Ukraine And The World

While most everyone else is watching the carrying ons in the Congress and states I have been watching Ukraine and the situation the West is setting up for itself…..

Russia is playing a talking game……while it positions itself along the borders with NATO…….NATO is sending in troops and equipment to position along the borders with Russia……….

The “spearhead” force was initially meant to forestall a Russian invasion of Europe, something which US officials were constantly predicting was imminent. A year later and with the invasion still looking extremely unlikely, officials just keep doubling down at every opportunity.

Secretary of Defense Ash Carter has headed to Europe this week to try to convince various European nations, notably Germany, to dramatically increase military spending so they can afford to send a bunch of excess troops to the Russian border. He will also commit US troops and equipment to the plan.

If a full scale invasion seems unlikely…..what is all this troop movement about?

Why is the world playing the Cold war game again?  Is all this weaponry really a good idea?


Why Arming Ukraine Is a Really Bad Idea | The National Interest.

Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —

There has been a promise by the president that there will be NO combat role in Iraq for US Troops…….many have argued that they have such a role as the conflict stands now.

There has been a multi-facet conversation on this subject……some on the Right are chest thumping about ending the conflict once and for all with US troops…..the Left has not been so bold but secretly are saying that there has to be a way to end this thing in Iraq……..

The Joint Chiefs have voiced an opinion and some will not like or appreciate their thoughts……


Why the US Military Opposed New Combat Roles in Iraq by Gareth Porter —

12 Reasons America Doesn’t Win Its Wars | The American Conservative

Since the victory in 1945 over the Axis powers Americans have been expecting that every action we wade into militarily that we will win and win handily…….

Most seldom think about Korea which at best was a draw, but let their attention go to Vietnam which most believe was a loss……and then they smile at the wins by Reagan in Grenada and the win by Bush1 in Panama and now they are faced with the battle against an enemy of some resilience, ISIS……….

But there is a reason, maybe 12, that we do not necessarily win all our recent wars…..The American Conservative has a good break-down…….


12 Reasons America Doesn’t Win Its Wars | The American Conservative.

Only The Best For Our Troops

Since the movie “Sniper” the country has been in love with the mission of an American sniper…..even though most have NO idea what it takes to be a sniper…..the idea is just so romantic thanks to Hollywood……..

During my days of yore in the Vietnam War the American snipers used a variety of guns for their snipers…..there was the traditional .30-06, some used a .308 and some were given a modified M14 which in my opinion was a good weapon just a bit too heavy to lug through the jungle (or as it is called now, the rain forest)……..

I know I am rehashing the past….but for good reason….there is a story brewing that some of our present day snipers are being short changed on weapons……

US Marine snipers are known for their deadly skill. But their skill is often compensating for inferior equipment. Speaking with the Washington Post, current and former Marines say they’ve suffered in combat for 14 years with a sniper rifle that fails to perform accurately at the necessary range or hold up against weapons used by the Taliban and ISIS. While deployed in Afghanistan in 2011, Sgt. Ben McCullar says he was part of an eight-man sniper team that would exchange fire with Taliban fighters. “They’d set up at the max range of their [machine guns] and start firing at us,” he says. As the team’s sniper rifles had a range of just 1,000 yards, “we really couldn’t engage them.” The Marine Corps recently upgraded from the M40A5 to the M40A6, with a .308-caliber bullet, but the weapon still has a range of 1,000 yards, compared to 1,600 yards for the Chinese M99 and British L115A3.

“It doesn’t matter if we have the best training,” says a sniper. “If we get picked off at a thousand yards before we can shoot, then what’s the point?” McCullar says the .300 Winchester Magnum used by the US Army offers a 1,300-yard range and better accuracy in bad weather. So why aren’t they using it? Some point to Precision Weapons Section, a component of the Marine Corps contracted by Marine Corps Systems Command to build the M40. Its sole purpose is to build and repair Marine weapons, and eliminating it would mean downsizing the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps Systems Command says it has “evaluated several options for replacing the M40 series sniper rifle; however, the weapon continues to meet our operational requirements.” Without a change, however, a current instructor warns “the Marines Corps is going to learn the hard way what happens when you bring a knife to a gunfight.”

