Play That Funky Fear Card

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


There are two people with the Ebola virus and suddenly we have a global pandemic……and meanwhile there is a war being waged in the Middle East….the MSM is so damn transparent….this is to give the public something else to worry about…I mean how many worthless questions can be asked about 2 patients?  At least they, the MSM, is not fixated on the nude pics of celebs….for now.

The most effective way to gain the support of the public is the use of the fear card… worked in 1991….it work in 2003 and it is working now with the newest flexing of American international muscle….and to focus away from a war is by giving them another fear to obsess over…..enter Ebola.

Me?  I will stick with hitting people over the head about a war we did not need…….I am sure there are plenty of other blogs that will be obsessed over the virus if that is the direction you want to direct your fear….feel free to go there……For now I will be focused on an issue that will create more victims than the virus…..

Just when the need to strike into Syria the administration handed us, the people, a new more lethal bad guy….the Khorsan Group as it is called by our super dubber intel community…..they are poised to attack our country and rain down destruction……and as predicted….BAM!  The American people jumped at the need to eliminate these guys……

I among others started doubting the existence of this group…….if they are part of AQ then why give them another designation? My writings were joined by others that called into the intel community for more info…..since their word is virtually worthless we demand more concrete info than just their word………

But as usual, we doubters are not worth the worry……..and the FBI joined into the full court press…….

In comments on today’s “60 Minutes” program, FBI Director James Comey warned that the Khorasan group is “serious people, bent of destruction” who plan to attack the US “very, very soon.”

Comey insisted the US had to act as if the Khorasan strike was “coming tomorrow,” but conceded that they don’t know whether they plan to attack “tomorrow or three weeks or three months from now.”

There you have it a definitive answer to our calls for clarification……..

the Khorasan strike was “coming tomorrow,” but conceded that they don’t know whether they plan to attack “tomorrow or three weeks or three months from now.”  (Or ever….my words)

So basically, this group could hit is now or never……but it is imminent……after years of “success” against AQ we now have AQ that is threatening….again.  So which is it?  Did we do damage to AQ?  Or is it still as strong as it ever was?

A fear card is a tried and true form of propaganda……..give the people something to fear and they will follow.

The American people need to educate themselves and STOP fearing a maybe……

And then there is the Congress……..are they part of this massive propaganda effort?  Do we trust these people to make the right decision or are they just making a monetary decision?



Why Do Americans Hate Beheadings But Love Drone Killings? | Coleen Rowley

The beheadings committed by ISIS of Americans and Brits brought the US and UK into a full fledged full court press for revenge……how dare they kill innocents in the name of some religious ramblings……but yet we Americans show a lack of concern for other civilians…..

Are Americans the only people that count in this world?


Why Do Americans Hate Beheadings But Love Drone Killings? | Coleen Rowley.

The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria – The Intercept

Thanx to past deals the US has engaged in….I was suspicious when a “new” terror group popped up in the news conferences…..

I have been searching the internet for a confirmation….so far I got diddly…and I mean diddly squat!

It is disturbing to realize that few people bother to read such presses that I post for their information…….these are the first people to bitch and moan when they learn something they do not agree with…all the while the info was there and they were just too ‘busy’ to bother reading the information….it might take them away from Candy Crush for a couple of minutes…..


The Fake Terror Threat Used To Justify Bombing Syria – The Intercept.

“This ISIS Coalition Is Impressive”

Opinion from the desk of the Editor:


I keep hearing pundits slap the prez on the back for putting together this “Coalition” of nations in the fight against ISIS…..some have even called it impressive.  To that I say……..WTF?

If true the coalition has about 40 or 50 nations that have signed on for this new fight…..signed on to do what?

A couple of days ago we started the long anticipated war in Syria….and with those strikes 5 nations joined in……Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE and Bahrain and since then NOTHING!

It appears that this was the token attack and their part is through……so what will the remaining 35-45 nations have to do to prove their worth?

Obama said in a speech to the UN that “this fight is not America’s alone”… far about 90% of it is on America’s hands.

I am still waiting for the impressive part.

Correction:  After I wrote this draft news came out that the latest attacks on ISIS the UAE and Saudis were involved in the action…….good news that someone else is helping with the heavy lifting….but I am still not very impressed……

How about you?