Republicans Wreck the Vote | The American Conservative

Surprise!  I actually read the American Conservative!  BTW…for you history buffs…today is Bastille Day…..

The GOP could be making a big problem worse…..the young are our future and our future voters…..maybe the GOP should stop trying to marginalize the very voters that could put them over the top…….just a thought!


Republicans Wreck the Vote | The American Conservative.

Attention, pols: Voters overwhelmingly prefer candidates who support climate action –

Oh geez!   This oughta send the deniers over the edge….but after thinking it over….they will just ignore any such evidence to keep preaching the crap they are fed……will the people put their votes where their mouth is or will they revert back to re-electing the same d/bags that they have always re-elected?


Attention, pols: Voters overwhelmingly prefer candidates who support climate action –

The Birth of a Citizen: Political Scientists Study How to Engage Young People | Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching

Since our dynamite congress cannot get anything done in the last 6 years maybe we should design a program to show these do-nothing twats what it takes to be a loyal official of the realm.

This might not be a bad idea for the rest of us also….maybe then we will stop electing big mouths and start finding people capable of being worthy of the office we give them.

If they want to act like immature morons then let us treat them as such….and keep it simple…….


The Birth of a Citizen: Political Scientists Study How to Engage Young People | Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Are Americans Capable Of Change?

CHANGE!  That magical word that can deliver votes.  Every American wants and sometimes demands change……but are they capable of change?  Or is it just a political slogan to win over the population?

This has been a post in the making….I started with the opening statement and weeks later I am still trying to put it together…….

Americans say they are looking for change……most are not….what they are looking for is their party or candidate or whatever to be elected.  To change Washington you would have to change the system…….ALL candidates are funded by special interests and they fund the candidates to get what they want….and they want things to remain the same…..they have a free run of DC they will NOT give that prestige up for any reason or than to be forced and I mean FORCED to relinquish their stranglehold on politics….and that my friend will never happen….not with the Dems or the GOP or the Tea Party or whatever little group one belongs.

Congress approval rating is at 13%, the lowest point in history and yet this rating does nothing to change their thinking and their policies……..the voter’s concerns means nothing to these people.  In a recent survey 72% of this polled say that elected officials do not deserve to be re-elected and yet they are almost every time.

Do Americans really want change?

The reps will offer up reform and reform is NOT change.  Reform is something done to appear to be concerned and changeable but in reality all it is is a feel good situation that gives the illusion of change.  With reform the underlying problems will remain just out of sight.

Sorry to say but voting is another feel good situation for the people….they are not in control of the process…..they get to vote on a person chosen for them…..and that sounds a lot like the old USSR where voters got to vote yes or no on a candidate…..ours is a bit more sophisticated but it is basically a yes or no vote.

Another problem is the people accept the reform as change…either they are ignorant or they are just naive…….there has never been real change…..a butt load of reforms but change has been elusive.

Personally I do not believe that there will be substantial change in my lifetime…..and that brings me to a quote I have in the back of my old radical brain….”There is NO solution….but revolution”.  Now the word revolution will make a lot of my readers shudder……remember though there are many ways to have a revolution and NOT all involve a bang bang shoot’m up………

If you are NOT willing to make change….then please stop using the term…..for so far all it is is a political campaign prop.  And a real cute bumper sticker.

No, You Can’t Vote: The GOP and Their “15% Solution”

I understand voter fraud…..what I cannot understand is how limiting voting hours or early voting or registration or…..will stop voter fraud……

I ran across this piece the other day and thought it made some good points……whatcha think?


No, You Can’t Vote: The GOP and Their “15% Solution”.

Never Too Early For 2016

I know I am getting ahead of myself….we still have the great election of 2014 to get through before we should focus on 2016, right?  I think that is a lot of bollocks!  2016 will point the way to the future…..will it be a massive retreat from progress or will it be a continuation of the status quo in DC?

I will from time to time weigh in on some of the possible candidates and why I think the country will lose out if they are elected……I will beginning with the Dems fave daughter, Hillary Clinton.

It seems that the Dems are all over the fact that she may run…..take a look at the poll results…..

Eighty-two percent of Democrats say they would like to see Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016, according to a new poll.

A New York Times/CBS poll released Tuesday finds support for a Clinton run within her own party higher than any other potential presidential candidate in either party.

Only 13 percent of Democrats say they would not like to see her run. Among independents, 52 percent say she should run.

