Do You Remember The Yazidis?

God I hope so!  They are the ones that gave the US a chance to re-enter into the war in Iraq.

The Yazidis were those people trapped on the mountain top in Northern Iraq by the on rush of ISIS…….according to reports there were some 20,000 trapped on the mountain that needed food and water and shelter….in short a humanitarian crisis that the US could use for the geopolitical ambitions…..

After the US got involved it was reported that there were far fewer than 20,00 and they were able to come and go at will…..but it made for a great excuse to use military force…I am sure the M-IC was pleased.

Recently it has reported that Yazidi women were kidnapped after the men of their village were executed and thy were sold into marriage to ISIS fighters…..their horror stories have been widely reported…..especially about the ordeal they, the women, suffered at the hands of the fighters……

It seems that the Yazidis may be exacting revenge on everybody for what has happened to them…..

Iraqi Yazidis are carrying out “revenge” attacks on Arab villagers they believe to have sided with Islamic State militants during persecution of the minority group last year, it has been claimed.

“The aim is to expel Arabs from the area so that only Yazidis remain,” 41-year-old Dhafer Ali Hussein from Sibaya, one of the affected villages,” said. “They want to change the map.”

Some members of the minority are now blaming local Arabs for aiding the militants, “looting their possessions and actively participating in what they call attempted genocide”. Though villagers living in Sibaya admitted that some men had joined IS, they said those men have since fled, or were killed when Kurdish peshmerga fighters forced Islamic State out of the area in December.

This small incident just illustrates the tensions within Iraq/Syria……this is an indication of the life after ISIS……petty squabbling for decades to come.

The Tribal mentality will win out every time……an eye for an eye…….this, IMO, is what will be the future of Iraq once ISIS is defeated and eliminated…..the ethnic troubles of Iraq will be far from over.  The tit for tat revenge will be a subject of study for years.

“What did thousands of dead Americans get us?” Before granting war powers, let’s see where the last two got us –

The Pentagon is waiting for the Congress to act on Pres. Obama’s request for the use of force (AUMF)…..while they wait maybe we should see just how the previous use of force has impacted the US and the World……

You will see that the ONLY benefit is to the M-IC and the defense contractors who need war to preserve their profit margins…….

Unfortunately all the deaths and destruction has not made the world a safer place!

But what the Hell…..why not do it again?


“What did thousands of dead Americans get us?” Before granting war powers, let’s see where the last two got us –

War in Afghanistan Escalating – Hit & Run :

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In December we got the news….the US involvement in Afghanistan was over……with the exception of those troops left behind to “train” the Afghan Army.

And then a miracle happened…….a free blessing from heaven……..

This should be a quiet time for US troops in Afghanistan: Not only is the US winding down its mission, but winter traditionally brings a lull in activity. But all that goes out the window when an al-Qaeda laptop turns up. The New York Times reports that the intelligence gleaned from the laptop has “helped fuel a significant increase in night raids” by US special ops forces and Afghan commandos in recent months. That includes some high-profile strikes like this one earlier in the week. The laptop belonged to an al-Qaeda leader named Abu Bara al-Kuwaiti, who was killed in a raid near the Afghan-Pakistan border in October. The newspaper quotes military officials who say the intelligence it contains is on par with info discovered in Osama bin Laden’s possession when he was killed. As for that reduced US military presence: “The official war for the Americans—the part of the war that you could go see—that’s over,” a former Afghan security official tells the Times. “It’s only the secret war that’s still going. But it’s going hard.”

All that intel will make getting out of Afghanistan all that more difficult…..after all we “must” act on intel…if not us….then who?

So will it be home for the holidays or there for the duration?


War in Afghanistan Escalating – Hit & Run :

Obama’s War Spreads Ever Wider – Bloomberg View

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After 6 months of actual fighting in Iraq and Syria, the prez has sent his request for an authorization to use force…..and now the battle lines are being drawn and the debate ought to be mind numbing……

I know that most Americans just want to end the reign of tyranny of ISIS but without the use of US troops……that wish is a bit infantile since US forces have been used for the last 6 months…..but while you are debating among yourselves there is a few things that you need to keep in mind…..

This piece has some good things to consider… before you draw an opinion…..


Obama’s War Spreads Ever Wider – Bloomberg View.

5 Reasons Congress Should Reject Obama’s ISIS War by Peter Certo —

I have voiced my objection to the new AUMF that the prez is seeking approval of by the Congress…..

I feel that it will open a door that can never be shut……another analogy…opening a can of worms……

Soon, very soon, the debate on the AUMF will be all over the media…..,and as usual there will be an inordinate amount of misinformation surrounding the issue and in the end we will get the authorization and a whole new world of conflict will appear.

The big problem is that the public if not military connected, does not care or even interested in the outcome of this debate.


5 Reasons Congress Should Reject Obama’s ISIS War by Peter Certo —

‘US hasn’t learnt to fight unconventional warfare with unconventional means’ — RT Op-Edge

I have been bitching about this for decades….in today’s world the Napoleonic tactics are NO longer a viable use of the military……the days of D-Day are over…..only unconventional tactics will be successful……

A good article that makes some good points…read and comment…..I will wait!


‘US hasn’t learnt to fight unconventional warfare with unconventional means’ — RT Op-Edge.