Game Of Drones–Part Deux

The big scoop the media will milk for all it is worth is the deaths of an American AQ hostage in Pakistan by drone attack.

The drone program is a tactic to attack the bad guys without having to use US troops…..the intel services give the military a target and a drone is launched with missiles and such and the target is taken out…….and American troops were out of harms way.

Of course the Obama admin is pressing the successes the drones are having at taking the fight to the terrorists with minimum US involvement…….my problem with this program is the each target that is hit has civilians around it and in turn deaths of innocent people ensues….in a report issued back in 2014 the total civilians deaths from drone attacks is said to be 2400…..personally, I think that number is too low…..

Civilians deaths are not limited to the Middle East…..they have occurred in Somalia, Yemen, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan to mention only a few.

I bring all this up because of the most recent deaths by drone………

A January drone strike against a “suspected al-Qaeda compound” in Pakistan has killed at least two innocent hostages, the White House admitted today, identified as American aid worker Dr. Warren Weinstein and Italian aid worker Giovanni Lo Porto.

This death brings the total amount of Americans killed by drones to…..6.

Officials say their initial intelligence gave them “near certainty” that there were no hostages at the targeted site, and much of the commentary defending the killings on cable news focuses on the idea that this was not a “hostage rescue mission” at any rate.  Near certainty?

Back in 2013 Obama made one of his famous speeches and talked about drone strikes………Obama indicated that drone strikes were only permissible when the administration possessed “near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured, the highest standard we can set”………….

Basically what they are saying is that they had NO idea who was in the compound that held the two hostages before they authorized the attack………..why then attack the compound?  Are we just attacking for the sake of attacking?

The CIA and the US military’s Joint Special Operations Command, both of which carry out drone strikes, have in the past been empowered to launch lethal “signature strikes”, which do not require foreknowledge of who specific individuals are before killing them.

There has got to be a point where this becomes unacceptable.  I realize that the American public is out for blood since 9/11…..revenge and all that………but at what price?

A wall of silence goes up around the drone attacks and the public is kept out of the loop…… is beyond time for a re-evaluation of the drone program……we know that will not happen under the Obama watch………but it not now…..WHEN?


The Tentacles Of ISIS Expands

Yep every American knows the evil that is ISIS……they know of the killings, the destruction, the bullshit……..and the toads that are trying to sign on to the success of ISIS……but recently one organization has said it will follow where ISIS leads….an organization so evil that it pales some of the violence of ISIS…….that group is in Nigeria and their name rings of evil….Boko Haram.

– the leader of the feared Nigerian terrorist group, Boko Haram, opened a new page in the history of the group when he announced his allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the self-proclaimed ‘caliph’ and leader of the Islamic State (IS, also known as ISIS or ISIL).

Al-Baghdadi’s acceptance of Shekau’s bay’ah, or pledge of allegiance, has formalised the alliance between two of the world’s most ruthless terrorist organisations. Boko Haram joins a growing number of extremist groups in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia that have since the beginning of 2014 voluntarily given up their independence by proclaiming the supreme authority of ISIS. Shekau, however, is known for his uncompromising views, raising questions as to how he would respond to orders from al-Baghdadi.

The practice of giving bay’ah has become common among African terrorist groups and is often mistaken to be a sign of weakness or imminent demise. Many factors – including strategic, organisational, leadership and ideological reasons – may account for a group’s decision to pledge loyalty to another.

For ISIS, the alliance will facilitate its African expansion, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, and strengthen al-Baghdadi’s global legitimacy and influence. Boko Haram may also provide an important front for ISIS to attack countries taking part in Obama’s international coalition, set up to ‘degrade and destroy’ the terror group.

The alliance does not augur well for the ongoing regional campaign to contain Boko Haram, as the Islamist sect could get more sophisticated, posing serious operational and tactical challenges to the African Union (AU)-approved multinational joint task force (MNJTF).

Now the world needs to react to this announcement……this cannot bode well for African nations in turmoil….it gives a footing to ISIS……if it goes unchecked then massive destruction and death will follow…..

Dear World:  Do Not F*ck This Up!

Turn The Page!

Middle East: While You Were Otherwise Distracted

I know I am back on the Middle East….well it is more exciting than American politics……this coming from a guy with a degree in polisci……..what can you write about clowns….only that they are creepy and should be avoided.

There are many stories that are newsworthy but for some reason seldom make it to the talking heads……to be fair usually the talking heads are more focused on e-mails or whose butt is bigger or some random car chase in Po-Dunk California……you know the mundane crap that we all crave……..

So while you were otherwise distracted there is news in the War on Terror……..

Though there was no formal announcement of any policy change accompanying it, the latest Worldwide Threat Assessment, issued by the office of the Director of National Intelligence, conspicuously did not list either Iran or Hezbollah as terrorist threats to the United States.

