Pressure Builds to Commit U.S. Troops Against ISIS; Why It’s Still a Bad Idea –

The media and the admin has done a marvelous job selling this newest extension to our endless wars……why do I say this?

A new NBC poll shows that 41% of Americans are okay using US troops in this war with ISIS…..will the admin ramp up their case making machine and in the end…..we will be back ass deep in sand.

Personally, I think it is a bad idea……but that is just my thought….but there are arguments against this action…..


Pressure Builds to Commit U.S. Troops Against ISIS; Why It’s Still a Bad Idea –

The Face Of Bowe

That my friends is a veiled tribute to Dr. Who…….

Okay I will move on.

Does anyone remember a guy named Bowe?  That was about 10 or 12 conspiracies ago….and it was important then…..what happened?

I am referring to the plight of Bowe Bergdahl.

The Army has completed its investigation into Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance from his post in Afghanistan that led to his subsequent capture by the Taliban, according to a news report Thursday.

The Army is looking into whether Bergdahl had deserted his post in Afghanistan or was away without leave before he was captured, which would be violations of, and punishable under, the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The Obama administration secured Bergdahl’s release in May in exchange for releasing five senior Taliban detainees from the Guantánamo Bay detention facility, a swap that sparked anger on Capitol Hill from both Democrats and Republicans.

If Bergdahl is found guilty of desertion or being away without leave, he could forfeit hundreds of thousands of dollars in wages accrued during his captivity, Army officials said earlier this year.

It would also tarnish the swap, which the administration had announced with some fanfare.

The report is being complied for release at a later dare……that is military speak for giving time for the pundits to prepare a spin for the results…….in the mean time this gives some legs to rehashing the whole conspiracy thing.

Once the media gets it then the whole ‘conspiracy’ will return to the front page until something can replace it.  For now it is being held in reserve….there is still much they can report on Ebola and they do not want that story to be upstaged by something they are now prepared to deal with at this time.

Time Has Come Today

Inkwell Institute

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A great song from the 60’s, Time Has Come Today by the Chambers Brothers…….and as in the song the time has come for you to face reality…..and reality is Afghanistan.  Ir a better title might have been….Afghanistan:  The Forgotten War.


In the year of our Lord, 2014, US troops will be leaving Afghanistan and we shall leave the country to its own devices.

Now the question is going around….will Afghanistan become the next Iraq?  I am so glad you asked!  Maybe not the question on your lips but international geeks like me it deserves some thought.

When the Russians pulled out in 1989 there was an immediate vacuum….and the Taleban waltzed in and took control and the rest, as they say, is history.

And now another invasion force will leave and the country once again will be to their own devices….this time the world will expect a different outcome…..for you see the US pressed for a democracy and the country has had some, well a couple of elections by now…..and almost every time they have been contentious……so what does the world expect with this withdrawal?

A former US Air Force officer, Justin Pavoni,  that served two tours in country has come up with the perfect checklist for when the US finally walks away from Afghanistan……..