In comparison, 42 percent of Democrats think Vice President Biden should run for president, while 39 percent think he shouldn’t.

Democrats don’t know enough about other potential candidates to make a decision. Those candidates include Sen. Elizabeth Warren (22 percent), New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (17 percent) and Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (3 percent).

So the $64 million question today is will Hil run?

I took a lot of grief back in 2008 when I was not a supporter of Hillary in the primaries……I was lambasted over and over…….and my response was the same every time……I did not like Bubba and Hillary will be just an extension of his policies.  Her hubby did more to harm the fabric of American life and I fear she will be NO better.

If and when she runs…I will have lots to say about her and Bubba’s policies…….

Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties – Business Insider

If this info is true….why don’t political parties concentrate their efforts and cash in these counties….seems it would be money well spent during a national election……check out the other data that is linked in on the bottom of the article….that is if you are interested in the demographics……….

Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties – Business Insider.

Who Should Vote?

It is president’s day and I thought I would look at the idea of voting…..most of us know that voting has been a point of contention since the very beginning…..first only free white guys could vote and then it was only white guys and 3/5s for the Afro-Americans…..women were still left out of the process and then slowly the light came on and women were eventually granted the right to vote in 1920……that left one group that were left out of the process, the Native Americans and after much to do they were granted the right in 1924…now the stage was set for a fair and equitable vote, right?  Not so much the Afro-Americans and Native Americans were still bound by state law that could prevent them from voting a various assorted ways……and then came the Civil Rights Act and finally it was a more equitable process.  (A very simplistic history of the voting rights……if further data is wanted then put your Google finger to work)…….

Everything progressed rather smoothly until there was allegations of rampant voter fraud (a made up issue, btw) and this gave rise to many state laws that could be used to limit the vote…all in the name of stamping out voter fraud……to this day I still do not have a good reason that limited polling stations or hours or early registration will control voter fraud (I guess I will just have to accept their doings….not really)……

Then of course there was the SCOTUS ruling that gave billionaires unlimited access to the election process,  Citizens United……in essence they could buy candidates and elections (not something the Founders would have wanted)…….while I was doing a little research on this matter I ran across a piece written by Jason Easley in Politicususa……

These are the thoughts of venture capitalist Tom Perkins…….

Perkins is terrified that rich may have to pay more taxes, “The fear is wealth tax, higher taxes, higher death taxes — just more taxes until there is no more 1%. And that that will creep down to the 5% and then the 10%.”

The idea that millionaires should get one million votes is already something that is being put into practice by wealthy conservatives. Citizens United has given wealthy billionaires the opportunity to buy votes through anonymous super PACs, but the plan has met with mixed results. Super PACs have been very effective at the state, and in some cases, local level. They have also been effective in congressional districts. However, they have had poor results in Senate races, and were an absolute failure during the 2012 presidential election.

Perkins’ comments echo the mentality that the American people are up against. Super rich Republican supporters think that they are entitled to more democracy than the rest of us. They believe that democracy is a commodity that they can buy. The right wing billionaires really do believe the job creator stuff.

They think their money makes them better people than the rest of us. Their hatred of President Obama, and the “unwashed masses” who have elected him twice is real. The Koch brothers, Perkins, and others consider themselves to be at war for the country.

Tom Perkins laid it all on the table. The super rich right thinks that government should be theirs, and they are doing everything in their power to steal democracy away from we the people.

I do not understand all the concern for the loss of democracy (imagined or actual) and then in the same breath look for ways to keep people from voting (for whatever imaged reason)……

If you want a strong republic should not the answer be a stronger move to get more people involved in the voting process?

Any retort?

Voting Under Fire?

There has been a wealth of opinions on whether our right to vote is under assault from dark forces….it seems that some areas are being hit with all kinds of limitations…..I understand the concern about voter fraud….although I cannot say that I can find a report that states that it is a nationwide problem but that is that….my problem is where does limiting voting spots or times or some such help prevent voter fraud?  And why is it seem to be a problem only in states with GOP control?

Anyway there has been a report about the voting across the US………

Voting is one of the critical ways for citizens to voice their opinions and desires to leaders and express their will for the direction of the country. But while voting is the crucial bedrock of a healthy democracy, citizens’ access to voting varies considerably within the states where elections are the most hotly contested.