The 2014 report declared both were direct threats to the US and its allies, and Iran had been given an entire segment of the terrorism section in the previous years.

This year, the assessment on Iran praised the nation for its attempts to “dampen sectarianism” and to “deescalate tensions with Saudi Arabia,” though they did warn that Iranian attempts to protect regional Shi’ites risked fueling a secfarian backlash against them.

An interesting turn in international relations……these two have been on the list since its inception…….but now we are cutting them some slack…….

There is another side to this coin……is it possible the US could be painted as protecting the Shi’a sect over the Sunni?  If so then this could be yet another of our trips that could provide recruitment opportunities for extremists.

I have been researching and analyzing the Middle East for decades and I cannot for the life of me understand what the US id doing…….since 2003 it has been one misstep after another……and now it looks more like some secret plan as opposed to accidents….

I understand that we are in negotiations with Iran and we are trying to prove to them that we can trust them and that they could benefit from a successful negotiations……but I think that this may be sending the wrong message within the extremist circles that could be disastrous….

Any ideas?

The Orwellian Re-Branding of “Mass Surveillance” as Merely “Bulk Collection” – The Intercept

Most Americans Right or Left is concerned about the programs the government has to get our information……NSA is doing pretty well at their program of “bulk collection”………in other words they will spy on us mere mortal Americans in the name of national security…..but they must be politically correct so mass surveillance becomes bulk collection……but read it for yourself…….


The Orwellian Re-Branding of “Mass Surveillance” as Merely “Bulk Collection” – The Intercept.


After you read the above press….there is something else to consider……less than one third of Americans are worried about their data………why?


Two years after Snowden leaks, public split on government spying | TheHill.

Nigeria: Return Of The “Wild Geese”

Wild Geese…..Soldiers of fortune…… consultants…….no matter how we try to fantasize them……by any other name they are….MERCENARIES.

The terrorist organization, Boko Haram, has been running rough shod over Nigeria for a couple of years……the government of Nigeria is doing what nations have done in the past…..hire soldiers from other lands.


Nigeria Drafts in Foreign Mercenaries to Take on Boko Haram.


I have a suggestion……since the mercenary field has a superb army at its disposal, Blackwater, why not cut a deal with the company to do their fighting for them…….after all….Blackwater has the air power, intel resources and ground troops to wage a substantial conflict.  Plus Nigeria is awash with oil money…maybe now would be a good time to use it for good instead of corruption.


Do We Need the DHS? | Cato Institute

During the recent cock-up about funding of DHS….many questions were asked and few actually answered……but the one BIG question that needs an answwer urgently is……do we really need DHS?

This is a white paper from the CATO Institute……with whom I seldom agree…..but they asked and answered that one burning question…

Check it out and let me know what you think about the question…….


Do We Need the DHS? | Cato Institute.

DHS: Pulling Out All Stops

Yep……the country waits on abetted breath….will we be or will we not be protected by DHS?  Will Congress do the right thing or will it play its usual game?

To prove how much we need DHS and its multi-billion dollar payroll…..we have had new arrests around people wanting to go over to the dark side–ISIS……and now this comes to light……..

US prosecutors yesterday presented declassified al-Qaeda documents obtained after the 2011 raid of Osama bin Laden’s Pakistan compound at the trial of a man charged in a British terrorism plot. The al-Qaeda documents, read by the FBI linguist who translated them from Arabic, were presented at the trial of Abid Naseer and discussed terror attacks in Britain and Russia, including plans to bomb a pipeline or the US embassy in the latter country. Naseer, who’s from Pakistan, has pleaded not guilty and is defending himself in federal court in Brooklyn. Naseer headed a British al-Qaeda terror cell that in 2009 was part of a broader conspiracy to commit attacks in the United Kingdom, New York, and Denmark, prosecutors have charged.

The documents discuss a range of al-Qaeda business, from operational tactics to training methods and suggestions on how to avoid detection by law enforcement. One letter suggests that attacking the continental US “in its heartland … has the most significance” and “cannot be compared” to an attack outside the country. The goal of an attack would be “to pressure 300 million Americans” to make their elected officials end the US war against al-Qaeda and its goal of establishing an Islamic state, the letters said. None of the letters mentioned Naseer by name. Also yesterday, top FBI counterterror official Alexander Otte testified that he traveled to Afghanistan and managed the handling of evidence recovered after the bin Laden raid, saying that he saw bin Laden’s body after it was returned to a military hangar. “I knew who he was, and I recognized him immediately,” he said.

Our need is great and our dependency is greater…….

Funny how all this is just now coming to light….just when the fate of DHS is on the chopping block………I do not believe in coincidence…..

What say you?