If we must have snipers then they should be given the BEST weapon possible to accomplish their mission……..

This story smacks of the early days of the Iraq war when Hummers did not have adequate shielding or the lack of body armor for the troops……if America must fight wars then they MUST provide the materials for the mission to be successful……cutting corners on equipment just so some greedy twat can show a better profit is just wrong and we should not accept short cuts of any type when dealing with our troops.

Iraq: Is This The Beginning? (Again)

We all have heard our prez tells us that there will be NO ground troops to Iraq to fight ISIS……our only mission is to train and arm the Iraqis so they can do the hard lifting in the liberation of their country from the grasp of ISIS.  (snicker…..snicker)……

First, you do realize that if we send American troops to train the Iraqis in combat strategy we then have combat forces in the fray, right?

Second, the Iraqi army has proven that it cannot stand by itself against ISIS…….as a matter of fact there are indications that they will not stand….period!

I have complained that the US has NO plan for dealing the death blow to ISIS……and the Obama makes an announcement……..

Instead of trying to help Iraqi forces recapture the city ISIS seized a year ago, the US has decided to focus on helping them capture the city militants seized less than a month ago. Ramadi is the capital of Anbar province, and the White House is expected to approve a Pentagon plan to establish a new base in the province and send up to 500 more military trainers there, the Wall Street Journal reports. American officials say there had been some debate about how much of a priority recapturing Mosul, the country’s second-largest city, would be, but the recent fall of Ramadi settled the question; now Mosul may have to wait until 2016, reports the New York Times. Defense Secretary Ash Carter blamed the fall of Ramadi on Iraqi forces’ lack of will to fight.

Critics say the proposed modest expansion of the US role is nowhere near what’s required to defeat ISIS, the Journal reports. “One has to wonder whether this president just wants to wait out the next year and a half and basically do nothing to stop this genocide, bloodletting, horrible things that are happening throughout the Middle East,” Sen. John McCain told fellow senators Monday. The new troops will bring the number of US advisers and trainers in Iraq to around 3,600, but there’s a shortage of people for them to train in at least one site, the Hill reports. Defense officials say it has been more than four weeks since the Baghdad government sent any recruits to Al Asad air base, although 2,601 Iraqis are being trained elsewhere.

Ever so slowly the US is building the amount of ground troops in Iraq… this the beginning of our return to a combat mission?

As promised, the United States will send up to 450 more troops to Iraq to boost the training of local forces, in a response to recent setbacks at the hands of ISIS and Baghdad’s appeals for more help. Under the plan, the number of US training sites in Iraq would increase from four to five, enabling a larger number of Iraqis to join the fight against the Islamic militant group.

Most of the fighters would be Sunni tribal volunteers; as CNN notes, the hope is to inspire what one White House official calls a secondary Sunni uprising, similar to that of 2013. The White House says President Obama made the decision at the request of Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and based on advice from Pentagon leaders. Obama continues to resist demands for combat troops or for more US soldiers on the ground to call in air strikes.

So it begins……AGAIN!

The Myth of the Interventionist Revival by Justin Raimondo —

The right wing is flush with plans and slogans to end the reign of terror that ISIS has brought onto the Middle East…….the problem is that they all involve intervention militarily……

The problem as I see it is that it was interventionism that got us to this point in history and further involvement will not make anything better.

The only winners in this “war” is the military-industrial complex (M-IC)…..after all war is big business and big business means lots of profits……I guess that leaves only interventionism as an answer to the Middle East problem……sad isn’t it?


The Myth of the Interventionist Revival by Justin Raimondo —

Knowing What We Don’t Know About War by Lucy Steigerwald —

I have spent many years studying war and its causes and no matter how much one tries war is a difficult subject to get a grip on……and yet as unpredictable as it is the US is still wanting to go try it again.

GOP candidates all sound like they would without much thought send in US troops to defeat ISIS….a questionable premises at best……but there are so many angles that must be considered before sending in the troops……

This is a good intelligent look at war……please read and comment……


Knowing What We Don’t Know About War by Lucy Steigerwald —