With election administration delegated to officials and boards in more than 3,000 counties and localities in the United States, the ease with which one exercises his or her right to vote can depend on where he or she lives. Not only do state voting laws differ across the nation, even within a state, county-based election administration varies widely.

This report evaluates the election performance of counties in the 17 states that had the smallest margin of victory between the two presidential candidates in 2012. This analysis allows us to better understand how well the election process is working within a state, and will hopefully encourage state and local officials to consider how they can improve the voting experience for their citizens.

Read more and download the full report here.

IMO, there should be a push to get MORE people to vote than ones that seem to limit who can vote…..but thenb there is always an agenda when dealing with politicians…..right?

I know that many organizations are trying to push back on what they see as infringements on the rights of the voter….and today there was a piece of good news for them and their agenda……

A nearly 2-year-old requirement that almost all of Pennsylvania’s 8.2 million voters must show photo identification before casting a ballot was struck down today by a state judge, setting the stage for a courtroom showdown before the state’s highest court. Commonwealth Court Judge Bernard L. McGinley, a Democrat, said the law would unreasonably burden the fundamental right to vote, and the state had been unable to convincingly explain why it was necessary. “Voting laws are designed to assure a free and fair election; the Voter ID Law does not further this goal,” McGinley wrote in his 103-page ruling. The law, one of the strictest in the nation, was signed by Republican Gov. Tom Corbett in March 2012 over the protests of every single Democratic lawmaker in Pennsylvania’s Republican-controlled legislature. Enforcement of the law has been blocked by court orders pending resolution of the constitutional challenge. Both sides had vowed to appeal a negative decision to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. At a 12-day trial, the plaintiffs including the NAACP, the Pennsylvania League of Women Voters, and Philadelphia’s Homeless Advocacy Project emphasized problems in processing and distributing a new voting-only ID card available for free to voters who lack other acceptable IDs. They said dozens of registered voters who applied for those cards before the 2012 election did not receive them before ballots were cast.

This will be the precedence cited with any further attempts to block what they see as an infringement on the rights of Americans, all Americans, to vote……

And the situation goes on……….

Do You Care What Happened Yesterday?

Maybe not…..unless you live in an area that had their election yesterday you probably do not give a crap……but maybe you should look at a little that happened.

For one, Chris Christie won re-election as gov of New Jersey and watch for it… will be his first day as a candidate for the GOP nomination in 2016……other than that……it was news to make you snooze…..

But if you are a wonk like me their were a couple things that could point the way for future campaigns……

(Newser) – The 2013 election is in the books, and while there weren’t many surprises in this off-year affair, there’s plenty to digest. Here are some bulleted thoughts to help your brain do just that:

  • Some polls had Terry McAuliffe ahead of Ken Cuccinelli by double digits, so his 3-point win is something of a stunner, Politico points out. Cuccinelli’s assessment: “This race came down to the wire because of ObamaCare.” Exit polls seem to agree with him, CNN reports; 53% opposed ObamaCare.
  • McAuliffe also outspent Cuccinelli by $15 million. Given the small margin of victory, expect some recriminations from the RNC, which spent just $3 million on the race, compared to $9 million in 2009.
  • Do Republicans still have problems with women? McAuliffe won women by the same 9-point margin that Barack Obama did, and Chris Cillizza at the Washington Post points out that he won unmarried women by a whopping 40 points. But Chris Christie actually won 57% of women en route to his landslide win.
  • Of course, Christie won as “the un-Republican,” in Cillizza’s words. The results suggest that the GOP “would be much better served nominating a Chris Christie conservative than a Ken Cuccinelli or Ted Cruz conservative” in 2016.
  • The party might be getting the message. Tea Party favorite Dean Young lost in Alabama’s 1st District—maybe the reddest in the country—because his more moderate Republican foe raked in more money. The race “may signal the coming of a more active Republican business community,” CNN observes.
  • Of course, the Chris Christie Conservative most likely to be nominated is… Chris Christie. Pundits everywhere are declaring him the official frontrunner for the GOP nod in 2016. Click for much more on Christie’s win.
  • Bill de Blasio’s win was hardly a surprise, but it does represent a kind of revolt in the Big Apple. “He became the voice of frustration for the boroughs outside Manhattan,” says today’s New York Times profile. De Blasio has promised to raise taxes on Manhattan’s high-rollers, a big change from Michael Bloomberg and Rudy Giuliani’s tough-on-crime reps.

There you have it my friends….all the news you cannot possibly use…..enjoy!