  1. Behind the scenes the United States will broker a handshake deal with the Taliban in vain hopes that they do not simply overrun the country again and uproot the Kabul government. This has been going on for years. It is also the primary motivation behind the recent Bergdahl prisoner exchange.
  2. An Active Duty military drawdown from theater will be followed by the eventual announcement that the “last” American boots are off the ground in Afghanistan. Instead of conventional active duty troops the United States will keep a small contingent of extra-governmental and special operations operators (CIA, private military contractors, JSOC personnel) in theater. Sorties will still be flown in country but all active duty airmen will launch from one of the permanent bases in theater (e.g. Al-Udeid Air Base in Qatar). American aviators will drop bombs with “civilian” controllers (in very limited areas) but will be hesitant to do so with exclusively Afghani personnel on the mic (the vast majority of the country).
  3. Some of the military gear is being shipped home as part of the military’s retrograde equipment program but the much of it “in theater” is likely to stay exactly where it is. From a financial perspective it would be more efficient to let it sit in the Afghan dust forever because the cost of transportation far outweighs the value of the equipment. Eventually I suspect much of it will be turned over to the supervision of an inept Afghani government or sold to other foreign nations somewhere along the silk-road (sound familiar?). This is a real-world example of how the military industrial complex works.
  4. To “compensate” the United States government, Kabul is likely to “buy” some military gear at a greatly discounted rate. Considering the fact that the entire GDP of Afghanistan is less than $35 billion (much of which comes from US service-members shopping at the base bazaar), it should be obvious that Afghanistan can’t actually pay for the equipment itself. Therefore the United States is likely to “help” them through the provision of foreign aid and a fiat money loan presumably coordinated by the IMF (which of course does not expect to actually be paid back except through further fiat loans). The net effect will be an attempt by the United States to buy soft power in yet another foreign administration and to justify government spending (despite the obvious losses) as a statistical contribution to American GDP.
  5. A little bit of time will pass – say, for example, one or two years after the removal of ground troops. There will be small news stories along the way about a skirmish here or there. Most incidents will go unreported as most news agencies will be evacuated from large portions of the country.
  6. The Kabul government’s deal with the Taliban will eventually fall apart. The Afghani military (that is entirely infiltrated by Taliban) will fall apart, and the United States government will be faced with the question of whether or not they want to ramp up bombing in Afghanistan again (sound familiar?).
  7. Some Talibani soldier will execute a former Kabul government loyalist and will publish their video on the Internet. People will justifiably be outraged by the cruelty of such an act. There will be calls by the press for the “international community” to do something. Women are also highly likely to be oppressed in some form or another. Despite the utterly disastrous and counterproductive occupation of Afghanistan, it is a credit to the United States’ effort that the situation for women in the country has been much improved. This will not last and unfortunately, this situation creates a lot of potential danger for women in the absence of American imperial protection.
  8. The Taliban will take over a portion of the country – likely in the largely Pashtun areas surrounding Kandahar. They will focus their efforts on remote outposts and will start to take command of former American outposts and military weaponry (just like they did with Soviet weaponry). The ANA and/or ANP in that area will completely fold – they will either run away or surrender (sound familiar?).
  9. The Taliban, although presently weakened, will eventually start to gain momentum in the country. They will also garner support from foreign fighters who will flood the country. At this point the neo-conservative and neo-liberal war maniacs in D.C. will start to bang the drums for more American intervention in the region (sound familiar?). Eventually the president, whoever it is at the time, will concede. An increased bombing campaign will be authorized and the president will claim that it’s a limited action in that no “boots are on the ground.” This of course means no conventional active duty soldiers. The Special Forces and paramilitary types will have never left but they will be ill-equipped to fight the larger Taliban on their own. The war authorization will not be debated and the new war will not be declared. The president will act unilaterally using either the War Powers Resolution or a United Nations declaration and international consensus (which has no legal relevance) to lawfully protect him or herself. Congress will ignore the situation (being conveniently relieved of their responsibility to commit to a “yea” or “nay” vote and thus subject themselves to public scrutiny). Moral authority for such action will remain vague and most people will refuse to take any responsibility for their individual actions.
  10. Soldiers will pretend they’re defending the Constitution or will be entirely ignorant to the fact that such a document holds zero legal authority with regards to war in the modern American government. As such they will do exactly as they are ordered or they will be sent to prison.
  11. The Supreme Court will ignore any cases brought before it. Any alleged standing in court will be dismissed as irrelevant under the “political question” doctrine.
  12. The increased war spending will be monetized as required by the Federal Reserve System.
  13. Most Americans will continue to vote for their local zombie. They will be entirely unsatisfied with the Congress but will support their district’s incumbent nonetheless – it is the other ones that are the problem after all. Those who care enough to speak out will largely continue to pay their taxes because the IRS backlash will be individually devastating if they try to withhold their finances from perpetual war. Feeding their children will understandably take precedence in their mind and the war machine will carry on.

The future does not look bright for the country with our departure……if one wants a good look at the future then look to Iraq.  But there is one saving grace….the US will have about 10,000 troops in the country……and just how is that a positive sign?

The last election showed the deep divisions in the country and the ideology……..those divisions can only get deeper and more violent with the departure of the only thing keeping the country together…….the good old U S of A…..

Look for the Northern Alliance to walk away from the power sharing deal the US helped broker……in case you are not sure who the NA is let me assist…..they are the ones that did the most to defeat the Russians….they are the ones that fought the Taleban…..they are the ones that helped the US when we invaded in 2001… short they are the only people in Afghanistan that we can trust…..they will be waiting for Ghani to screw up and they will rise in revolt.

America’s grand experiment of democracy will most likely break down as one warlord against another and the Taleban as the thief in the woodpile…..waiting for the best moment to strike.  Afghanistan will return to the days of yore….the days of constant fighting and destruction and democracy will be the final victim of this American experiment.

The Us has signed a deal for Afghanistan……….

