when pushing his interventionist agenda…..but you would be wrong……….

McCain has issued a statement concerning the kidnap girls in nigeria and what needs to be done………

……………..he would like to see U.S. troops sent to Nigera to rescue the girls, whether the Nigerian government gives permission or not.

“If they knew where they were, I certainly would send in U.S. troops to rescue them, in a New York minute I would, without permission of the host country,” McCain told The Daily Beast. “I wouldn’t be waiting for some kind of permission from some guy named Goodluck Jonathan.”

McCain said that if he were president, he would be prepositioning U.S. special forces to be prepared to enter Nigeria and rescue the girls.

“I would not be involved in the niceties of getting the Nigerian government to agree, because if we did rescue these people, there would be nothing but gratitude from the Nigerian government, such as it is,” he told The Daily Beast…..

You can see why I call John McCain America’s hawkish darling………he would put US troops into harms way at every turn if it we up to McCain solely…..thank God it is not.

McCain is a dinosaur………his old fart thinking is outta step in a 21st century world………please someone advise him to either allow rational people to speak on foreign policy or shut the hell up!  if he cannot do either of those options then maybe it is time for him to retire and spend his days drinking his wife’s beer.


Boko Haram: How To Win The Psy-Ops War

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:

I have patiently waited to see what everyone had to say about how to handle the situation in Nigeria and that of Boko Haram……and as usual a lot of it is pure manure!

When I first got interested in international relations I wanted to study the causes of war……thanx to my time experiencing it first hand, both overt and covert………after some of the studies were out of the way I decided to specialize in Middle East Studies……..this opinion piece is from a person who has experienced war first hand and how to deal with an opponent that cannot be negotiated with at any time.

I need to warn my readers that my idea will not be a popular one and may even be considered barbaric by some……but there is a way to handle the situation of the missing girls once they are found……..

We,  and by we I mean the rest of the so-called civilized world, have to make this a situation that should never be attempted and to do that we need to use psychological warfare as well as strength…..we know that this situation will not be resolved by negotiation and trust……and since we know this there can be only one way to proceed.  If we have a weak stomach then this will not end well for the world and especially for the kidnapped girls.

Some action needs to be formulated…….an the time tried technique of sanctions is not, I repeat NOT, a good idea……..this will end only with a good complete strike against Boko Haram……a quick strike and extraction is a good scenario but a lame one……without inflicting damage on the group what will stop them from doing this again?

There comes a time when one must play by the rules of the opponent and this is one of those times……it must be brutal and all encompassing.  Yes, even messy.

I would work the angle of the human traffickers in the region….they know where this group is and where the girls are housed.  Offer them $1 million for location with NO repercussions against them…….then give them the option of taking home $10 million for the head of the leader….and I do not mean that metaphorically.

Once the girls are located and extracted then the entire group needs to pay the ultimate price for their actions…….if that is a sticking point then i say you will face a similar scenario over and over.  There MUST be a price for their actions…..and that price needs to be strong and bold… that any further considerations for terror long these lines will cause a group some second thoughts.

Sanctions, condemnation and negotiation will do NOTHING to eliminate these tactics from the terrorist arsenal…..make them face reality……that actions have consequences.  We must cut the head off the snake!

I know these are extreme measures and the world may well criticize such an action……..but it will send a message and make terrorists realize that they are NOT in control.

Doing the little things like sanctions will do nothing to change the minds of terrorists and their unacceptable actions.

Rescue the girls….then be bold… brutal…… barbaric……….. or good home and shut the Hell up!

Note:  Under normal conditions I am NOT in favor of using US Troops for every international situation…..where I do have a problem is when innocent civilians are harmed by warring factions……it is unacceptable……NO matter who does the harming.

The situation in Nigeria demands a through resolution…..a resolution that will send a message to all wannabe extremists…..that there is a consequence for involving civilians in their mindless conflict……..if they act like animals then treat them like animals…….PERIOD!

Game Of Drones–Revisited

Remember a couple of years ago we killed some top AQ dude in Pakistan…….the drones killed him at least three times…….that propaganda coup was not so effective…….there was a debate on drones after the three misses……it seems that too many civilians were being killed so it was convenient to kill the same guy a couple of times to make the civilian deaths seem ‘necessary’……..

Last week we had word that we had killed a major AQ bomb maker in Yemen, Ibrahim al-Asiri, and the peasants danced…..another bad guy off the grid….life is good…….but wait for it……..

Early last week, US officials began hyping the potential killing of alleged al-Qaeda bombmaking mastermind Ibrahim al-Asiri, who they identified as having been killed in an ambush by US ground troops in Yemen.

At the time, they claimed a sniffer dog was brought in and positively identified one of the corpses as that of Asiri, but Yemen has finally gotten around to conducting an actual DNA test, and the results show it’s not Asiri.

Yemen apparently sent the DNA to Saudi Arabia, where they had the DNA on file of Ibrahim’s brother, who died in a suicide bomb attack. There was no match between the two, however.

Officials say they were unable to get a DNA confirmation of either Asiri or Nasser al-Wuhayshi from any of the scores of slain “suspects” from the US attacks, a disappointment for them. Completely ignored in this is the fact that the US killed those scores of people on the assumption Asiri was one of them, and not a single one has ever been identified.

It seems we are back to making wild claims in an effort to lessen the effect of civilian deaths………….is it not about time to reconsider all these deaths thanks to the use of drones?  Is it possible that civilians are considered ‘collateral damage’ in out War on terror?  Is that acceptable?


New Torture Theater

Remember about 8 or 9 years ago the raging debate on water boarding and torture in general?  It raged on and on….many opinions and many theories…..some even went so far as to protest the technique……I bring this up because a couple of weeks ago I gave a lecture at the local Jr. College on international relations……we talked about Middle East Peace…..and Ukraine and one student brought up this torture document that all are raving about….. I let the class go back and forth stopping and asking a question here and there and t\let them continue to debate….after about a half hour I brought it to a halt……

I told them that it was good to see the lively exchanges…which it was….I finally asked the entire class…….have any of you ever been tortured?  Of course, none had but a few tried to use some bullying as a torture….did not fly……they all stared at me for a moment before I said……

“Try It Then We Will Talk”!

I then went on to tell them that without first hand knowledge of what is involved and the physical aspects of the technique they have an opinion but it is a worthless opinion.

I bring this up because we are having the debate all over again……and as usual it is not about the technique…it is about the politics of the report……