Afghanistan and the United States signed a long-awaited security pact today that will allow US forces to remain in the country past the end of the year. At a ceremony held at the presidential palace in Kabul, newly appointed national security adviser Mohammad Hanif Atmar signed the document along with US Ambassador James Cunningham. The deal will allow about 10,000 American troops to stay in the country after the international combat mission ends Dec. 31. Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai had refused to sign it despite US threats of a full withdrawal in the absence of legal protections for American forces. US officials have said that the delay in the deal’s signing does not affect plans for next year.

A second agreement allowing NATO troops to stay in the country was also signed between Afghanistan and NATO during the same ceremony. President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, who was sworn into office a day earlier, told the assembled crowd that the agreement signaled a fundamental shift in the country’s relations with the world. “This agreement is only for Afghan security and stability,” he said. “These agreements are in our national interest. The Bilateral Security Agreement will pave the ground for Afghanistan to take control.” Government Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah also welcomed the agreement as beneficial to the country. “It has been signed after very careful considerations,” he said, adding that “the BSA is not a threat to our neighbors. It will help strengthen peace and stability in the region.”

Let’s be honest….Afghanistan signed this deal as a way for the government to hold onto power….they will use the presence of troops to control the situation…….the Afghan army is no better prepared to help the country as the Iraqi army was……

In short even with the departure of the bulk of American forces….this war is far from over.


9/11 and Iraq Revisited: Remembering How We Were Lied Into War « Blog

Just a reminder……since most Americans have a short attention span and even shorter memory…….and their propensity to fixate of trivial bullsh*t………Just a reminder!

Our newest war on the Muslim world has begun……this is the 23rd year that the US has had airstrikes in Iraq…Bush1 started it…Clinton continued the operation……Bush2 invaded with ‘shock and awe’…..and now Obama has thrown his hat into the ring……

Keep in mind the lies that were given to the American people…..keep that in mind in the coming months and years…i do believe we will see a repeat of the Bush2 years….


9/11 & Iraq Revisited: Remembering How We Were Lied Into War « Blog.

And Then There Is Khorasan

In the beginning there was AQ……….then we had another bad guy….ISIS and now we have yet another bad guy bent on our destruction…….does anyone else see a pattern emerging?

The war begins.  US and its coalition has begun the war on ISIS.  And while they were fighting ISIS there was a side trip the planes and missiles took…….it seems that there is actionable intel that some heavy duty AQ affiliates are planning some sort of problems for the West and possibly western Europe……that group goes by the name of Khorasan.

I know the group sounds like the Courrasant of Star Wars fame…..but these guys are not some alien race trying to get by in the universe…..but rather a hard core AQ group set on destruction……

More than a third of the 22 US airstrikes in Syria weren’t aimed at ISIS. Instead, they targeted a lesser-known al-Qaeda cell known as the Khorasan Group—an organization that some US officials see as a “more direct threat” to the West than ISIS, the New York Times reports. Khorasan appears to be focused on recruiting Western jihadists in Syria. The group is attracted by their passports, which could make it easier to sneak bombs onto planes, CBS News reports. Last night’s airstrike’s hit a Khorasan training camp in Syria that was “nearing the execution phase” of terror attacks against US or European targets, an army official says, successfully disrupting those plans, according to USA Today. Pentagon press secretary John Kirby says the attacks were to be “major.”

Khorasan’s leader is 33-year-old Muhsin al-Fadhli, the Independent reports. A quickly-rising star in al-Qaeda, he has been linked to terrorist leaders like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq, the Washington Post reports. Reports from the White House and UN note his involvement in al-Qaeda efforts in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iran; he allegedly took a leading role in both fighting and fundraising for the group. Khorasan also has bomb technicians who learned from Ibrahim al-Asiri, the man behind failed underwear and print-cartridge bombs that made headlines, insiders tell CBS. The group is pursuing “high-profile attacks against the West,” says a counterterror official, noting its “increasing awareness of Western security procedures and its efforts to adapt to those procedures that we adopt.”

I am sure we will be hearing more and more in this group as the war lingers on……more info on the seal team of AQ……….

Not many people had heard of the Khorasan terror group until it emerged that many of the US-led airstrikes in Syria targeted the group—but some lawmakers say they’ve known about the threat for months, BuzzFeed reports. Rep. Peter King says he is surprised the name of the “lethal and dangerous” al-Qaeda cell is now public. “It was supposed to be top secret, classified, and it wasn’t until last week that an AP story had it in there,” he says. “But we weren’t supposed to talk about it.” Other officials say they were briefed on the threat months ago but didn’t know the name of the group or that of its leader, Muhsin al-Fadhli, until they appeared in the media this week.

American officials say the group is made up of al-Qaeda veterans from several countries who traveled to Syria under the orders of leader Ayman al-Zawahiri to plot attacks on the West—and the group’s activities were the source of recent airline security alerts, including a warning not to travel with uncharged electronic devices, the New York Times reports. Officials have confirmed that al-Fadhli was a target of the airstrikes, but it’s not clear whether he was killed, the Los Angeles Times reports. Khorasan was closely allied with the Nusra Front, another al-Qaeda affiliate, and that group has released a statement saying its leader, Abu Yousef al-Turki—also known as “the Turk”—was killed in the airstrikes, reports CNN. Learn more about the Khorasan terror group here.

ISIS: Making The Case Step By Step

Inkwell Institute

Middle East Desk

By now all America is aware that we are returning to a war footing, a air war (for now)……..I have been watching all aspects of the run up to the war……..I am old enough that I recall the days and weeks to the 1991 Gulf war…….the steps that were taken to garner all the public support for the war possible.  The invasion of Kuwait by Iraq….the rockets aimed at Israel……the WMDs and the possibility of nukes hiding in the sand……with all the steps in place the public was gung-ho and off we went.

The after the dastardly attacks of 9-11…..the admin started lining up the steps…….the rhetoric of “axis of evil”…..then the case for WMDs…….and then the search for uranium and finally the vision of a mushroom cloud……then the steps were in line and off we went in 2003 to invade the country of Iraq….again.

And now the year is 2014 and case is being made, yet again….and as usual step by step……….

ISIS trapped about a bazillion people on a mountaintop in Iraq…..a real humanitarian crisis….US stepped up and commenced with airdrop of supplies and a limited amount of airstrikes just to give those trapped a fighting chance……

In response of America/’s actions, ISIS beheaded an American journalist and after more concentrated airstrikes a second American was beheaded……

At this point the rhetoric ramped up among pundits and especially with the politicians…..the prez in response to ISIS brutal message began a concentrated action  of more airstrikes and sending in US troops (as trainers and protection of diplomats)…….at this point America began asking its allies for help with the new battle in Iraq….the r4easponse was lackluster at best…..NO one wanted to get bogged down in Iraq (again)………

Then there was a break in the action…..ISIS beheads a British humanitarian aid worker……and Britain became a staunch supporter of the American plan (a plan which few a sure what it entails)……..

At this point the Us began a whirlwind tour of its allies to put together a coalition that will take on ISIS….this would help the American people accept a return to the sands of Mesopotamia…….Kerry got a total of 40 nations to sign onto the Obama plan and NO one is sure what these countries will be doing to assist in the fight………

Then after thump their chest about the coalition John Kerry announces…….Syria may have a hidden stash of CWs waiting to be used…….this on the heels of the congrats that Kerry announced that all Syrian CWs have been destroyed……I think this revelation comes on the heels of an Israeli report that the weapons were there in Syria (BTW, Israeli intel has proven bad in past operations by the US using their intel)………

Now recently a news bomb was dropped…….KHORASAN!

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) may be dominating the headlines and stealing attention with its prolific propaganda, but CBS News’ Bob Orr reports, another group in Syria — one few have even heard of because information about it has been kept secret — is considered a more urgent concern.

Sources tell CBS News that operatives and explosives experts from Osama bin Laden’s old al Qaeda network may again present an immediate threat to the U.S. homeland.

Sources say it’s due to the emerging threat in Syria, where hardened terrorists loyal to al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri are working on new, hard-to-detect bombs.

Sources confirm that the al Qaeda cell goes by the name “Khorasan.”

Unlike ISIS, which is believed at present to be largely engulfed in its fight for territory. Khorasan is developing fresh plots to target U.S. aviation, and it’s trying to recruit Westerners who have flocked to the fight in Syria, some of whom have joined the al Qaeda franchise in the country, known as the al-Nusra Front.

Iraq joins in the case building scenario… seems they have found some ISIS CWs………..

Soldiers dismantled seven chlorine gas-tipped rockets in the Diyala province, Foral al-Tamimi was quoted as saying in a report by the semi-official Iranian news site Press TV.

The rockets were to be fired at civilians in the predominantly Shiite city of Muqdadiyah, northwest of Baghdad, the report said.

Still cannot find confirmation of this report…….or could it be just a story made up to be part of the steps to all out war?

The steps have been taken and taken carefully……..the admin does not want to move too quickly and possibly lose what limited support the actions have among the people…….

Every action has fallen into place so very neatly…………….This is not over….there will be other steps thrown into the mix until they get where they need to be……….and then?  Nothing new here……the admin is doing what admins do………making their case–step by step!

Case Made?  And NOW it begins!